by Denis A. Conroy for the Saker Blog

Within the confines of the binary rubric of good and evil, there is a Nietzschean gremlin mouthing the following words which might be missing the mark: ‘A very popular error; having the courage of your convictions. The point is to have the courage for an attack on your convictions.’ Ahem! …why do certain particularities resonate with some and not others? Did Alfred Kazin have a particular cabala in mind when he warned us that war is the ultimate purpose of a technological society? Probably not, as war can be perceived as evil per se.

So then, how do we respond to the thoughts of individuals who have fire in the belly and what does that mean in the context of a zeitgeist that finds pornography more sexy that morality or justice. Are some minds gifted with an accompanying stamina and vigor, passion, or inner drive to achieve something, to take action as this blog The Saker does for instance, with a variety of laudable metrics, chronology, context, comprehensiveness and a nose for cui bono.

So, how many evils have been committed in the name of democracy? How can the so-called ‘democracies’ get away with staging an Anglo Zionist parabola wherein Uncle Sam’s cavalry, in true Hollywood style, dreams about achieving an anthropogenic outcome not dissimilar to the erasure of most of the original ethnic inhabitants of America. When (NATO/America) put a Hitler moustache on Putin (he who was not allowed to have a say in matters of national security) and proceeded to regale their allies with tales of Untermensch, their purpose was to particularise Russian evil.

And lo, the American public, unaware of how Old Testament exceptionalism had cooked their books, beckoned the rest of the democratic West to join in the hunt for the Untermensch Bear. Do so or we will sanction each and every one of you too.

But as this is all about the security industry- Lockheed Martin, BAE, Boeing, Northrop, General Dynamics-don’t expect that these faceless entities are doing something for people. Creating jobs for people who manufacture cluster bombs or Apache Helicopters is inevitably an outcrop of minds (for profit) that ponder on ways to produce order out of heterogeneity, harmony out of cacophony by military means. How are we to deal with the 15,000 who died at Sirte, Libya, when NATO went from being a defensive operation to an offensive one? Does any country, Russia for instance, need that sort of force on their doorstep?

Our present iteration of Western rulers (made fat from spoils spawned in a previous zeitgeist) continue to delude themselves into believing that the world is their oyster. The majority of our rulers have proven to be a health hazard to those they don’t rule. They have taken this nasty trait to a new level. Impressed by artificial intelligence, machines of the ballistic kind and the strategic prowess of their allies, the Victoria Nuland, Robert Kagan, Zelensky coterie are responsible for creating the conditions that led to the slaughter of 14,000 Russian speaking people (mostly civilians) in the Donbas (Donetsk & Luhansk). So, it’s a proxy war, a nasty war about curtailing the influence Russian and Chinese business acumen may have globally.

Which brings us back to the West’s war of lies (etc). Precisely, when did the Global West start to think in terms of ends over means and go down the pornographic path. At what point did tete-e-tete become enamoured of cui bono to the detriment of truth. At what point did hardcore Zionism and Primo Levi zoom into (trade into) the American psyche and so successfully baptise infantile Americans in the ways of wizardry? Finally, what happened to Primo Levi’s insights into dehumanisation? Was project Blitzkrieg Palestine (with help from Harry Truman) their moment in the zeitgeist and the reason the Zionists took the low road rather that the high road?

Which brings me to the subject of puny people engaging in big things like unilateralism or hegemony. Does history repeat itself by dint of reproducing an everlasting revolving door of gouch characters like Trimalchio in Petronius’s SATYRICON, characters who make it to the centre of power by means most foul. It was presented as a work of fiction in the 1st. century AD Roman era and starred Trimalchio as the perfect vulgarian host. In the 20th/21st century it exists as fact instead of fiction.

Trimalchio is a self-made man, a former ‘ slave’ who earned his millions in the shipping trade and effordlessly lives up to the stereotype of nouveau-riche boorishness. Bald, fat, wearing a scarlet robe and weighed down with jewellery . Trimalchio knows what he wants from life: ‘Since we know that our death is in the offing, why don’t we enjoy life?’

Truly, Trimalchio is the quintessential vector of modern posh and post-colonial arrogance. He would have worked well in contemporary America alongside the descendants of traders who apply themselves to The-Grand- Chessboard in the hope of trading their way into the centre of power and taking charge of its’ control points.

Zbigniew Brzenzinski, CIA, Karl Rove, Henry Kissinger (and others come to mind), are candidates rich in the ho- humness of Zionist convictions. Their presence in the system attests to the fact that there is 5thcolumn activity afoot, whose business is to take control of the American narrative. As for 6th column -control of media, these players know exactly how to install themselves in places where they can capture the ear of the ruling elite on the one hand and talk up the legitimacy of their cause at the same time (criticizing Israel’s destruction of Palestine is now deemed anti-Semitic. Is that funny or is it hilarious?).

But then again, politics in the so-called democratic world is now all about controlling the narrative, and the best way to do this is to confuse the polity by introducing phenomena that blindsides the population with language that conveys a seriousness born of Capitalism’s irreducible complexity. The public is now being told, that in a democratically competitive world, they must be prepared to go to war as there is no other economic solution. There is only the privatised capitalist way…and that is that.

And that is why Julian Assange is bailed-up in Belmarsh Prison…he has simplified irreducible complexity by speaking the truth as an honourable journalist would.

Carpe Diem befucked!

Denis A. Conroy


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