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NATO is invited to leave Crimea: An Incident On Simonka book by R H Auslander

NATO is invited to leave Story never told before by R H Auslander Kindle edition is out today NATO is invited to leave Crimea: An Incident On Simonka book by R H Auslander A short story involving Sevastopol in February 2014. NATO had arrived in Sevastopol in 2010, just a small cadre at first. With time their numbers grew but the cadre was never large, at best around forty US

Ufa one of three biggest cities of Ural Region Russia

Top 6 Natural wonders of the Ural Mountains From the Jasper Mountains all the way to the ancient religious villages and sacred cities made out of stone, there are many attractions in the Ural region, which will capture the imagination no less than the famous Dyatlov Pass   Ufa Beauty of Ural Mountains   Ufa Ural   Ufa new development   Open air concert of classic music Youth Symphonic orchestra

Dmitry Rogozin has compared Russian women with Terminator [Updated], by Scott

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin published in his Twitter a snippet of the video in which the girl-pilot in a protective suit goes through a minefield. In the caption to the post he compared the Russian girls test military-industrial complex (MIC) to the hero of the James Cameron film the Terminator. Full version of video was published on YouTube on Friday, April 22. The video was filmed during testing at

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk town on Sakhalin Russian island in the North Pacific Ocean

We shall continue our video travel across Russia Previous posts Sakhalin is a large Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is a city and the administrative center of Sakhalin Oblast, Russia. It was called Vladimirovka from 1882 to 1905, then Toyohara from 1905 to 1946. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk  Airial view   Mountain skiing in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 2016   Corporate video of Silver Wood development   April  19th, 2016 people rescued four killer whale trapped in ice near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Unsolicited submissions rejected by the Onion triggered FSB investigation of war on trolls, by Scott

I have a file. It’s a file with a collection of headlines, articles and opinions for the Onion online magazine. I worked on it for a while. A prospect of becoming an anonymous political satirist tickled my fancy. I talked to myself. I rubbed my cold bony hands and chuckled, imagining the effect my jokes would bring on unsuspected readers. Devastating like a Kalibr missile… Today, however, I discovered that

Never seen before Russian Spetznaz ‘Batmobiles’ Viking and Falcatus, by Scott

The new Russian «Falcatus» armored car spotted during an operation  in Dagestan.  The new armored futuristic-looking personnel carrier designed for the country’s special forces. The  «Falcatus» can carry 10 people into combat in various seating positions. Armored vehicle  based on double-axle chassis  KAMAZ-4911 with bulletproof windows. Spetznaz anti-terrorist operation in Leninkent Dagestan Russia on April 13-14th 2016 During the active counter-terrorist operation in Dagestan, information was obtained about armed individuals

In the Baltic Sea Russian SU-24 jets celebrate anniversary of paralyzing the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea, by Scott

In April 12th, 2014 in the Black Sea, the Russian Sukhoi Su -24 with the newest jamming complex paralyzed the most modern American combat management system “Aegis” installed on the destroyer “USS Donald Cook.” April 12, 2015 one-year: Russian fighter Su-24 vs US Destroyer USS Donald Cook (2014) Published on Apr 10, 2015 Videos (Film Archive Su-24) 1967-1970 1972-2001 years. Russian fighter jet disables US missile destroyer using electronic warfare

Crimea Artek EduCamp and recreational resort for children on the Black Sea

Since the reunification, Russia invested 4 bln rubles in Artek. Artek is an EduCamp and recreational resort for children along the Black Sea coast that consists of 10 separate “camps” as they are traditionally called. The territory of Artek is larger than the territory of Monaco. Guests and workers use electric cars to get around. Buildings that were built back in the USSR were completely renovated, with some new buildings

President Putin’s ongoing battle with offshore capital flight, by Scott

In modern information war, he who starts it – loses it. Scott Since the April 4th, we all have been enjoying the “revelations” coming from OCCRD an organization funded by the George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the USAID, a front for C.I.A. operations and operatives. In brief, they claim that people known to President Putin personally shifted $2bln though some offshore shell companies to avoid sanctions on financial translations

Masterpieces of the Soviet Neorealism 1953-1968

I love Soviet art, or what’s now called Soviet neo-realism. Graphic, mosaics, sculptures and paintings of the Soviet artists are superb. Paintings are so touching, thoughtful and soulful, full of light, deeply rooted in the best traditions of the classic Russian fine art. It’s a well known fact now that CIA used the modern art as one of the tools to destroy the Soviet Union (which is just another name

Russian Academy of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg

Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Art of Gold: painting, sculpture and romance inside Russia’s most famous classical art academy in English Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture master classes The Russian Academy of Arts Summer School Unusual models in the Russian Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg

Russian port Sevastopol in Crimea

Sevastopol was founded by an order of the Empress Catherine II of Russia who founded port Sevastopol in 1783 near the Greek settlement Hersoness, that was founded in 529 A.D. In time of Byzantine empire, the town’s name was Herson, or Korsun as Russians called it. The frigate “Ostorojniy” “Vigilant” was sent to find a place for a port. It’s commander the Captain of II rank Ivan Bersenev sailed around

Planet Russia: The most beautiful and Most Technologically Advanced Bridges

Opening of the Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg at night The Most Beautiful Bridges of Saint Petersburg The Lions Bridge The Bank Bridge Anichkov Bridge Lomonosov Bridge The Kerch Strait Bridge This bridge is being contacted by the Russian only companies using Russian only materials. Total 25.5 million tones of construction material will be used for this bridge. So far, 3.5 million tones are delivered to the construction site. This

Many Kremlins of Russia

The Kremlins of Russia The Izmailovo Kremlin in Moscow The Pskov Kremlin Pskov is one of the Oldest Cities in Russia Once the de facto Capital of Pskov Republic and acknowledged by The Great Novgorod Republic. It was the western outpost of Russia and had been subjected to many sieges and attacks for centuries by the Teutonic Knights and the Poles. Pskov has survived for more than 1,100 years and

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Nikolay Anisimov’s Ballade, By the very direct order, dedicated to our “Syrians.” Николай Анисимов – По самому прямому назначенью (NEW) We have a snow storm at home, But here the weather is simply perfect. We stay in an “all starts” hotel, in apartments – “extra class”! Facilities are outside. We’ve had worse. Around us it’s practically resort With palm trees of wonderful beauty And the picture perfect sea. But we

Car trips across Russia: from Irkutsk to Moscow

Car trips across Russia: from Irkutsk to Moscow Trip First: Irkutsk – Moscow via Highway M7 Fly to Irkutsk Landing in Irkutsk International Airport (UIII), Russia Irkutsk Aerial view Irkutsk in motion 2016 Car trip from Irkutsk to Moscow on highway M53 Part I out of 20 The Russian route M53 is a federal highway in Russia, part of the Baikal Highway: Novosibirsk-Kemerovo-Krasnoyarsk-Tayshet-Irkutsk, 1860 km. Car trip across Russia from

The City Of Ryazan was founded in 1095 in Russia [Updated]

The City Of Ryazan was founded in 1095 in Russia People and places of Ryazan – Visit Ryazan Bike ride across Ryazan A young woman, Yulia Lazareva, long haul truck driver en route from Crimea to Ryazan Old Russian Waltzes. 60 minutes of wonderful music 01 – On the Hills of Manchuria (I.Shatrov) 02 – Birch (E.Dreyzin) 03 – Forest Fairy Tale (B.Bekker) 04 – Remembrance (A.Dzhoys) 05 – Orchid

Rostov-On-Don Russian port near the Sea of Azov was founded in 1749

Rostov-on-Don is a port city and the administrative center of Rostov Oblast and the Southern Federal District of Russia. It lies to the southeast of the East European Plain, on the Don River, 32 kilometers from the Sea of Azov. City was founded by the Empress of Russia Elizaveta Petrovna in December 15th, 1749. Rostov-on-Don Areal View Winter and Christmas in Rostov-on-Don   Rostov-on-Don   Cool car trip from Rostov-on-Don