Dear friends,

172 comments since yesterday, so I decided to give you a new (kinda) open thread here.

As for me, I few very short comments.

First, turns out that the Idiot-in-Chief outdid himself yesterday.  First, he *DID* mention cargo from Europe, then he made a 180: now he says that cargo will not be affected.  Next time somebody asks me why I call him the Idiot-in-Chief, I will simply point to this latest sign that he is clueless.

Next, there were A LOT of comments yesterday about the virus being engineered.  They were often delivered with a great deal of gravitas, but with exactly ZERO evidence.  I don’t want to ban these comments, but from now on I ask you to limit yourselves to a) fact based and b) logically developed comments, okay?

Also, please be nice or, at least, polite, to those who have a different opinion or who disagree with you.  The truth is that NONE OF US really knows for a fact what this virus can do, we are all guessing.  So let’s be at least friendly to our truth-seeking fellow-guessers, please!

That’s it for now. I will probably drop by later in the day.

Hugs and cheers,

The Saker

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