This documentary was published by Nailya Asker-Zadeh. She is the original owner of it, not us. This is just an English subtitled reupload. All rights reserved.

April 5, 2020 – The riddle of Wuhan. How many people get infected by a Coronavirus carrier? Which viruses are worse than COVID-19? What awaits us: an optimistic or pessimistic scenario? Why are the governments taking such measures? How does the most closed laboratory “Vector” work in Novosibirsk, where tests are made and a vaccine is developed. When will the vaccine for this infection appear? How long and how exactly do sick patients excrete the virus? Everything that is vitally important to know about the most infectious virus of the century is in the film by Nailya Asker-Zadeh.

Translated by Sasha and subtitled by Leo.
Source: Nailya Asker-Zadeh. Опасный вирус | фильм Наили Аскер-заде


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