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Minister Kordahi at center of Saudi-Lebanon row resigns Description: The full English translation of the resignation speech of Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi. Kordahi was at the center of a weeks-long major diplomatic row between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia/Gulf states, which you can read more about here:  Source: Al Jadeed KSA (YouTube) Date: December 5, 2021 (Please help MEO keep producing independent translations for you by contributing a sustainable monthly amount at Patreon. Transcript: George Kordahi, Lebanese Minister of

As Turkey’s currency plummets, Al Jazeera guests clash over state of economy Description: In a recent episode of the long-running program Al-Etejah al’Mu’akis on Al Jazeera Arabic hosted by Faysal al-Qasim, two guests based in London and Istanbul, debated ‘why the value of the Turkish Lira was falling rapidly’. The following are key excerpts from this episode translated into English. The two guests featured were: – London-based writer and journalist Ghassan Ibrahim – Istanbul-based economist and political analyst Yusuf Katipoglu Source:  AlJazeera Channel (YouTube) Date:  November

Iran & Turkey working on strategic cooperation agreement: Report

Original link: Description: A translation of a news report on the Turkish foreign minister’s recent visit to Tehran, during which plans for a joint comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between Iran and Turkey was discussed. Source: Al Mayadeen Channel (YouTube) Date: November 15, 2021 Please help MEO keep producing independent translations for you by contributing a sustainable monthly amount Transcript: Reporter: The Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi received Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in

Nasrallah: Israel in deep existential crisis, Yemen victory to have huge regional effects

Original link: Description: The following are English-translated excerpts from a speech delivered by Hezbollah’s leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on November the 11th, 2021. Source: Spot Shot Video (YouTube) Date: November 11, 2021 (Please help MEO keep producing independent translations for you by contributing a sustainable monthly amount Transcript: Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s Secretary-General: Israel is suffering from an unprecedented, deep existential crisis Israel during the ‘Arab Spring’ era began to speak

Saudi & Lebanese guests clash over diplomatic crisis

Original link: Link to subtitled video: Description: In a recent talk show program on RT Arabic, Saudi Major General Abdullah Ghanem al-Qahtani and Lebanese journalist Khalil Nasrallah engaged in tense, back-and-forth exchanges over the roots of the current diplomatic crisis between their two countries. Source: RT Arabic (YouTube) Date: November 5, 2021 Please help MEO keep producing independent translations for you by contributing a sustainable monthly amount A recent note by MEO on why

Why is Lebanon not accepting China’s offers to develop its failing infrastructure?: TV Report Video link: (It’s a Twitter link, because YouTube censored this video under the pretext that it violated their “policy on violent and graphic content”!) Description: A recent news report asks why the Lebanese government is not accepting various Chinese offers to develop its debilitated infrastructure, this as the small Mediterranean country goes through an unprecedented economic and social crisis. Source: Al-Manar TV (Website) Date: November 3, 2021 (Please help MEO keep

Three Dagestanis Violently Beat Up a Russian Man in a Metro (Ruslan Ostashko)

Translated and subtitled by Leo. Unfortunately, not a day goes by without negative news involving migrants or ones who come to work from republics of the northern Caucasus. Right now, the focus will go on the latest one. Which, contrast to migrants, are citizens of the Russian Federation. I published posts on my Telegram channel of a video of the brutal beating of a Russian guy, 25 year old Roman

A window into the Saudi-Lebanon row

Original link: Description: The following are a series of tweets by various political and media figures and outlets related to a recent furor expressed by Saudi Arabia over comments made by George Kordahi, Lebanon’s Minister of Information. These tweets provide a ‘window’ or way to look at and make sense of the ongoing row. Before becoming Minister of Information, Kordahi said in an online interview with an Al Jazeera network-affiliated

Taliban spokesman on rising ISIS threat, & relations with US, China & Iran

Original link: Description: In a recent extended interview with RT Arabic, Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem commented on the adequacy of Taliban’s internal security measures following concerns of a rising ISIS threat; relations with neighboring states and the international community (including the US, China and Iran); the makeup of the new Afghani government; and the possibility of international recognition for the Taliban-led government in Kabul following a major conference in Moscow.

‘We have more than 100,000 fighters!’: Nasrallah warns pro-US party

Original link: Description: A translation of a key excerpt from a historic speech delivered by Hezbollah’s leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah surrounding the Tayyouneh massacre incident just days ago. Nasrallah addressed the pro-American and pro-Saudi Lebanese Forces (LF) party and its leader Samir Geagea and warned them against trying to drag Hezbollah and Lebanon into a civil war. Commenting on a report that Geagea had urged some of his Lebanese allies

‘US/Israel seek Lebanese civil war to derail a Hezbollah in its prime’: Qandil

Original link: Description: In light of the recent massacre of seven protesters and the wounding of dozens of others in a highly sensitive district of Beirut, senior political analyst Nasser Qandil argues that the US and Israel are seeking to drag Hezbollah into a new Lebanese civil war that would rob the movement from engaging in a decisive war with Israel while in its military prime. Days ago, on the 14th

Nasrallah on obedience to God & how it guides Shia political action

Original link: Description: Speaking at a mourning ceremony to mark the yearly religious occasion of Ashura, Hezbollah’s leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah touched on the Islamic conception of worship and obedience to God, and the implications of this conception on the world of political decision-making and action within contemporary Shia Islam. The following transcript helps to reveal the intersection of the religious, the spiritual, and the socio-political for Nasrallah and

Video translation: US/oil cartels blocking Russian offer to resolve Lebanon’s electricity crisis: Report

Original link: Video link: Description: A news report surrounding a Russian offer to help resolve the long-standing electricity problem of Lebanon, which has devolved into a severe crisis in recent months. The electricity problem in Lebanon is a highly politicised and controversial issue. This report suggests that it is the Americans and the local oil cartels within Lebanon that are blocking such a Russian offer from being accepted by the

Iran’s SCO promotion & the rise of a new world order: Report

Original link: Description: A recent report published on Al Mayadeen’s website highlights the significance of Iran’s accession to full membership status at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a powerful international body that just grew even bigger. The report suggests that Iran’s admission into the SCO is part of a broader global shift to a new world order in which the Asian region plays a central role. Source:  Al Mayadeen (Website)

Russia Responded to an American Strategic Ruse With the S-500 (Sonar 2050)

Translated and subtitled by Leo. The government’s trials of the S-500 Promitey have entered its final stage and will be completed this year. The system became an answer to the old American trick of leaving the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. And it may be possible to open over Russia one more actual anti-air umbrella of an almost strategic level. Details are in this episode.   They Tricked Themselves In May 1974,

Iran’s Raisi gave Resistance ‘presidential’ treatment at swear-in: Hezbollah’s No. 2

Original link: Description: In an interview with Lebanese media in last month, Hezbollah’s Deputy-Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem explained why the swearing-in ceremony of Iran’s new president Ibrahim Raisi was ground-breaking in terms of international protocols. Qassem said that the new Iranian president provided ‘head of state’ treatment to the leaders of the Resistance Axis attending the swearing-in ceremony, and that this treatment was meant as a message to the

Nasrallah: ‘1st Iran ship has arrived, fuel to ease crisis across Lebanon’ Description:Below are breaking news items from a speech delivered by Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on 13-09-2021, in which he provided extensive details about his movement’s ongoing efforts to import much-needed fuel shipments from Iran to Lebanon aimed at breaking what Nasrallah says is a US-led economic siege on Lebanon. Source: Al-Manar TV (Website) (Please help MEO keep producing independent translations for you by contributing a sustainable monthly amount Transcript:(Note:

Taliban seeking vital Chinese investments to rebuild Afghan economy: Video Report

Original link: Description: News report on the Taliban movement’s efforts to secure vital Chinese investments to rebuild Afghanistan’s economy and infrastructure. Source: Al Jazeera (YouTube) (Please help MEO keep producing independent translations for you by contributing a sustainable monthly amount Transcript:  Reporter: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s reception of leaders of the Taliban movement at the end of July is the first indicator of the nature of future cooperation between the

Video translation: ‘Will you stop me from filling up Iranian petrol?!’: Beirut Sunni Imam

Original link: Description: Lebanese Sunni Sheikh Mustafa Hamade scolds local pro-US parties and media for their opposition to Hezbollah’s recently announced move to import Iranian fuel to Lebanon, a country facing a crippling energy and economic crisis. Sheikh Hamade, who is the Imam of the Hamzah Mosque in Beirut, blasted pro-US forces in Lebanon and called on anyone opposed to the move to ‘quit trying to fool the Lebanese people’

‘If Israel harms Iran fuel ship to Lebanon, Quds liberation war to begin’: Qandil

Original link: Description: Senior Lebanese political analyst Nasser Qandil warns Israel of ‘the war that will dismantle Israel’ if Tel Aviv obstructs or attacks an Iranian tanker currently on its way to supply Lebanon with critical fuel supplies. The unprecedented and daring move to ship fuel from Iran directly to Hezbollah was announced days ago by the Lebanese movement’s Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Source: Al-Manar TV via Kalam Siyasi (YouTube) Date: August 20,