by Larchmonter445

China, Russia step up media cooperation with 9 deals inked

I noticed this new development. It follows our Double Helix metaphor from the deepening of the China-Russia strategic integration. This time it is based in the use of media globally.

As you know RT is spreading into other languages and bases of operation. However, China’s CCTV network is mature and has spanned the globe for over a decade in many languages.Since both nations are vilified and demonized by the Western media and psy-ops of the CIA/MI6 and State Department/NGOs, the two nations have a common need again in the area of getting their story out and their image projected correctly.Also, tourism, trade, transport, finance and banking for China and Russia are affected by the bad media cast against each nation. So, it makes economic  sense to use media proactively.

What is intriguing is the way they will go forward.

Double Helixing their strengths, cooperating where it best suits them, sharing expertise and talents, and probably cross-using resources. We may see a CCTV program shot by Ruptly soon.

Having watched CCTV 9 (English language Chinese TV) for 14 years, I can attest that they have excellent documentary skills. Their cultural programs are outstanding. One reason the Olympics in 2008 was such a success was the talent it had from all media to package the events and all surrounding pomp and circumstance.

China’s soft diplomacy with its Confucius Institutes and Media are important as China’s size and power become more apparent. It’s no myth that in the next 20-50 years China will be number one in the categories that matter. As it teams with Russian in world affairs and the development of Eurasia, the two nations need to communicate a very clear picture to all other nations of the peaceful, cooperative and constructive policies they propose.

This article touches on the possibilities of how the use of Media will go forward.

To quote one section of the article:  “there are great expectations for the “China-Russia Media ExchangeYear”. According to the media exchange framework, the Chinese and Russian MediaCooperation Subcommittee has collectively organized activities and formed an important consensus, which includes: media policy exchanges, feature reports, cooperation in television and film, translation of published books, emerging media exchanges, media cooperation and educational training, and series of upcoming events are under planning. The two sides are also planning on joint filming and broadcasting on the theme of SilkRoad Economic Belt and Eurasian Economic Union.”

Just Monday, another Double Helix fact: What is more basic than milk?

50 miles from the border, about 120 miles from Vladivostok, the Chinese and Russians are constructing a 100,000 cow farm for the production of milk to supply Russia. Each nation will grow the grain for feed for the cattle. It is a joint venture.

The project will be situated In Heilongjiang province, Northeast China, an old Russian area. Harbin is the capital city, famous for Russian culture and architecture.

The scale of things is startling. But that’s China. Scale is what they are not afraid of.  With high speed rail connections, soon they can deliver fresh milk next day in Moscow.

I suggest that they put a small EU flag on the side of the milk carton (suggesting the EU is ‘the missing child’). Europe really has screwed itself big time with sanctions. The reaction by Russia opens markets for BRICS to supply other foods and products. Clever those Euro-deviants.

Food production is fundamental for China. They starved in the fifties and no family did not lose members in Mao’s agricultural disasters. Stability requires plentiful food. But now the two nations are combining efforts in the industrialization of agriculture.

A land lease deal (for 50 years) signed this month to lease 115,000 hectares to the Chinese (a private company). It is in Transbaikal region. It will be a grain production project, expandable to 200,000 hectares. The Russians will benefit from technology transfers also. The Chinese have innovated and adopted the best technologies of massive agriculture while avoiding GMO seeds. Affordable food for Russian store shelves and kitchen tables will be the benefit.

Earlier, a Chinese investment in Russian aquaculture in the Russian Far East, at Russky Island, near Vladivostok. The Chinese will be raising specialty sea foods, like sea cucumbers and scallop spawn. This is a 15 billion ruble investment by a Chinese company in an Advance Technology Biotechpark.

The ‘Double Helix’ is expanding throughout the body of the two nations, their societies and many of the institutions of government and industries They are working with, investing in, training, educating, feeding and protecting each other. A very Comprehensive Strategic Collaborative Partnership, as it is officially described.


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