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The Post-American World; Crooke, Escobar, Blumenthal and Marandi lay it all out

Thirty years ago, the United States dominated the world politically, economically, and scientifically. But today? Watch this in-depth discussion with distinguished guests: Alastair Crooke – Former British Diplomat, the Founder, and Director of the Conflicts Form Pepe Escobar – Brazilian Political Analyst and Author Max Blumenthal – American Journalist and Author from Grayzone Chaired by Dr. Mohammad Marandi – Professor at University of Tehran  

Munich-esque Davos

Rostislav Ishchenko – Crossposted with permission from Stalker Zone Vladimir Putin’s speech, delivered in the format of remote participation in the annual Davos forum, is already being actively compared with his Munich speech of 2007. Well, there is something in common. It is about the same general as between Stalin’s “Brothers and Sisters!” in 1941 and the toast “To the great Russian people!” in 1945. The Munich Speech of 2007