by Scott Humor

On Saturday, the Russian Emperor attended a wedding of the Empire’s future European nobility and, as the tradition dictates, brought with him the Kuban Cossack Choir.

Also, as tradition has it, the Austrian nobility danced with the Cossacks along with the song “Люблю я казаченьку” or “I love a young Cossack girl.” 

If you think it looks like the celebration of the end of a bloody hundred year rule of lefts/ Trotskyists/ internationalists/ globalists, then you are right.

The Emperor’s gifts are always full of symbolic meaning, and this time he gave to the newlyweds an oil painting of a bucolic village, an antic butter churn, and a tall Russian traditional teakettle called a “samovar.”

Vladimir Vladimirovich’s private trip to Austria demonstrated to everyone that there is a new Russian Empire, the one which border never ends, and with it there are dances, celebrations, natural gas pipes, industries developing, cakes eaten; while at the same time in places outside of the Russian Empire, globalists are rushing to pack as many people into graves as they can. I can only imagine what kind of brain infraction they are having now since after decades of war against Russia, the Russian Emperor making a good and kind visit to the Austrian elite. At the same tine Anglo-Zionists are chewing on bones of their fresh victims, while everyone around them is drowning in blood and excrements.   They are in a hurry, and won’t go quietly into the night without taking more lives with them. It was true for the time when Dostoevsky wrote his “Demons” and it’s still true one hundred and forty years later.

Remember a proverb concerning the tribe of Israel, saying, “The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge? ”

My mom has an interesting take on this observation. She says that pregnant women are often afflicted with food cravings. They eat large quantities of tomatoes, strawberries, lemons, grapes and other foods, that probably provide them with nutrition their bodies lack. What’s interesting is that their children are often have an opposite reaction, and even intolerance to the specific foods that their mothers craved. An interesting and often provable observation, that unfortunately, doesn’t find the same development when it comes to extremists parents’ political views.

Before the presidential elections in Russia, I wrote about my research into activities of the Grid Dynamics, a company founded by the American and Israel citizens and purchased by Chinese investors, which under a pretence of teaching students, was providing support to a liberal opposition candidate.

Grid Dynamics connects wars in Ukraine and Syria with Soros’ Open Russia, Sobchak and snipers in Saratov

Scott’s answer to an email from a Grid Dynamics employee


My concern mostly was about students who were subjected to brainwashing against the government and society during the company’s “events.” I posted screenshots of those “events” adorned with images of unicorns and images of adult men organizing those “events” training to shoot sniper rifles during their corporate retreat.

Back then I wrote that young students, brainwashed by the liberals and their foreign backers, were getting a huge disservice, because being indoctrinated against society and acting upon this indoctrination, these young people will have the society pushing back against them to the point when they lose their aspirations or even lives. At this point Russian society needs a sustained period of development and for this calm is what is needed the most.

The unicorns showed up once again, during so called “Mothers’ March,” an unauthorized get-together of about 200 hard-core liberals and rabid Russophobes. I won’t name or quote them. All the same faces we have been seeing for decades.

Live: Protest over detention of alleged New Greatness members take place in Moscow

Full footage of the event here


Despite the fact that they didn’t  even ask for a city permit to demonstrate they blocked the central city streets in Moscow, but not one of them was arrested.

They demonstrated for the release of two terrorists who planned to topple the government, and killed law enforcement, and most importantly were practicing shooting firearms and learning how to make and use of Molotov cocktails. Out of ten arrested members, two were students — a young woman studied at the veterinary academy and a men was a student of the law academy. Three members worked.

Anna Pavlikova [featured image next to a viral demon entity known as Momo from the WhatsApp-based “game,”] worked at the Moscow Association of veterinary medicine, the federal budgetary institution of the city of Moscow that carries out  anti-epizootic, laboratory diagnostic and veterinary sanitary actions at localization and elimination of infectious and other diseases of animals. Potentially this terror suspect could have an access to pathogens if used against high density civilian population of Moscow, could cause enormous loses of life.

Twenty-five year old Sergei Gavrilov worked as a software engineer for the Concern Morinformsystem-Agat JSC. According to the information provided by the company’s website, “the Scientific Production Association Agat where computer-aided systems and combat management systems for the Navy submarines and surface ships, as well as fire control systems for all types of ship-mounted weapons, had been developed and manufactured for over sixty years. Concern Morinformsystem-Agat JSC is currently an umbrella organization in the Russian shipbuilding industry specializing in the domains of informational systems and technologies, system engineering in the sphere of marine data computing equipment, electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic facilities, degaussing systems, fire control systems of sea-based cruise and ballistic missiles, combat information and control systems and integrated management systems for surface ships and submarines.”

Twenty year old Krykov was a student at the Russia’s State Law University.

Thirty year old Rustamov worked as an engineer for the  Central Research Institute for Special Machinery. The Central Research Institute for Special Machinery, founded in 1963 in Khotkovo and reorganized into a joint stock company in 1993 is a leading Russian enterprise in design and production of structures on the basis of advanced polymer composite materials for rocket & space engineering, transport, power, petrochemical machinery and other industries. CRISM contributes to the development of defense and rocket engineering products.

Rustamov legally owned firearms and ammunition that he provided for training of other terrorists.

You won’t find a word in the liberal media about this member of the terror organization “the New Greatness” working at the strategic defense manufacturer. Considering his mental state, he could be passing sensitive information to the enemies, sabotaging software with malicious code, or imitating “hacking’ activities against the US and other NATO members using the company’s IP addresses.

Twenty-five year old Kostilenkov lived in Khotkovo, same town near Moscow where Rustamov worked and where the CRISM headquarter is located. Unemployed, he was breading rabbits. He also could be making money from his “opposition” activities. At some point he was connected with the Navalny’s organization, and took a part in another extremists movement called “the White Owl,” an extremists online group that terrorized individuals from all walks of life by threats to “oust” them as pedophiles to make those people a target of “social rage” because, allegedly, the Police would refuse to initiate criminal cases against them for the lack of evidence. The “White Owl storm troopers,” as its members called themselves, were a part of the social engineering technique similar to “Me Too” identity politic movements that was attempted in Russia. It failed due to a steadfast refusal of Russians emotionally react to online bullshit.

The court case allegedly revealed that the members of the “New Greatness’ terror group were training to become a “strike force” during an anti-government putsch that they expected to take place soon. The court case also states that they maintained communication with other extremists groups, but didn’t reveal any details. At least one person in the group was an undercover police officer, Maxim Rastorguev.

To have a law enforcement officer imbedded with the organized criminal and terrorists groups is a worldwide accepted practice.  We can see a great disappointment of the liberals in Russia and their Western backers, but now on they have to live with the fact that any organization they cook up will have at least one Police officer embedded within its ranks.

Five others were men aged twenty to forty who didn’t work and didn’t study, including one thirty-five year old attorney.

The fact that out of ten extremists, two studied the law and two worked for defense industry, is a fact absolutely ignored by the media. All its steam went into discussing so-called “children” meaning two young women.

Whenever “girls” and “Molotov cocktails’ are mentioned together, many of us immediately have a flashback to the massacre in Odessa on May 2nd  2014, where almost 300 Russian people were slaughtered by the paramilitary groups with many young West Ukrainian women and young Israeli men participating in the killings.

In the case of the “New Greatness” extremist organization it’s not surprising that they also had connection to Maidan.  Anna , a girl with crazy eyes, expressed hope that Ukraine would help them with weapons.


What’s interesting in all this is behavior of girls’ parents, while enjoying spotlight and giving interviews to Western media, they expressed no regards to the society and people who could be on the receiving end of shooting and burning. On the contrary, the father of Anna Pavlikova said the following to the BBC:

“They couldn’t break her. Young people are rising now in the country.”

Thus, he revealed that his daughter’s extremism is not something she picked up online, or was tricked into by law enforcement, as they claim to the judge. Her extremism is the atmosphere her family lives with.

His statement that “young people in Russia are rising against the government” was disproved by a boyfriend of the older girl, Maria Dubovik. He said that he graduated from college, has a good job and has an entire life in front of him, that he is happy and has no reasons to participate in any extremists activities.

The court changed the sentence from jail to house arrest for the two women. The organizers of the “march” claimed that the court was intimidated by them. I suspect that the court had other things in mind. Just watch the video of the Anna Pavlikova during the court hearing. She looked like she was under the influence. There are some indications coming from her parents and her lawyers, that they were giving her medication for some physical and mental conditions.  Judging how stoned and out of it she looks on the video, I think that the court had concerns that they could try to kill her to blame the law enforcement.

This liberal storm week ended with a young protester, Alexey Navalvy’s follower, who was arrested twice before, 19-year-old Roman Shingarkin, son of the former State Duma deputy Maksim Shingarkin committing suicide. Unfortunately, he also took the life of a young girl, who didn’t plan to die, according to her mother. Roman  Shingarkin cuffed himself to her, and jumped of fourteen store building after leaving a message on his social media account that his life was “hell.”

You can find a picture of their gruesome end here.

Not accidentally, his father was a former member of Russia’s Duma from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) deputy Maksim Shingarkin  who made his career from fighting corruption.

In 2017, after his son Roman was arrested during an unauthorized meeting when he climbed a light pole, his father threatened to sue the police officer who arrested him. He has made his career blaming government officials in being corrupt, often justifiably, while seemingly having no clue that him being a member of the parliament to threaten a police officer who is doing his job is, by definition, a corruption.

It’s also a fact that his son was a member of the Navalny’s organization, just like members of the “new Greatness” terror group. There were rumors that adult people working for the Navalny’s organization were providing mind alternating substances to the underage members of the organization, similar to those given to people on Maidan.

There were also rumors that young people couldn’t recover mentally after taking those substances. It could be true, but I still think that the parents are to blame for such spectacular failure of liberal upbringing, while, truly, their children, with some faith and perseverance, could have it all.


Scott Humor,

the Director of Research and Development

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