Dubya’s wisdom applied to the latest fairy tale coming out of the “FSA”

Remember how first it was absolutely totally undeniably clearly proven beyond any possible doubt that these evil Syrians had murdered Rafik Hariri and then, as soon as the Syrians left Lebanon, we were told that it was absolutely totally undeniably clearly proven beyond any possible doubt again that it was actually Hezbollah?Folks – they are it again.After telling us that Assad has used chemical weapons against the opposition they came

The G8 final communique communique – yet another diplomatic victory for Putin

Full text here.This is the section on Syria: (my comments in blue – The Saker) We are determined to work together to stop the bloodshed and loss of life in Syria and to support the Syrian people to establish peace and stability through political means (in other words, regime change, in particular by means of armed insurrection is not acceptable). We are gravely concerned at the appalling human tragedy that

They really *HATE* each other!

I have been following US-Soviet and US-Russian relations since at least age 5, and professionally most of my adult life, and I have never seen two leaders so obviously hating each other as Putin and Obama.  I just watched their joint press conference at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland and I am truly left speechless: the mood was clearly so ice cold that one could almost visualize frost building

Ron Paul and M K Bhadrakumar both believe that this is Obama’s “Monica moment”

According to Ron Paul and M K Bhadrakumar all this nonsense about chemical weapons in Syria has nothing to do with Syria, but it is simply about the creation of a distraction away from Obama’s internal problems (Ron Paul here;  M K Bhadrakumar here).  Unsuprisingly, Russia has categorically rejected the chemical weapons claim, the arming of the rebels or the possible imposition of an illegal no-fly zone: It certainaly appears

Former French FM Dumas: Britain prepared for war in Syria two years before the crisis flared up

Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas said that Britain had been preparing gunmen to invade Syria two years before the crisis there flared up in 2011. During a TV show, Dumas said ”I was in Britain two years ago, and I met British officials, some my friends…they admitted that they were up to something in Syria.””They even asked me to join them in my capacity as a foreign minister, but

What could a sustained air campaign by the US/NATO/CENTCOM supported by numerous cruise missile strikes really achieve in Syria?

For many months now I have been warning that what is happening in Syria is really what I call “Bosnia v5, Chechnia v4, Kosovo, v3 Libya v2, Syria v1” and, indeed, the basic Anglo strategy is exactly the same one: destabilize a country by using real popular grievances, trigger civil unrest, fan the violence, escalate the clashes into an insurgency, then carefully orchestrate some kind of “humanitarian” pretext to bypass

Russian and Chechen activists stand side by side to denounce the murder of Ibragim Todashev by the FBI

Today I am posting the video of a most interesting press conference which took place in Moscow and which was made possible thanks to the support of the Russian news agency RIA-Novosti.  This press conference brought together the father of Ibragim Todashev (murdered by FBI agents in Orlando), Abdulbaki Todashev, Saurbek Sadakhanov, a Chechen lawyer, and Kheda Saratova, an independent Chechen researcher.  The main organizer of this press-conference was Maksim

Two important news items about Syria

I the past hour I have received two important and long awaited good news about the war in Syria:1) al-Qusayr has been fully liberated by the government force,  this is official and confirmed by the BBC.2) Some Russian S-300 are already in Syria.  This is, of course, not official at all, but I have it from a source I personally trust and who got it from a reliable person “with

Syria claims sarin seizure at rebel hideout as Russia ‘blocks’ UN’s Qusair resolution

RT reports: Forces of Syrian President Bashar al Assad are seen on a tank in Arjoun village near Qusair town May 30, 2013. The Syrian Army has seized two containers with poisonous sarin agent in a rebel hideout, SANA said citing sources. Meanwhile, Russia reportedly blocked the UNSC resolution set to slam Damascus’ offensive on the town of Qusair held by opposition forces. Syrian Arab News Agency reports that sarin, together

Rapid acceleration of events in the US/NATO war on Syria: comparing threats

Following the Moscow meeting between Lavrov and Kerry and the announcement of an international conference on Syria it was to be expected that all parties would scramble to be in the strongest possible position to bargain.  Indeed, this is exactly what happened:1) The Syrian government launched a successful assault on the strategic town of al Qusayr.2) The US Senate passed a resolution allowing the arming of the anti-Syrian opposition.3) Hezbollah

On this Memorial Day, something worth remembering – the Empire will fall!

On this Memorial Day when doubleplusgoodthinking zombies of the Empire remember the men and woman who have served in the US military, let us remember the many millions of people murdered by these global killers.  Let us remember all those whom the Empire has murdered, killed, oppressed, tortured and exiled in the name, of course, progress, ‘manifest destiny’, democracy, human rights, anti-communism, anti-terrorism and all the other lame excuses for

Interesting video from the Abkhazian Network News Agency

Check out this video – its mostly combat footage with some commentary in Russian (which I will summarize below): There really is no point giving you a word for word translation, but a few comments are worth making: First, the Syrians are advancing, rather easily in fact.  During the two days of combat it took them to take the fortified position shown in the footage the Syrians only suffered one

Mind blowing hypocrisy – this time by John Kerry

I just read this: US Secretary of State John Kerry has said the militant Lebanese Shia Islamist group Hezbollah and Iran are helping perpetuate President Bashar al-Assad’s “campaign of terror” in Syria. Mr Kerry said thousands of Hezbollah fighters were contributing significantly to the violence. He added that Iran was actively supporting Hezbollah’s involvement. Oh jeez, Mr. Kerry is deploring that foreign elements are involved in the war on Syria. 

Shias, mass media, and Hezbollah: What lies behind the battle for Qusair

by Nadezhda Kevorkova, Russia TodayAs the Syrian army and rebels fight for control of Qusair, it is necessary to realize why the town is strategically important and vital for Shias on both sides of the border, making it a military and media battleground. There are far more elements surrounding the situation in Qusair than first meet the eye, RT’s Nadezhda Kevorkova reveals.The army’s advance to Qusair is a key strategic

Bosnian deja vu

A strategic town is about to be taken by “the bad guys”.  The town is full of civilians.  An “impending massacre” needs to be stopped.  Does that ring a bell?  Is that Bosnia in 1995?  Nope.  This is Syria in 2013.Please read this article by the BBC.Here are the key quotes from it with my comments in blue: Following a day of heavy bombardment by aircraft and artillery, the army

The Anglo media is really too funny :-)

It turns out that that Russians – clearly fed up with the CIA’s arrogance in spite of repeated warning – has, indeed, made public the name of the CIA station chief in Moscow: Steven Hall.But now things get really hilarious: while lots of Anglo media outlets reported this fact, none of them – as far as I can tell – dared to actually mention the spook’s name.  Ok, well, maybe

Chechen deja vu…

Oh God, it appears that everyday some appalling video comes out of Syria. Though these are mostly from the anti-government side, supporters of government have also produced their own share of horrors.  I know about a video of prisoners stabbed to death, and of another of prisoners being cut into pieces by a chainsaw while forced to scream “Assad is my god!”.But there is an important difference between the two

The Truth about School

As a father of three kids who never spent a single day of their lives in any school (my wife and I home schooled them from kindergarten to college) and with two kids already in college, I fully endorse the message in this video (but not the organization which produced it about which I know exactly *nothing*).It is my strong belief that the three main steps to liberate your children

More details about the CIA SNAFU in Moscow and some general context information

Interesting information is being leaked to reporters in Moscow about the recent CIA spy incident in Moscow:a) The Russians knew that Fogle was CIA even before he arrived in Russia.b) The Russians had already expelled another US diplomat in January of this year for attempting to recruit a Russian citizen and told the Americans to stop these kinds of attempts.   The Americans ignored these warning so the Russians got fed