Since the reunification, Russia invested 4 bln rubles in Artek. Artek is an EduCamp and recreational resort for children along the Black Sea coast that consists of 10 separate “camps” as they are traditionally called. The territory of Artek is larger than the territory of Monaco. Guests and workers use electric cars to get around. Buildings that were built back in the USSR were completely renovated, with some new buildings added. It has become a year around recreational and educational center for children. Russia’s Ministry of Education that operates Artek rejected the commercial use of it, as it was during the Ukraine occupation of Crimea. Children are awarded trips to Artek for their achievements in education, sports and arts, or volunteering. Artek has a system of partners, who recommend children. For example, Samara State Aerospace University
which launched a Centre for Talented Children with the program in aviation construction. Artek’s partners also hold Olympics in mathematics, physics and engineering. Winners of these competitions get to travel to Artek.

Artek also has a year around functioning school for 300 children, for kids from Artek and also from local villages, Gurzuf and even Yalta.
2015. In Crimea, Artek has been reopened after an extensive reconstruction

Morning in Artek, Crimea

Crimea. Artek in paintings of Soviet artists

Coastal Crimea near Artek, 2015

Artek after reconstruction.
1. Artek Today. Part I

2. Artek after reconstruction. Part II

3. Artek after reconstruction. Part III
Artek in Crimea is an educational as much as recreational resort for children. That’s why children have their science and research projects they work on. The most popular project amongst kids is a Sea Club. they all want to learn how to be boatmen and to sail. Even during the winter, kinds want to go to sea.

Collection of never seen historical images of Artek starting with the first year and throughout the years. Artek was destroyed twice, during the German occupation and during the Ukrainian occupation.

Several pictures of Artek during Ukrainian occupation. Out of 10 camps, only one remained open.

Day in Artek -1939 documentary

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