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Not a Buk-M1 missile – full report and analysis of fake evidence

Dear friends, I have recently informed you that the Dutch blogger Max Vanderwerff had posted a very interesting analysis debunking the Buk-M1 “missile plume” theory.  Today I am posting his full research online which I encourage you to download from the following to locations:  Both of these services offers to read the PDF file online.I think that it is absolutely crucial that we not allow the truth about MH17 to

About the murder of Batman

Dear friends, I want to remind you all that WE DO NOT HAVE ALL THE FACTS!! (sorry for the “screaming” CAPS).  I will be the first to admit to this about myself.  Colonel Cassad is doing some stellar reporting about this on his blog, and he also is very very cautious (I don’t share Cassad’s political views, but I have learned to admire his intellectual honesty and his excellent reporting).

Batman’s murder in Luganks is very bad news for Lugansk

I deliberately waited a few days before addressing the issue of the murder of “Batman” (Alexander Bednov) in the Lugansk People’s Republic but I am getting too many questions to remain silent any longer.  So first, let’s look at the fact Batman What is more or less established: Batman had been traveling in an armored car for a while now because he feared for his life.  Near the city of

Ramzan Kadyrov offers Putin his own *personal* volunteer Chechen special force

Amazing video, thanks so much to all those who translated it in less then 24 hours!!  The video begins by showing the Chechen special forces equipped with Russian military and police special forces uniform.  Notice that the average age seems to be in the 30s.  You can tell that these are hard core, experienced fighters.  Will Putin actually use them and, if yes, how so?  It is hard to tell.