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A group of spies and saboteurs known under the code name “Cat Motya” continues it’s partisan activities against the “universal good” of rodents.

Let’s talk about what exactly we have in Syria if we look at the situation in a deeper and simultaneously simpler way.

Have you noticed a paradox: “ISIS” is the most active and violent, best armed, well-equipped, and provided with everything necessary specifically in regions where the Western coalition is fighting with them?

It’s also known that ISIS hates Shiites the most. HOWEVER, the Western coalition is not fighting with ISIS in Iran, and by some lucky coincidence, there is no ISIS in Iran. Which is just a sheer luck, obviously. Is it not?

ISIS, as we were told by our mice “partners,” was originally a grassroots movement. It just so happened that some bakers of lavash bread, camel drivers, cattle herders and shepherds got together and decided to go and to conquer five modern sovereign states, because they are clearly the best camel drivers and sheep herders in the world.

It seems that if you tell this to any rational human being, that it’s not in a cartoon or fairytale, but in real life  that these bakers of lavash bread pounded into bits and pieces several countries with regular armies, with tanks, fighter jets, military intelligence, special forces, buses and bicycles…if you tell us all of these we would be laughing hard, because that’s impossible. And of course, this is impossible.

But, the InsteadOfOurMedia screwed up our minds so severely, that we actually believe this.

For example, what happens when so-called “ISIS” and all those bakers of lavash bread try to enter the territory of Persia?  It’s very simple: the moment a group of former cattle herders with automatic weapons crosses the Iranian border, they are immediately captured and hanged.

That is exactly how this happens. They have plenty of laws, that’s why Persia is the saltiest country on earth.

Cat has already explained to you that the safeties places to go for vacation are Cuba and Iran.

So, we see here a logical paradox. Since the mice coalition wasn’t able to come to Iran and to liberate Iranians from their dictators, no “ISIS” could come to the country, they couldn’t kill anyone, and they couldn’t advance further than the trees on the border, where they all were hanged.

We would be right from the very beginning and we would laugh at the face of anybody who would tell us that a group of cattle herders got together and conquered territories of SEVERAL HUGE COUNTRIES.

Because our brains are so fucked by the mice propaganda, we take this as a fact. Why not? Just got shepherds together and beat all those armies, and special forces, and police and national guards.

Why not? Nothing to see here, just keep moving.

What we actually have here is the American, Israeli, British, Dutch, and also Saudi, Qatari, Jordanian, etc. special services, military intelligence, explosive specialists, specialists in electronic warfare, and etc, etc, etc.

All of these brethren with the full air cover, with tanks, and armed vehicles. This entire armed gang, camouflaged by the term “ISIS” that was like an info virus introduced into our minds along with the terms “alnusra” and many others.

It’ ALL OF THEM who are fighting against our guys, our military, our military intelligence, our explosive specialists, our specialists in electronic warfare who are stationed in those regions, the same regions where THE ENEMY COALITION IS LOCATED.

In this war, our only true ally is Iran.  Hezbollah has never had these kind of specialists, not to mention special equipment and weapons.

I’m not even talking about Assad. They carry on the terrifying for any nation mission – to provide troops, they are completely exhausted, they have been fighting this war for years… the only things that are growing over there are cemeteries. They can fight only as a regular army against the mercenary forces of the US.

The US formed many of those groups, they have not just the military specialists, instructors, weapons, but they also have Jordan, US and British air force support. When they don’t have an opportunity to use the air force, Micesrael bluntly uses their artillery against Assad’s troops.

The American specialists also conduct raids to poison drinking water, or to cut and surround the areas with Assad’s groups of special forces. They are extremely exhausted, and they move very slowly, the US has studied them well. They are under constant surveillance and they are being hunted nonstop.

So why am I talking about the aforementioned? All of this is being used to cover up the real war that is going on right now.

The huge international coalition, with super modern weapons and the best specialists, the war against us.

The Third World War, a.k.a. the first Mice war, is entering its decisive stage. To defeat the coalition of the best armed forces of NATO and its Middle Eastern allies, it means to win the World War Three, or the first mice war.

There are already too many victims among the different nations from Libya to Syria, Iran, Ukraine, EU, Russia, and China.

However, the real hot decisive stage started several months ago, and in the next several months the winning side will be revealed. As I already wrote prior, I am not good at prediction the exact time, because many things are being introduced, many factors that are impossible to predict.

For example, the downing of our fighter jet in Latakia, this event slowed everything down for several months. If this didn’t take place, the situation that we have now would be far behind us. We would be in completely deferent time in regard to the real situation on the ground.

We probably will never know the names of those killed at this war.  We learned the names of people killed only from the media exposure, like this happened with our people killed on the service helicopter. The trash collectors we call InsteadOfMedia distributed the videos with our dead servicemen, because the US coalition had  their bodies that’s why they could make those videos.

Only in this case we were forced to admit. In no other cases, we and the US coalition would admit any loses.

As you remember, when the time “T” approached, our President signed a law to make all the military loses secret. It was the right thing to do, because the enemies, the US special forces, CIA, MI6, pentagon, Saudis, and all the other back door fuckers, classified their war loses long, long time ago.  the loses of the SPECIAL-OPERATIONS FORCES STRATEGIC FORMATIONS. Don’t confuse them with the regular armies.

That’s why we have to pray for the health and lives of our military, who right now are fighting in the Battle that will decide everything. We also have to pray for the repose of the souls of unnamed heroes who perished in this Battle.

In one territory of the Middle East have gathered the best of the best of the Western countries against all of US, against OUR GUYS, EVERYONE AGAINST EVERYONE, do you understand? It’s very hard for our guys. This war is extremely vicious.  The enemies had gathered the best in their understanding, it means the most violent, the most abominable, loathsome, and odious trained to murder animals in this universe. They are creatures without conscious and mercy, and driven by pure hatred, and bloodlust. These animals threaten us with more “body bags.”



I have written about this before, the scenario of a “hot war” or a hot first stage of the first mice war was prepared for us in Donbass.  The thing is, initially I thought that we should use our troops. We have all seen how twice our troops were dispatched and twice we came to the border, the Duma voted for it.

But it was a bear trap that we naturally couldn’t predict ahead of time.

It became obvious later. Now, the special US forces and Co. are operating under the cover of “rebels” in Syria. In exactly the same manner and structure as fighting was deployed along the Russian-Ukrainian border where the special forces fought as so-called “separatists,” Strelkov-Girkin’s “mercenaries” and “self-defenders.”

The trap was very simple, we couldn’t win there by any means, because by the time we would roll (run) to Kiev, the entire area along the road would be turned into a massive grave of bodies of the civilian population, our Russian people.

In other words, it’s impossible to win against an enemy who murders the people you came to save using your own name.

Either way we would lose, because of the mountains of bodies of OUR PEOPLE that would stand between us and us. It would divide us permanently.

I don’t even want to recite to you the ways how they would turn us into “hitlers’.  They would hand on us all the victims.

Can you imagine how many Russians they would murder in those regions if we made just one small step?

The presence in Donbass of this bespoken gang has made it impossible for our troops to enter the territory of Ukraine in order to defend its population. Because the defense of the population was in the fact that we weren’t there.

I have some serious suspicions that Turkey has revealed and dismantled not just some “opposition,” but that they destroyed the central command of the international secret “under-radar” deep state armed forces.

It was the command for the deeply classified secret services who were conducting operations around the world. We don’t know yet whether they are completely destroyed or not. But it is most obvious that it wasn’t just some Turkish Fronde.

Have you noticed that during the anti-government coup in Turkey the entire Western junta got up screaming and abruptly shut up. Why? I think that the Turkish authorities have arrested some very interesting characters, and if they start talking, they will bring down very many.

I also think that by participating in the secret negotiations between Putin and Erdogan [after the Russian fighter jet was shot down, Scott] Aliev [Ilham Heydar oghlu Aliyev is the fourth and current President of Azerbaijan] was helping and pushing Erdogan to take this decisive step to demolish the command center.

This standoff and demolition was an extremely risky endeavor, very risky indeed. I think that by doing this, Aliev took revenge for his father, because when they wanted to topple his father, they blackmailed him. I am certain that Aliev has not forgotten any of this.


I am posting a screenshot here. What it’s said here is very true… That’s how they planed everything…

[You can view the screen following the link above.  Here is the translation for those who doesn’t read Russian language.]

“Tanya Iskra: Motya, thank you, that you wrote about Donbass. My husband’s family is from this area and I have seen many things there myself. I am 100% certain that if Russia entered this war, people wouldn’t be able to understand who was killing them. It is also difficult to imagine, how much “brotherly blood” would be blamed on us.

I understood that a long time ago our troops would be walking on ruins. These monsters would blow up everything, they would poison water, they would cut people’s heads, they would rape children. Life in Donbass is hard now, but it would be a complete invigilation into dust. the entire territory would be reduced to stones and dust. My opinion.”

Remember everything I wrote about Turkey and the oil that was stolen from Syria by the mice coalition (code name ISIS, but we know who was stealing it, and who was selling it and to whom.

Starting with Chechnya, Turkey was a hub for training and recruiting terrorists to use them against us, to transferee weapons, etc. Next, there was a center for illegal human organ harvesting and transplantation, but we wrote about all of these already. All of these started at least from the Balkan war.

Next, it was the slave trade including children being sold to brothels. They kidnapped children in the Balkans and were transporting then to Turkey.

All the dirty animals around the world traveled to Turkey, after that I don’t have to tell you where those children were going.

Next, the organization of the terror acts all over Europe by characters who were trained in Turkey.  Those cocksuckers from Turkey were interfering  with the Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and so forth. In essence, put all of these together, add the fact that these people planed to topple Erdogan (you can see that he WASN’T the ruler there as they tried to paint him), and then the support for these cocksuckers immediate by ALL the allies from the US to Germany… and they just shut up suddenly.

[Next, Motya posted a screenshot of the Sybil Edwards interview on CIA Operation Gladio

“It is almost required watching, all four parts of Sibel Edmond’s interview with James Corbett. If you are unfamiliar with Edmond’s background, she’s a former FBI translator and whistleblower. She testified to the 9/11 Commission but her testimony is still classified. She is considered the “most gagged woman in history” and 13 years after 9/11, is still under various court orders to not discuss certain things.

The main controversial aspect of her known story is that, as an FBI translator, she translated wiretaps of phone conversations between top levels of the US State Department (Marc Grossman is mentioned often) and the top leaders of “Al Qaeda” both before, and after, 9/11. She describes these State Department officials as “giving orders” to Al Qaeda.

In a sense, it’s a complicated story, but it’s not all that complicated. The focus of the interview is the NATO operation known as “Gladio B.” The original “Operation Gladio” – which was revealed in Europe back in the late 80s and early 90s – were NATO funded terrorist cells that would pose as communists and commit terrorism. While these cells exist all over Europe, Edmonds concentrates on Turkey, where these cells were made up of supposed “ultra-nationalists” but seemingly actually simply various criminals and mafioso, in some case, let out of jail by NATO for the specific purpose of committing terrorism.

Gladio B represents a change in NATO strategy – in Turkey, they began to eliminate the “ultra-nationalists” of Gladio A and replace them with “radical Muslims” – “Al Qaeda” – who now commit false flag terrorism under the banner of Islam, as opposed to communism.

While much is historical, the current “Al Qaeda” offshoot, ISIS or Islamic State, seems to be pretty much just a continuation of Gladio B.

What is so great about Edmonds is her analysis is not only backed up by the facts and evidence, but that it also has more explanatory power than the official narratives. Once you listen to Edmonds and understand the story, it’s impossible to go back to the superficial, shallow understanding of history promoted by the likes of, well, you know who, and the religious style “statements of fait”.

“Foley murder video ‘may have been staged’: Analysts believe the British jihadi in the video may not have been James Foley’s killer, although it is accepted that the journalist was murdered.”

It’s a sign of emotional immaturity and cognitive weakness to throw a tantrum when evidence that films you see on TV may not, in fact, be “real.” If an author cannot even be trusted to look at war propaganda with a critical eye, what parts of his analysis can be trusted at all? Anything?”

Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B – Part 1 (Video)

Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B – Part 2 (Video)

Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B – Part 3 (Video)

She is talking about some different matters, but from her interviews you can get an idea, who in reality Erdogan has liquidated. I can only imagine WHO and HOW guarding now Erdogan’s life.

I am sure that “Gladio” as a name doesn’t exist, but the structure exists. I call them “undertheradar” and this structure can unite CIA officers, and some criminals from Bosnia, from anywhere, from Russia also. This organization employs active officers of FBI and the Pentagon, and other bloody gangs from all over the world.

Let’s just assume that she told the truth, and imagine WHOM we all together had destroyed in Turkey!

For those who don’t remember, Gladio in the past were the instead-of-communists-terrorists, who were terrorizing the Europeans for years and killing the politicians. It all was done in the name of “communism,” to make sure that the left in Europe didn’t stand a chance in thriving.

After that, in the Italian courts it was quietly discovered that these were not “communists” but Gladio, a super-secret organization of CIA, and other NATO countries secret agencies, and that members of this organization murdered many people in Europe. (For the greater good, of course. They do everything for the greater good.)

The famous red brigades, just like girkin-mice are just the means for the West to set up those whom they want to set up. That’s it.  Now, imagine all their pain, so much pain, hahaha….

Now imagine the pain and grief of all those ten of thousands of members of this gang. From janitors to police officers to judges, and so on, to and thousands of actual agents and fighters, who were executing and terrorizing, and hundreds of the fattest.

There are a few of the most important that were captured. So, their losses are way, way larger than they could ever imagine. Plus, we just “uherachili” a group of their specialists in Aleppo, and maybe not just one. But they cannot admit any of these. all they can do is to scream and stomped their feet.

I can’t even imagine WHO is protecting Erdogan now.

Matvey also posted this following screenshot: “Ivan Fedyakin: At one time the Media showed us a small boy who was shell-shocked and covered with dust. He was shown on all the channels.

But the mass media says absolutely nothing about the fact that at the same time and in the same place the battles were with the analogue to the US heavy  Mechanized Infantry Brigade. Al-Qaeda had a Mechanized brigade! They had about 95 tanks and about 10,000 fully equipped troops.

Nothing was said about this fact, but instead we saw some dusty boy in news.”


SITREP links

Russia walks the talk

Putin signs decree suspending Russia-US deal on plutonium disposal over hostile US actions

The truth is that Russia is the ONLY manufacturer of Plutonium 239 on earth. No one else knows and able to make it. The USA has been buying all its supply for spacecraft from Russia.

So, our…. “partners” can say sayonara to their satellites… hehehe…

Well, unless, as our greatest president ever said, the US pays for damages to Russian economy due to the sanctions AND countersanctions; brings NATO back to the level it was on the day of the agreement was signed; discontinue occupation of Ukraine, get out of the Middle East.  and cancel Magnitsky Act.

Come to think of it, two years ago Russians just asked NATO and Washington to get out of Ukraine.

Putin’s first offer is always the best. The next offers will get progressively worse.

On October 4, the Russian Armed Forces celebrate the Day of the Space Forces

This week Russian authorities are conducting massive civil defense training involving 40 million people nationwide. The drill comes amid a spike in tensions between Russia and the US after the collapse of the two nations’ cooperation in Syria.

The four-day exercise launched on Tuesday includes 200,000 rescue professionals. Almost 50,000 vehicles are part of the drill.

“Our priority during the drill is to train evacuation of the civilian population from potentially-risky areas,” Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov, who oversees all civil defense in Russia, told Interfax.

Exercises such as these are held annually in Russia since 2012. It is timed to October 4, which is Civil Defense Day in Russia.

This year’s exercise is not exceptional in terms of scale. For example, the drill of 2013 involved over 60 million people.

Moscow has accused Washington of sabotaging the Syria ceasefire deal, saying that the US will be responsible for any new terror attacks in Syria, as by taking no action against Al-Nusra terrorists it shows it is ready “to make a deal with the devil.”

President Putin’s programs to restore the tiger and leopard populations proved to be successful. Now it’s time for the wild ancient Przhevalsky horses

More images of Putin and horses



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