How to contact me & send donations

How to send donations:

Donate online

Scan QR code below to Donate Bitcoin to Saker

Bitcoin address:

If you open a Patreon account for a regular donation to TheSaker, please be aware that this account is yours, and yours only.  We cannot change your amount donated or make any other changes on your account.  You remain fully in charge of it and you can increase or reduce it as you choose.  Please however leave us a good email address for you on your Patreon account as we can communicate with you through that account, and of course you can communicate with us.

Donate by mail, bank transfer or gift card

Checks (to Saker Analytics, LLC), gift cards or cash:

Saker Analytics, LLC
1000 N. West Street
Suite 1200 #1588
Wilmington, DE
USA 19801

Bank wires in US dollars:

Saker Analytics LLC
TD Bank
758 North DuPont Highway
Dover, DE
USA 19901
wire dept routing# 031201360

Bank wires in other currencies:

Please email me at for instructions

Amazon gift card

You can send an Amazon gift card by email if you’d like to:

  • First, go to (not or or any other Amazon site)
  • Then click on “Gift Card” on the top of the page
  • Then click on “Email” at the “Ways to Send” menu
  • Finally, choose a card and amount. That’s it!

Support on SubscribeStar.

(For a small period of time this account is NOT FUNCTIONAL.  Please do not use it.)

How to contact me

Main email address:

Alternative/backup emails:

Send ‘snail’ mail to:

Saker Analytics, LLC
1000 N. West Street
Suite 1200 #1588
Wilmington, DE
USA 19801


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