The German ambassador to Ukraine spoke to a Russia-based privately owned news source. He brought up the idea that in order to implement the Minsk Agreement  “local elections in Donbas could take place with Russian troops on the ground.”

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In his interview, the German ambassador is talking about a “new map” which means changing the way the agreement is implemented.  He says that a “new map,” or a new order of the implementation, would be a “huge break-through.”

Russia stated many times that changing the order of the Minsk Agreement makes no practical sense.

The Ambassador also said: “…a military victory in Donbas over Russia is impossible. Now, Germany is performing exercises together with our Eastern partners in NATO to develop a policy of intimidation of the Russian Federation.”

The way I understand it, the Ukrainian army cannot defeat the Republics militarily, that is why NATO is getting ready for a real war on Russia.

What the Germans and Americans don’t understand is that building up tank armies is not intimidating for the Russians; if anything the whole enchilada with Ukraine tells Russia that the West will never let us live in peace and that there is no other way to get out of this Western threat, but to fight.

The NATO bombers that are being trained ON the Russian villages and towns make “Jihadi” Julian extremely happy.


“Also, I do not think that sanctions are not so effective,” the Ambassador continues.  “If this were so, then Russia would not be so radical for their removal. You can say that the economic interests of Western countries are suffering, but we are willing to pay this price, because we insist that the Minsk agreements must be implemented.”

If you have any proof that the Russian government has been doing something “radical” to have the sanctions removed, please let me know. Everything points to the contrary.

The most important point that the ambassador is pushing is the prospect of land ownership reforms. Meaning to allow the arable lands into private ownership. He says that the law will prevent large corporations from taking over all the land; he knows that those laws don’t work in Ukraine. He is lying.

Germany wants to buy those lands, China, Saudis, Denmark, the UK, the US.

He is talking about investments into small farmers and their prosperity.  Europe doesn’t want to buy food from Ukraine. Russia is not going to buy it either. Small farmers don’t have money to buy land and to pay taxes and to develop these ownerships into wealth. To give them credit is the easiest way to take land from them and still make them pay on the loans.

The bottom line is, after reading this interview I was left with a feeling that people in Ukraine are killing each other so Germany will get those arable lands depopulated. Hitler’s dream fulfilled.

It’s just bait and switch.

The regime in Kiev reacted painfully crazy to this interview, demanding the boycott of Germany.

The Ambassador was summoned to Ukraine’s foreign Ministry for explanation of his “wrong statements.”

The bottom-line, with all his duplicity and evasiveness, the German Ambassador was shown the door by the country’s fascist junta. He shouldn’t be too upset; after all Germans wrote the book on fascism. And, as some sources state, Merkel is in complete support of the Kiev regime and of the current escalation of hostilities, since a peace in Ukraine and an accord between Moscow and Washington would take the EU out of the equation.

A little bit of history: the first democratic president of “independent” Ukraine Kravchuk used to call “to kill Russians till we run out of bullets.

One cannot be a democrat and not being a Russophobe and openly call to kill Russians.

A typical story, I don’t know fake or real. A sales managers for a retail chain Ringoo, an owner of 127 stores in Ukraine, wrote on her Facebook page a passionate albeit wordy memorandum on the subject of How we should kill the ethnic Russians living in “our Ukraine.” She refers to the Israelis burning their enemies, and calls to kill, shoot, burn every ethnic Russian.

“Are we Europeans or not? Do we have any self esteem? Why don’t we use tanks to run over ethnic Russians? When do we, finally, start burning Russians in gas chambers, like Stalin’s Russians did to our grandfathers during holodomor? Why don’t we completely ban the Russian occupational language? After all, russki in rushka banned all the language, but their own.

[She writes in the Russian language.]

[In Russia more than 180 language are being studied in schools and used.]

She also suggests to dig out the buried bodies of all ethnic Russians and burn their remains, like “Israel does to its enemies.”  To issue special passports of occupants like they do in Latvia. To prosecute criminally those who give medical treatment to the ethnic Russians living in Ukraine.

She also calls to have a social action “Burn a Russian.”

This women’s name is Yana Patishnyak (Яна Потишняк).

As you can see, her open letter was reposted by every Ukrainian and liberal online news source.

I don’t know who she is in terms of ethnicity, but according to some online publications, she is a Ukrainian Jew. Don’t spit at me, I’m just reporting on what people in Russia read and discuss.

Yana Potishnyak called to run the Russian over with tanks

It’s easy to find out who posted this, and considering the sure quantity of media sources involved in this story, someone in law enforcement should investigate, find this woman and talk to her about her feelings.


Bogadn Chervak, a head of the OUN, threatens to teach Poland how to love Stephan Bandera and Shuhevich.

In the last sitrep I wrote about the trade between Ukraine and the Republics that is going on uninterrupted.

A day later, the Right Sector decided to block the roads and to stop the trade, almost like they read my article.

But, the local police are making huge money on this trade. Plus, Ukraine needs Donbass’ coal, as the result of those geo-political forces, the RS extremists were  met with fierce resistance of the local police (in black) and women (on the bus).

full video of the glorious  battle

Local women on buses arrived to remove the blockade because they are afraid to be left without coal and heat in their houses.

Now, even the Kiev parliament demands to stop the trade blockade that threatens to leave the country without eclectic power and heat, especially considering that they almost used up gas they prepaid to Russia.

Ukraine and Israel were recently called “one nation with one fate,” by the member of Ukrainian parliament.

Police in Israel raided and arrested the Deutsche Bank managing director, Boaz Schwartz, who is also the German lender’s chief executive officer in Israel, over alleged value-added-tax violations

19 rabbis arrested during protest at Trump hotel

T’ruah is one of several liberal Jewish groups that has opposed several of the president’s policies both during the campaign and since the election

In Moscow, the Police arrested a self proclaimed “anti-government activist” and one of the organizers of the fascist movement ironically called “Russian March”  Mark Israelivich Galperin.

When the Police knocked at his door, Galperin jumped out of a second store window of his house and tried to escape, but was apprehended by law informant officers.

The US Homeland security revoked 10 year multiple entry visa granted to Oleh Lyashko, the leader of the Radical Party and the member of Ukrainian Rada.  To add insult to injury, Lyashko got this visa only one month ago, before Trump’s inauguration.

The visa is revoked despite of the good relations of Lyashko with Israel.  For example, in December 2016 he accused his fellow members of Rada in betraying the state of Israel.

Ukraine MP Attacking Government for Betrayal of Israel By: David Israel

Ukrainian MP Oleg Lyashko wrote on his Facebook page and blamed Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman’s for the cancellation of his visit to Israel, following Ukraine’s vote in support of Friday’s UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements. Lyashko warned that Ukraine’s national interests have been irreparably damaged.

“Recently, Israel has supported our country in the United Nations, and together with other countries condemned the Russian occupation of Crimea,” Lyashko wrote. “In response, the representative of Ukraine to the UN Security Council endorsed an anti-Israeli resolution on settlements, instead of at least abstain.”


Back to the “Russian nationalist” Mark Galperin. He is one of the organizers of the fascist movement the “Russian march” in Moscow district Lublino in November 2016.

During his arrest he managed to sent a message to his fellow “fighters with Putin’s regime.”

His massage? “I pooped inside a Police van.”

According to Galperin’s fellow nationalist and pro-Ukrainian warrior Ivan Beletsky, he was released after questioning about his involvement into making of an extremist video.

It could be a candid video taken by the REN TV crew in which the second number of the PARNASS party Vyacheslav Maltsev, his assistant Dmitry Demushkin and Yury Gorsky discuss as much as organization of an anti-government coup. On a video they were saying, “We need to start on the fourth of November, during the «Russian March» in Lublino, and finish the next day – in the Kremlin.”

«We are the power!». Who is preparing a revolution

It also could be this video of the “right-wing leaders:  Mark Galperin (Halperin), Yuri Gorsky and Vyacheslav Malchev. Vyacheslav Malchev, Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich Maltsev is a Russian politician and statesman, three-time member of the Saratov regional Duma, a member of Parnas party.

What’s will be done to the Police after the Russia’s government is overthrown.

“Vyacheslav Malchev’s channel is being watched by the Police officers. Guys, listen to me. The power has not changed yet, but you have to chose now. This is why. When you arrest members of the opposition, you are being recorded on the videos. Your names are also recorded by your police units, when you go to protect so called “law and order.” The change of power will take place without doubt. Putin is not going to live forever. All of those who were making arrests of the opposition members. After the new people come to power, there will be a lustration. I am not trying to scare you, I am just illustrating to you your future. I am not telling you what to do, I am telling you what’s going to happen to you.”

“After this government is gone, and the new government comes  to power, some twenty year old investigator will calmly explain to you that you were taking part in detention of the peaceful citizens, anti-constitutionally.”

[he explains the Civil Code that permits peaceful gathering of the people. What constitutes peaceful gathering, he doesn’t explain.]

[Then Galperin proceeds calling the Russian Police “a criminal group.” Then they show a picture of OMON, saying “When a criminal becomes government, every citizen becomes a judge.”]

[Galperin goes on claiming that after the Putin’s government is toppled the Police officers will be accused by the new government in anti-government armed revolt, because they carry arms.]

“Then, you will be fired. And you will be jailed for four years and more. Your family will be thrown out from your apartment. Members of the opposition will sue you for unlawful arrest. Putin is not here. He is either abroad or he just disappeared. no one  is going to save you, not Sergey Lavrov, not Ivanov, not Zaharova, not Bortnikov. Some dozens of people, they all will disappear. No one will come to your rescue. So, think before you go and try to detain an opposition member. I am not telling you to come on our side, or to quit your job. Don’t think that when we will take power, you will be able to continue living as  you do now. You own superiors will betray you. You superiors will betray you immediately to new authorities.” and so on.

This reminds me other threats issued to the Russian law enforcement and intelligence officers by a “peaceful member of the opposition” Alfred Kox.

“Do you know why the Orthodox chekists will be clinging to power till the last moment and will spill lots of blood before they are curved out and thrown away to rot on the trash pile of history?”

“Because they are afraid that they will be killed long and painfully. First, they will get a knife up their asses, and  them they  will be kicked and stomped for a long time. They, their lips will be burned out with a cigarette lighter. Then, someone will urinate and defecate in their cut and burned mouths.”

“Do you know why they are afraid that they will be killed, and not just killed, but killed in such slow and humiliating way? Because, if they were instead of their enemies, they would act exactly this way.”

[If the enemy of the Russian people are the members of the opposition, we can see on the video that they are all very well nurtured males with no signs of physical abuse. On the other hand, Kox describes method of torture that the Ukrainian nationalists use on the civilians of Donetsk.  Scott]

“They deeply convinced that they can’t live enemies alive and free. For them, it’s an absolute stupidity. It’s absolutely impossible.

Even if they are promised freedom and live them their stinky money, they would never believe that.”

[I guess he  is talking about paying to the members of Russia’s government to surrender the country to NATO and Kox, like the Communist party apparatchiks had done in 90s.]

“The will commit treason and still will mumble, “Not, it cannot be. We have to shoot those demonstrators and gays. It’s a trap. We need to shoot them and jail them.”

“In general, “to shot” and “to jail” is their religion.”

“That’s how they understand Orthodox Christianity.”

[Aha, it’s about the Orthodox Christianity, which Alfred Kox and other “opposition members” see as their enemy. ]

“if you don’t believe me, ask Chaplin. ”

Kox means a disavowed priest Vsevolod Chaplin, who published a bizarre gay fantasy novel under the nom de plume of Aron Shemaiyer. He was fired from his job, but neither jailed, no tortured by the authorities.

And these people are surprised that they don’t have any followers in Russia.


But wait, there is more…

Yandex-Money, an equivalent of Paypal in Russia, terminated accounts of the opposition leader Navalny, because of his violations of the User Agreement.  Nalalny, who dreams to be a president of Russia, collects money from unnamed international sponsors to run for  this office.


Same Tuesday morning the Ukrainian “free” media announced that Kiev is sending its aviation to the ATO Zone.


“Today, in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, an unannounced inspection of the Aerospace Forces has begun to assess the readiness of military administrative bodies and forces to carry out combat training tasks,” Shoigu said at a meeting.

Russia conducts snap air force combat readiness check, Western media accuse Moscow of ‘going to war’

And no one in Ukraine tries to fly over Donbass.

The level of American foreign  policy: from malicious liars to complete morons

Pelosi thinks that Bush is still a president. Some serious mental issues in American government.


However, the level of tensions in Donbass went down in the last 24 hours, maybe due to the statement of the pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis:

“We’re troubled by it, we’ve taken note of it,” he said. “I can tell you what we haven’t seen is any sort of large-scale movement of Russian forces that would suggest that this is part of something bigger.” “We do however continue to believe that there’s no military solution to the crisis and that the Minsk agreements are the only way to resolve the conflict peacefully,” he said.

The Pentagon statement completely clashed with a statement made by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze in the EU parliament

The Ukrainian junta members and the US Washington neocons are trying to lock the New presidential administration into a box with no way out.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze and Ambassador of Ukraine to the U.S. Valeriy Chaly had a meeting with Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Congressional Ukrainian Caucus member Eliot Engel

They thanked the U.S. Congressman for his consistent and proactive support of Ukraine in her fight against Russian aggression as well as for sponsoring and facilitating adoption of relevant legislation, the H.R 5094 ‘Stability and Democracy for Ukraine Act’ in the first place. They underscored particular importance of the bill for the Ukrainian State, primarily its provisions including prohibitions against United States recognition of the Russian Federation’s attempted annexation of Crimea, and linking any sanctions relief for the Kremlin to timely, complete, and verifiable implementation of the Minsk framework and deoccupation of Crimea.

The EU takes a complexly different tone from Americans. Security and Defense Committee members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have urged Russia to stop testing the West’s reactions to escalation in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, and to go on implementing the Minsk agreements.

“The Ukrainian side at the debates was represented by Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration. She listed some actions to de-escalate the conflict – maintaining a durable ceasefire, withdrawing Russian troops from eastern Ukraine and ensuring that the OSCE could effectively monitor the 409 km Ukraine/Russian border, which currently is out of Ukrainian control, so as to halt the flow of ammunition, troops and mercenaries into eastern Ukraine.”

She also stated that “We think that the actions that took place in Avdeedvka, may be qualified as war crimes, and the serious violation of the Geneva Convention of 1949.”

She didn’t specified what exactly happen in Avdeedka.

But I want you to specifically pay attention to these her words about a “war crime.”

This is very important.  These is the key for the understanding what’s exactly takes place in Ukraine. the entire Ukrainian population is being held hostage by the European Union troops, “advisers,” and special operation peoples, by the US and NATO troops and “military socialists,” and by the international mercenaries and the Private military companies arriving daily from all over the world. This psy op was started by the CIA in 2014. In essence, they kill the civilians and blame Russia for doing this. That’s why Russia can’t go and liberate Ukraine from the fascist junta and this foreign legion. Because, the NATO troops and foreign mercenaries, and the Right sector punitive formations, and national Guards will immediately start slaughtering the population while blaming Russian troops for doing this.

There are different wild rumors that several apartment buildings in Mariupol are being mined and  will be blown up with people. Also, Mariupol will be shelled by the Ukrainian military to blame the Donetsk armed forces, and so on.

Regardless of the validity of these rumors people’s nerves are on edge.

In What Trump doesn’t know about Ukraine, an analytic writes that Poroshenko and his government, assembled with many foreigners, are in conflict not with Russia, as they claim, but with the armed Ukrainian nationalists and a part of the country’s ruling class.


NB:  A very dangerous trend in social media, suddenly a huge number of materials revealing ” beastly character of Ukrainians.” They also claim that “Ukraine is a rotten corpse that Russia should never touch.” They also claim that “Ukrainians are filed with homicidal rage towards Russians.” Just like the material about a store manager.

What’s interesting that even well known and respectable journalists and even politicians started participating in this trend. Now, imagine seeing ten of articles like this, and ten of “kill the Russians” articles every day! Imagine what this can do people’s mental state.

Many of those materials signed “antifa.” What is Antifa ?

 For those who don’t know, the Antifa movement, is an international terrorist organization with its members acting as organizers for extremist organizations as the Motherlode Progressives, Occupy Sacramento, Sacramento IWW, the Anti-War Movement, SEIU, and the Democratic Socialists of America. One of the Anfa extremists, Michael Israel, was killed on November 24th, 2016, fighting in the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria. This is according to the Rocky Mountain Antifa website. He died alongside another international terrorist Anton Leschek in western Manbij.

BTW, if it will turn out that Anton Leschek  (Zana Ciwan) and Michael Israel (Robin Agiri) are ethnic Kurds, I will eat my hat.

The only answer to all of these is that this is not the policy of Russian government that President Putin states. Russians and Ukrainians are one nation, artificially separated by the Catastrophe.  A terrible tragedy that has to be amended.

The Minsk Agreement for the last three years has been an operation to liberate 40 million hostages in Ukraine being held by homicidal maniacal forces, and 2.5 million hostages on Donbass being used as a bait .


A thank you for your patience

Dimash Kudaibergenov (Димаш Кудайбергенов)  from Kazakhstan performs a song “Opera 2.”


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