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Rogozin: Bioweapons Developed in Ukraine Affect the Reproductive System of Russian Women

Original Article: Translated with and slightly corrected Rogozin: Bioweapons Developed in Ukraine Affect the Reproductive System of Russian Women Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin said on March 21 in his Telegram channel that the bioweapons being developed in Ukraine, work on the reproductive system of women, particularly against “the Russian population of Russia, and immunity of “certain ethnic groups.” “These weapons affect both the reproductive function of women of

Ukrainian war map by the French military (March 19th) + summary

Of course, it shows things in a much more Ukrainian favorable light than any Russian map, because the French are also backing the Ukies and because the French don’t have the same access as Russians.  But, for contrast, here it is.  Let’s call it “here is what they officially admit to” :-) Andrei source: and just to add to the picture, here is a machine translation of the summary

Movie about the Ukraine

A friend send me 4 links to a movie about the Ukraine.  Here are these links: I have decided to collate the four videos into one, then upload it to BitChute.  I hope that I did not mess something up (I don’t have the physical time to check). I assumed that YouTube would block the video sooner or later (they already placed a disclaimer on top of it), so making

This is too funny to miss!!! (MUST SEE!)

First, a video from our heroic information warriors: Then realize this: Then look at this:   This is a satellite view of Snake Island AFTER the Russian either killed all the Ukie martyrs or evacuated the Ukie traitors (you pick). And, finally, the commentary by Andrei Maryanov: They invent a “story” of some defiant ukie grunts (long since debunked), and now, by showing some MLRS (Grad most likely) salvo,

Ukraine on Fire: Film by Oliver Stone

#YouTube #BigTech deleted #UkraineOnFire film from our production official channel, I'm asking everyone who like our film to download it from our Vimeo here and post it everywhere. As a copyright holder we giving to you – The People that rights — Igor Lopatonok (@lopatonok) March 9, 2022

Russian MFA: The Truth Behind Events in Ukraine and Donbass

By Amarynth for the Saker Blog This document contains 46 pages of the support that a genocide took/is taking place in The Donbass and in the Ukraine. It is downloadable and has just been released from the Russian MFA with these short comments: ☝️ Everything that happened in Ukraine after the bloody coup of 2014 can only be described as endless political chaos, lawlessness and rampant ultra-nationalism. ▪️ The scale