This week’s China Sitrep is by Godfree Roberts and went viral across the resistance sites.

Amidst global gloom, 2021 was the best year in modern Chinese history. Here’s what they accomplished:

  • Eliminated extreme poverty.
  • Reached 96% home ownership.
  • Kept Covid death rate at 0.6% of America’s.


  • Grew the economy $2 trillion PPP, the fastest growth ever.
  • Became the richest country on earth.
  • Became the world’s biggest overseas investor.
  • Became the world’s largest movie market.
  • Produced nearly one new billionaire and 300 millionaires every workday.
  • Completed new train lines in seven countries, including Laos’ first.
  • Ran 15,000 cargo trains to and from Europe, up 30% YoY.
  • Joined RCEP trade pact, with 30% of global GDP and of the world’s population.
  • Sold $140 billion retail online in 24 hours (Amazon’s record is $5 billion).
  • Launched the first central bank digital currency.
  • Dominated scientific research and issued the most patents of any country.


  • Built three exascale computers that won the Gordon Bell prize for high performance computing.
  • Built a programmable quantum computer 10,000x faster than Google’s Sycamore.
  • Operated the first integrated, 3,000-mile, commercial, quantum communications network.
  • Brought online two gas-cooled Pebble Bed nuclear power plants.
  • Fired up two thorium-fueled reactors, eliminating uranium from power generation.
  • Released a Covid treatment that reduces hospitalizations and deaths 78%.
  • Made 55% of global energy savings.
  • Generated 1 terawatt of renewable energy.
  • Installed one-million 5G base stations, giving Tibet better 5G service than New York.
  • Communicated between satellites via lasers, 1,000x faster than radio waves.
  • Operated the world’s most powerful solid rocket engine, with 500 tonnes thrust.
  • Flew three hypersonic missiles around the planet.
  • Released a fractional orbital bombardment missile from another missile at 17,000 mph.
  • Simultaneously commissioned three warships, becoming the world’s biggest navy.

Expect China to maintain this pace through 2022 by launching, among other things, the first, greenfield, automated, 21st century city for six million knowledge workers. With 70% woods and lakes, the loudest sound will be birdsongs.

Geopolitical issues. 

Aaah! Do you mean *that* Olympics Diplomatic Boycott? The one that threatened but did not deliver?

China receives visa applications of US officials to attend Beijing 2022

China will process these visas based on a reciprocity principle, according to Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of the China Foreign Affairs University, told the Global Times on Monday that the Biden administration took the lead in fooling hardcore US followers in not sending government officials to Beijing for the Games.
After they followed suit in making similar announcements, the US took a sharp turn therefore this behavior is a slap in the face and will catch US allies off guard.

Bumper Satellites.  What is Elon Musk playing at?

Elon Musk and Starlink Satellites are playing Bump the Chinese Space Station (bumper cars must be are so previous century! my dear.  We now have bumper satellites.)

In May 2021, China launched Tianhe, the first of the orbiting space station’s three modules, and the country aims to finish building the station by the end of 2022.

Satellites from Starlink Internet Services, had two “close encounters” with the Chinese space station, according to a document submitted to the UN Space Agency.

China complained to the UN in a diplomatic note, its space station had to take evasive action to avoid collision with satellites launched by the billionaire’s Starlink program. (SCMP)

China handed a Note verbale dated 3 December 2021 to the United Nations (Vienna) addressed to the Secretary-General. This details how the space station had to carry out emergency evasive maneuvers on two occasions.

The Digital yuan app goes live on app stores.  The Chinese e-CNY is ready for Beijing Winter Olympics.

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