Today, I want to tell you a huge secret. The deepest and the biggest Russian secret of all.

The secret so profound that it will shake your entire being.

Wait for it…

The Head of the Russian Orthodox Church His Holiness Patriarch Kirill meets with Pope of Rome Frances on February 12th, 2016 in Havana, Cuba to discuss something about the plight of Christians. We don’t know what they will discuss, but we can speculate.

Some say that the Patriarch and Pope will meet in Havana in the first time for 10 centuries to discuss how to send Hillary to Hell. It’s as good of a theory as any.

First, I have to say a couple of words about the Russian Patriarch. It’s a fact that Patriarch Kirill was a protégé of the liberal (read: pro-Western) “elite” inside of the ROC. But, Putin also was chosen by the neo-con liberals as “their man.” We know how disappointed they are with him now. According to an influential Russian Orthodox publicist Konstantin Dushenov, after becoming a Patriarch, Kirill has been miraculously transformed, and has largely departed from those who appointed him to the Patriarchate. In other words, he did not meet their expectations. Just like Putin, let’s hope that Kirill will continue strongly this way.

Second, the place of the meeting, Cuba. The same Cuba that has build a spectacular Russian Orthodox Church in Havana in 2010. Here are some pictures, if you are interested. You see here Raul Castro Ruz, [Ruz as in Russian] visiting several Orthodox Churches. [source]

Why Cuba? Is Cuba where the Russian nuclear missiles are right now? At least that’s what the Pentagon bloggers who watch the Russian NAVY said in 2014, and I believe they have never retrieved those statements.

Do you remember the Simpsons episode, where Russia’s like, we fooled you and everything changes back into the Soviet Union, with red banners and Lenin’s corpse punching through his coffin?

That’s how Washington might feel right now. If they don’t feel themselves outnumbered, cornered, and surrounded, then they are not be able to feel at all.
Americans, especially young Americans are socialists and Marxists and are defiant towards neo-con and Anglo-Zionist run Washington like never before. The rest of the world just feels pure and unadulterated hatred towards Washington’s cabal and its Brussels underlings. The Baidens, the Clintons, the Nulands, the Yellens, the Bushes, the Carters, all of them, Anglos and Zionists, overplayed their hand big time.

That’s the backdrop for a tectonic shift that is happening right now.

Just look at the actors in the US political theater. There are many questions about Ted Cruz. For example, why would he be allowed to run for a president if he was born in Canada to Cuban parents? Or… why does he wear clothes that look too big? Is he wearing a bulletproof vest? Why do we have two Cubans running? Marc Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Here is my theory… have you noticed that Cruz wears two watches?
Do you know who else had always worn two watches? Fidel Castro!
He has always ware two Rolexes. And don’t tell me that he did this, because he was afraid that his comrades would steal those watches.

I think, we have a conspiracy here. Cubans are trying to take over America and make the US a Communist country, with free education, and free medical care, with 100 percent employment . The entire Latino population will vote for a Cuban.
Cubans taking over America… Castro wins!!

My second theory… Remember when Patriarch Kirill went to Syria to talk with Assad in 2011? Back then the war on Syria had just started, and fake-Syrians (or the Western mercenaries) were shooting at the law enforcement, simultaneously they dressed in Syrian military uniforms and were shooting at Syrians. That’s when Kirill went to Damask and told Assad that the war will be very hard and that Syrians have to stay strong and that Russia won’t abandon them ever. Now, the Patriarch goes to Cuba “on the invitation of the Chairman of the State Council and Council of Ministers Raul Castro.

Remember, when the Pope came to the US and only 1/3 of expected people in New York and Philadelphia showed up to greet him? I wrote that the security in both cities was so over the top that people were actually discouraged to come.

“The Pope should know better than to pop up in an old Quakertown like Philadelphia. The security was so over the top and in-your-face ferocious to scare people away. With the clear contempt for its own citizenry, and a hidden contempt for the Vatican, Philadelphia authorities did everything in their power to keep pilgrims from showing up for the Pope’s visit. Either that, or they read my ramblings about an outdated Philadelphia sewage system. Either way, they build an actual Pope cage around Center City. It took hours for the very few Catholics to get in. Many of them were left outside. Somebody claimed that by using images of the crowd, they estimated the pilgrims numbers being between 80,000 to 100,000, while the law enforcement claimed that they had 800,000. Why? Because the city needed to justify the cost of the security operation, paid for by the minuscule city budget.” [source]

Those who followed the preparation for the Pope’s visit and the corresponding media coverage must agree with me; people were strongly discouraged to not to come and even to leave the area for several days. In Philadelphia, the authorities built a cage around center city and wouldn’t let people inside until after the Pope finished his meet-and-greet. Why was that? If I were a Pope, I would be really pissed off.

It looks like the Washington neo-liberal elite has been punishing the Pope and pressing him to do something against his will and against his Church’s interest. That’s how I interpret the orchestrated attack in a form of a sex scandal, and the immediately followed attempt to take over huge chunks of Church-owned North American real estate. Imagine, that the Church owns and pays no taxes on large parcels of Manhattan. Remember those hashed scandals involving sleazy characters and Hollywood actors swarming over “Catholic Church properties”?

The neo-cons administered the second blow to the Vatican in June 2015 when the Vatican was forced by the US to sign an agreement with so called FATCA, “the 2010 legislative joke formally known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act,” which meant to cancel an independence of the Vatican bank, and made the Vatican reveal all the accounts and transactions that it conducted to the IRS.”

There have been persistent rumors that Vatican accumulated over 50,000 tons of gold, and this gold is what Washington is going after. There are also rumors that in June of 2015, the Pope asked for an emergency secret meeting with the President of Russia to ask him to protect the Catholic Churches’ gold from Washington and Brussels.

Now, watch my hands to see what’s cooking…

This week a notorious blogger with the alias El-Murid (Эль Мюрид) wrote that the Vatican bank keeps 40 thousand billion of “Putin’s money.” The real name of El-Murid is Anatoliy Nesmiyan (Анатолий Несмиян), an anti-Russia anti-Putin neo-liberal expert in everything. After him, virtually all of the neo-liberal, pro Kiev junta, Washington-backed online publications re-posted the same message. Because, you and me, we understand that this is not news or information, but purely a blackmail message to the Vatican.

After January’s attack of the US media and the Department of State on Putin, claiming that he keeps enormous amounts of money in Western banks, they were asked to present some proof, which they didn’t have. After a couple of weeks, the voices like the Bloomberg news agency started coming out saying that it’s impossible to find Putin’s accounts in Western banks, because they are not under Putin’s name. Aha…

So… El-Murid came out with interesting statements claiming that “Putin’s money, all forty thousand billion, are being kept in the Vatican’s Bank”, or as it’s known – Instituto per le Opere di Religione. I would not dismiss his claims as mere Putin-hate tomfoolery. Because, it’s just a couple of days before the February 12th meeting in Havana.

Essentially, this is a threat to Pope Francis, that if he doesn’t behave in the interest of the US, his Vatican Bank will be subject to the US Treasury and IRS and the Justice Department’s investigation of violation of US sanctions against Russia. Remember, the Vatican bank signed a FATCA agreement in 2015?

Together with the statement that so called “Putin’s money” might be hidden under any name at all, this also means that any money with Russian sources can be arrested and frozen as being under suspicion of being “Putin’s money.” This is something that President Putin warned of a year ago during a meeting with the heads of Russian companies, when he asked them to bring their money back to Russia from the offshore. As John Helmer wrote last year, the neo-liberals inside the government refused and started plotting something. As it turned out, they were plotting against themselves.

How much can an accusation of violating US sanctions cost the Vatican? What about 50,000 tons of gold, that the Vatican might be forced to move to the US for “safe-keeping?” Or, the Vatican can be pressured to make some certain political moves.

Will Papists survive without their money, especially after losing the people’s trust due to sex-abuse scandals?

It has been the Pope who initiated meeting with Patriarch Kirill. And it was the Cuban government who offered Havana as a place for a meeting.
To sum it up: we have two Cubans running for the office of US President; the Pope and the Patriarch are meeting in Cuba and after the meeting patriarch Kirill will travel to the Latin American countries.


What do members of Russia’s Communist party and neo-liberals have in common? You would never guess. They share a profound concern for the Russian Orthodox Church. Yes, you heard me right. After spending the last century ridiculing, vilifying and physically annihilating our Church, it’s clergy, and also a significant number of Russian Orthodox laymen and women, in January 2016 communists of Russia and it’s neo-liberals united in hysterical worry for the Russian Church.
You would think that the people whose main task has been to destroy this church along with its followers would have no interest in its affairs. You would think wrong. All of a sudden, every neo-liberal anti-Russian journo and blogger has became a specialist in the theology and history of its religion and are writing on how Patriarch Kirill has betrayed the great Russian nation by agreeing to meet with the Pope.

To appreciate the magnanimity of the attacks you have to be versed in many languages including Russian, English, Greek, Latin, Moldavian, Romanian, French, German and Hebrew.

What we have to bear in mind that when the neo-liberals’ screaming and gnashing of teeth and wailing about something, it means that this “something” is positive and good.

I have this simple media test. When a situation is too confusing to understand, I look at the neo-liberal media. If they condemn something, it means that this “something” is bad for them, and good for Russia.

The same rule we can apply to the meeting of Patriarch Kirill and the Pope.

Just until recently we, Orthodox Christians, were portrayed like bizarre backward cultish people with bushy beards, head scarves called mistakenly “babushkas,” and fairytale-like beliefs. False-media creating false-reality called Russian Orthodox churches “sinister,” and “tools” of the Kremlin. Thus, bringing us to understanding that attacks on the Russian Orthodox Church are a part of the war on Russia.

Now, all of a sudden, our Church has become universally important and dear to the small green hearts of neo-liberals. What gives?

The power of Russian arms, that’s what.

The Pentagon realizes that Russian weapons are superior to anything they have got, and suddenly the neo-liberals are pouring a quadrillion tons of mud on our Church. Which is also a Church of our Russian Orthodox Christian President Vladimir Putin and the majority of the Russian military. Washington, Brussels and Tel Aviv can’t attack the Russian army, so they attack its Church.

The Muslim part of Russia’s military has been under attack also.

The whole neo-liberal hoopla had started over this announcement:
The Holy See and the Patriarchate of Moscow are pleased to announce that, by the grace of God, His Holiness Pope Francis and His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia will meet on February 12 [source]

I don’t want to irk you by listing authors and their opuses, but let’s just say that same people who praise the so-called “Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church” and the attempts to separate the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from The Russian Orthodox Church, are now screaming and yelling against the meeting between Pope and Patriarch.

Why is this?

Let’s look at some passages in documents prepared for the Pan-Orthodox Council, that got them so upset: Relations of the Orthodox Church with the Rest of the Christian World

“The Orthodox Church, being the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church,
The Orthodox Church acknowledges the existence in history of other Christian Churches and confessions which are not in communion with her,
In this regard, the Orthodox Church, in her relations with the rest of the Christian world, relies not only on the human efforts of those involved in the dialogue, but, by the grace of God who prayed “that… all may be one” (Jn 17:21), first and foremost, on the help of the Holy Spirit.”

All of a sudden, even Greeks have recalled that they have something to do with Orthodox Christianity. A shady character named Professor of Theology Dimitrios Tselenghidis wrote a letter titled: “My observations of the theological orientation of the text:
”the relations of the Orthodox Church with the rest of the Christian world”.
Marele dogmatist și profesor contemporan, Dimitrios Tselenghidis, critică aspru textele adoptate de Sinaxa Întâistătătorilor Bisericilor Autocefale Ortodoxe (Geneva, 21-28 ianuarie 2016)
A Greek university professor, essentially a self-appointed “expert,” who depends on grants, salary and publications, telling to the Russian Orthodox Church how to think and how to operate in the world, and accusing the Russian patriarchy of crime-think.

This letter has been immediately translated into Russian and being reposted by every neo-liberal media outlet, which tells me that this so called “professor” is nothing but a neo-liberal shill.

Again, to reiterate, if the Russian Church and its Patriarch have been doing something pro-Western, something hurtful to Russia, the neo-cons and neo-liberals would support it, not criticize it.

Greece, btw, unwearyingly takes anti-Russian posture in all affairs: they joined the club of the East European Losers and filed a complaint against Stream2. In 2014 the Greek Orthodox Church in the US published its letter stating its full support for Kiev Junta. Considering the fact that at least 70 percent of Kiev junta members are Jewish, Catholics, or Uniats, the Greece theological stance in condemning the Russian Church for anything is hypocritical. The fact that Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens Abstained from Pan-Orthodox Council Due to Actions that Undermine the Church of Greece, demonstrates that the Greek Orthodox Church has become a hostage of supra-national anti-Christian political and financial elite. [source]

In October 2015, Archbishop Ieronymos stated that Europe was Against Greek Orthodoxy and that the EU apparatchiks are threatening the existence of the Orthodox Church in Greece. [source]

Actions that undermine the Church of Greece
On February 8th, the Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens handed a sealed letter with the explanations of some activities that are being conducted against his Church. He also stated that the Greek Church is ready to sever relations with Constantinople Patriarchy.[source]

One not so small example is how the EU is persistently attempts to destroy the monastic community of Mount Athos in Greece. Here is the example of habitual vicious mockery by British neo-cons of the millennium old monastic tradition [source]

And the point of view of the Russian Orthodox Church expressed during to the celebration in 2016 of the 1000-year anniversary of the presence of Russian monasticism on Mount Athos [source]

Thus, should we pay any attention to anything coming from the Greek Church nowadays?

So, here comes the secret that I have promised you at the beginning.
We, Orthodox Christians believe that at the end of time, when the Antichrist will come to destroy humanity, all believers of all religions will unite by becoming Orthodox Christians, we believe “that… all may be one” (Jn 17:21).

As you can see expressing this idea, Patriarch Kirill doesn’t try to hand the church over to Rome, quite the opposite. If anything, it’s Rome looking to join Orthodoxy, because demons are on its heels.

More news in brief:
• For a background of the Orthodoxy and Papism read the Saker’s article with many useful references: Putin, the Pope, the Schism, Franks and Romans (UPDATED)

• Press conference at DECR on Patriarch Kirill’s forthcoming visit to Latin America [source]
• Statement from Metropolitan Hilarion regarding the Conversion of the “Catholic Church of the East” to Orthodoxy [source]

• Interview with Onofriem: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in the presence of all the other primates, and I quote, “I promised that neither during nor after the pan-Orthodox Council will not be made any efforts to legalize the schism in Ukraine, or to unilaterally grant someone autocephaly”. [source]

• Projects of documents for the upcoming Pan-Orthodox Council

• The message of the Bishops’ Council to the clergy, monastics and all the faithful children of the Russian Orthodox Church [source]

• “Of course, there is absolutely nothing in prepared documents about unification of the Orthodox Church with heterodoxies,” said his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. [source]

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