Well, it sure looks like the United States of Amnesia have rapidly recovered from the use of a so-called “weapon of mass destruction” (a pressure cooked) in Boston and has turned to more important topics like Angelina Jolie’s breasts.

And yet, the official narrative is being challenged by so many facts that it is really worth at taking a short look at it.

There was already the Hollywood-like one billion dollar per day lockdown of Boston which managed not to find a severely wounded and bleeding teenager which, as soon as the neighborhood he was in was declared “checked”, was found by a private citizen. There was the photos of the naked but otherwise totally healthy Tamerlan Tsarnaev formally recognized by his mother which were shot in the exact location which the cops were searching and which were dismissed by the FBI as “coincidence”.  Instead, the cops declared that Tamerlan had been shot and run over by, no, not by cops, but by his younger brother Dzhokhar.  There was the “yes, the Russians did warn us “zig” followed by the “but they gave us no actionable intelligence “zag” episode.  Then, after the eventual capture of the young Dzhokhar, there was the “he has confessed” statement by the FBI contradicted by Dzhokhar’s parents (“he cannot speak, how can he confess?!”).

Then the action shifted to Orlando, Florida, where a friend of the Tsarnaev brothers – Ibragim Todashev – who, after being interrogated by 4 armed FBI agents suddenly attacked them with his bare hands and got shot six times, including one bullet in the back of his head.  Unsurprisingly, his father now claims that he son was executed.

In the meantime, the two FBI agents who arrested Tsarnaev were taken by helicopter 12 miles off the US coast were they both “fell out” of the FBI helicopter and died.  Later, official sources denied that these two special agents had participated in the Tsarnaev arrest.  (They did not explain what exactly the FBI special agents were doing right on the limit of the US territorial waters though or how they “fell out”…).

Still, bad luck seems to strike “arresting” agents of the US government.  Remember how 22 of the 23 members of the SEAL team who “killed” Bin Laden then all died in a helicopter accident in Afghanistan? That would leave one alive?  Nope – Nicolas D. Checque died in combat December 2012, also in Afghanistan.  That is 23/23.

Ok, some of the info above might be false, based on rumors, uncorroborated or outright fabricated.  That is the problem when everything is classified “secret” – it does not leave the general public many means to find out the truth other than, of course, simply accepting the official narrative.

As for Uncle Shmuel and his hyper-subservient corporate media, they simply deny it all, but without giving any substantiation to their denials.

Take the (immediately forgotten) case of the “lost nuclear warheads and series of  mysterious deaths in the USAF“.  Or the most convenient death of the most inconvenient WTC7 witness, Barry Jennings.  I won’t even go into the Kennedy assassinations.

Personally, and unlike in the case of the 9/11 events which were clearly the result of an ‘inside job” and  controlled demolitions, I don’t necessarily see a big conspiracy in the Boston bombings case.  This looks to me like an all-American specialty: a “CF” (clusterf**ck) followed by a desperate attempt to “CYA” (cover your *ss).  In the case of the SEAL team which supposedly killed Bin Laden, this looks more suspicious to me, if only because I am convinced that OBL died in 2004 (several Russian officials – including the very well-informed head of the State Duma’s international affairs committee, Sergei Pushkov,  – have confirmed this).  And yet it looks that something or somebody was involved in a firefight in Abbottabad.  Probably not OBL himself, but somebody did return fire and was killed.  And the assault team did make a determined effort to clean up the place from key evidence before leaving the place.  So something happened that night, and all (most?) the key witnesses are dead.  Maybe just to protect them from retaliation, but maybe not.  I don’t know.

The same “CF->CYA” model is now being implemented in preparation of the (very partial) US withdrawal from Afghanistan.  If that topic interests you, I highly recommend the superb documentary “This Is What Winning Looks Like” in three parts on Youtube.

None of this is very surprising, really, the USA has truly become an “Empire of Illusions” (to borrow Chris Hedges excellent expression).  Or think of recent Presidents: if beyond any doubt the Presidency of Baby Bush could be summarized as a massive “CF”, is Obama’s presidency an endless exercise in “CYA”?

Now think of the situation in Syria?  Remember how, two years ago, Uncle Shmuel have Assad just a couple of month?  And then how all the Takfiri crazies from Libya naturally moved from “conquered” Libya into Mali and, mostly, Syria.  And now that the situation looks really dangerous, Kerry is coming to Moscow with a contrite smile on his face, and speaks about the Geneva Accords while the insurgency, the EU and Congress want nothing to do with any peace conference at all.  What is this if not a grand “CF->CYA” operation?

This “CF->CYA” is literally all over the policies of Uncle Shmuel and his corporate nightmare.  Nothing works out as planned and, just as a person stuck in quicksands, each effort to “CYA” only makes the situation worse and worse and worse and worse again.

This model really extends far beyond the borders of the USA, it also is the key formula to understand the policies of the USA’s western colonies (aka “Europe).  There is, of course, the iconic example of Mr. Hollande, the most incompetent, passive or, to use a most appropriate expression, flaccid French President ever.  I have no idea where they found this guy, but I don’t think I have ever seen somebody so comprehensively clueless at the helm of a country with a 1’500 year old history and nuclear weapons.  And what does Mr. Hollande do with this time?  Yup, “CF-CYA” of course!  And its not only him.  It is the entire EU which looks like The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight.  Having “successfully” mugged Cyprus, they are now seriously considering using the same trick elsewhere in the EU.

This would all be funny if it did not spread death and chaos all over the planet.  For an Empire fully centered on illusions, consequences on the ground really don’t matter.  As long as CNN says it is a success, it is a success.  The illusion becomes the goal.  And as long as the consequences of these illusions are not shown on TV, they do not really exist.  Simple and neat.

Orwell would be proud.

The Saker

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