Western “Culture” is a Cult of Death / Some thoughts on BREXIT and Coup in Turkey / Translation: Interview with Green Youth spokesperson

I have been meaning to write an article for a very long time now. But whenever I sat down to actually do it, it did not work. It sort of feels like a rotten tooth. You know it needs to get out. It hurts while it’s still in, but even touching it with your tongue hurts so much more than avoiding it, that for a while you might be tempted to just leave it alone, and chew with the other cheek. If that makes sense to you. But I think it’s time to pull it.

I first and foremost write for myself. It helps me think, because it forces me to dig for the best words to express my thoughts that I can find. But it also means “Farbe bekennen” (maybe “nailing one’s colours to the mast”). Taking more or less vague ideas and sifting through them until to your best judgement there is nothing left that you should know better.

But lately whenever I try to do that, I feel an almost overwhelming urge to stop and do something else. Anything else. Even right now. And I fear that is because I do not want to admit, even to myself, that to the best of my knowledge it is already too late.

As far as I can tell, we have already gone down the road towards self-destruction, total enslavement, all-encompassing deception and universal despair beyond the point of no return.

Or at least too far to get out of this mess without a catharsis of such epic horror that I am not sure if I want to live through it.

We live in a world so perverted: Sarcasm and caricatures no longer work.

The official narrative, belief in which qualifies one as a sane, politically correct citizen, is so far removed from actual reality, that fewer and fewer people manage to uphold their double-think without the help of mind-crippling psychotropic medication.

We routinely put healthy children on mind disturbing pharmaceuticals when they show healthy reactions to the perverse and inhuman conditions in which they are raised:

Mom: “Doctor, my seven year old son has severe problems in school. I raised him in a jungle of concrete with nowhere to play. Well, when I say I raised him I mean: To my knowledge he was raised by good people in a state run kindergarden and partly by the TV. I buy him all the fast food and sweets he wants. I even gave him my old iPhone when I bought the latest one on credit… He does not want to sit still for hours on end and listen to mostly useless bullshit in school. I think something might be wrong with him…?”

Doctor: “Say no more. That is a very common condition. Have you ever heard of Ritalin? That’s going to solve all your problems. By the way, you look stressed and sort of exhausted. Tell you what: I’ll write you both a prescription for Ritalin and you should try some Prozac, here you go. I took two this morning and I still feel no emotions whatsoever…”

And those are the comparatively lucky children.

The less fortunate are murdered before they are even born. “Extracted” from their mother’s wombs and often harvested for body parts, sold for further profit.

Murder paid for by “health insurance” companies. Ostensibly for the sake of “gender equality” and “freedom of choice” and similar gibberish. But actually to further enrich the “doctors” who perform the murders and the slave owners who exploit the mothers’ labour.

A cult of death, unrivaled even by the Nazis or the Japanese in Manchuria.

An all-out onslaught on humanity itself.

This cult of death makes mothers murder their children in the name of “freedom”, pits women against men for “freedom”, sends poor Americans to Iraq to kill poor Iraqis for “freedom”, ad nauseam… It tries to sell murder as an act of compassion and slavery as freedom.

This cult does everything in its power to destroy family and nation, because they are its worst enemy.

And it is about to win.

Hillary Clinton is a serious candidate for the presidency of the USA. If the USA as a nation had any backbone or empathy that would be impossible. She is the closest thing to “a devil in the flesh” that I have ever seen.

A proven liar and traitor. A disloyal, ill-tempered, irascible, cruel, ruthless, psychopathic, sick, revolting, heartless excuse for a human being. It would be hard to come up with any derogative adjective that would not adequately describe Hillary Clinton, unless it was too mild.

That would be bad enough on its own. But it is actually worse.

Within “The System” the only alternative to Clinton is Donald Trump…

In Clinton’s own words: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”



Sort of like the only alternative to Merkel is the AfD in Germany. But I hate the idea of voting for the lesser evil. That is too easy to “play” and would in its extreme justify voting for anything that is not the worst imaginable course of action, especially if one can enforce “pseudo binary decisions”.

Elections seem to matter less and less anyway, even in supposedly democratic systems, because governments do not respect the law anymore. And hardly anyone holds them to it.

I will not vote for the candidate who promises to enslave me a little less.

That being said; I am very happy about last weekend’s results in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Here are some thoughts I shared with Scott since my last post:



June 23 2016 will for a long time, I hope, be remembered as the day that the people of the United Kingdom stood up against the fascist Brussels dictatorship and proudly refused to bow down to the threats and fear-mongering of the EU and business elites.

I stayed up late last night to see the first projections for the referendum and went to sleep expecting to wake up in a world in which the “Leave” vote had been defeated by a slight margin.

I was very surprised this morning when I checked the news and could hardly believe my eyes. In my sleep-drunk stupor I think I loaded some of the pages at least twice to be sure…

My money was on 50.5% “Stay” and 49.5% “Leave”. The roughly half a percent margin by which the AfD missed the 5% threshold in the last general elections in Germany and the FPÖ lost the presidential vote in Austria.

I thought that was the margin deemed safest by TPTB to be difficult to be contested scientifically without proof of fraud while minimizing the risk of someone discovering proof of fraud.

But it looks like in Austria the vote might have to be repeated because of unlawful irregularities.

I must admit that I have so little trust in the supposedly democratic processes in Europe that I find it very hard to believe that the outcome of yesterday’s referendum could not have been massaged by a few points one way or the other.

Supposing that the elites can proclaim outcomes that differ by a couple of points especially in close elections from the honest outcome, how can it be that “Leave” has won by a margin that I think has to be in the reach of manipulation?

If you are looking for manipulation around the Brexit vote, please ask yourself if you think it is likely that the bookies got it so wrong.

What if the honest results were 65% “Leave” and 35% “Stay” and you faked it to 49.5% “Leave” and 50.5% “Stay”? Do you think people would actually try to overthrow their government over that? Violently? I am sure they would not. Not while they are well fed and while they have reason to believe that support might be more or less 50/50 at best.

If you control most of the media and the polls, you have huge influence on how people will vote and even more influence on what outcome people will expect. That gives you ample opportunity to pull all kinds of wool over everybody’s eyes.

I might just be too cynical and pessimistic.

But please remember: The Brexit vote is over, but Great Britain is still a EU member.

The British government has to invoke article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

  1. Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.
  2. A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European Council of its intention. In the light of the guidelines provided by the European Council, the Union shall negotiate and conclude an agreement with that State, setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union. That agreement shall be negotiated in accordance with Article 218(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It shall be concluded on behalf of the Union by the Council, acting by a qualified majority, after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament.

3. The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period.

4. For the purposes of paragraphs 2 and 3, the member of the European Council or of the Council representing the withdrawing Member State shall not participate in the discussions of the European Council or Council or in decisions concerning it.

A qualified majority shall be defined in accordance with Article 238(3)(b) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

5. If a State which has withdrawn from the Union asks to rejoin, its request shall be subject to the procedure referred to in Article 49.

Cameron has stepped down and until a new government has been formed, article 50 will not be invoked.

I think it will be very difficult to find anyone who is willing to head a new government because they would have to invoke said article, while the EU and its corporate masters will unleash all hell on Great Britain, beginning today.

And as per §3 of article 50 the EU has two years to “stonewall” everything.

That is a lot of time to try and reduce England to “Greece-Status”. The EU is willing to shoot itself in the foot with sanctions against Russia, how far will they go to punish a traitor from their own ranks?

And the results per region (insofar as they can be trusted) suggest that in the meantime the UK might very well fracture over this issue.

Repeat the Scottish referendum of 2014 tomorrow in the light of the Brexit result and public data suggests that Scotland might vote “Leave”. The Irish might follow suit.

To actually leave the EU the British need to weather up to two years of the most vicious onslaught of a mortally wounded beast full of hate with their next-door neighbours turning their backs.

How binding exactly is this vote anyway?

Great Britain might have to vote again. This is a proud EU tradition. Eventually they will get it right…

But the trend to watch in general is the fight against democracy. If you want to educate people that democracy is a bad idea, you make it their ideal and then set it up to fail.

No matter what I think personally about the UK and it leaving the EU. I think that winning a democratic vote in an issue of such importance by such a tiny margin is not a very strong mandate to do anything.

How can you be the leader of all your people when they disagree almost 50/50 on one of your fundamental political options?




Regarding the recent coup attempt in Turkey my best bet would be that Erdogan not only knew that the coup would happen, but that he orchestrated it himself.

The Saker and Scott seem to think that it was essentially a coup perpetrated by NATO/US controlled elements within the Turkish armed forces. A move that was countered by Erdogan’s regime possibly with Russian help.

The motive for the attempted take-over? Turkey and Russia have started some kind of dialogue recently and the Empire panicked and tried to “restore order” (read: obedience to the hegemon) through their usual ways of violence and terror.

That is a gross oversimplification, but let me please explore some ideas before we judge how problematic that might be.

I would just like to look at some reports on the events and see if they make sense.

My main concern will be what the events say about the people behind the coup, especially about their competence.

The coup came as a big surprise in the world’s news circles. It was long clear that the military was not Erdogan’s best friend and that Turkey has a history of military coups, but the news hit me by surprise as I think it did most people. A military coup in Germany or Denmark would have been bigger news, but it still came pretty much out of the blue.

That makes sense I guess. One of the “prime rules of executing a military coup” (and come to think about it, any kind of coup) must be complete secrecy and complete surprise.

The coup came as a big surprise to all the world governments including Turkey’s. Reaction times and reactions varied. (Which might be very interesting to study in detail, not least because it might reveal how credible a government’s lack of foreknowledge might be.) But once the coup had undeniably failed, all actors fell in line behind the “democracy needs to be upheld, we are glad the military coup failed and democracy was saved” narrative.

Sort of makes sense. Secrecy and surprise is extremely important for the conspirators. But if they fail to conceal their intensions from their targets they are completely incompetent. Their success in secrecy might be very difficult to judge for themselves, since once a conspiracy for a coup is discovered, the government most likely would not pounce immediately, but wait for the conspirators to hang themselves and all their friends. Still secrecy needs to be the conspirators’ main concern. As for other government’s reactions? I do not think Erdogan has many friends right now. Most of the European governments are willing to deal with Erdogan in power, because they are spineless opportunists, but if Erdogan “were on fire they would not piss on him to put him out”. But there is just no use in supporting a failed coup, so now they are all happy that “democracy was saved”.

The Turkish parliament was bombed, but reportedly nobody died. At least on one occasion a place, where Erdogan stayed just moments ago, was bombed by coup aircraft. Presumably after this failed assassination attempt the president, airborne in a private jet, was in the crosshairs of coup F-16s. They did not shoot him down. He was allowed to broadcast his “call to arms” “live from his iPhone” to his followers under the guns and missiles of enemy planes, in a Gulfstream possibly escorted by “loyal” F-16s. During a military coup in which the airforce was reportedly heavily involved and is being purged as we speak…

That really makes no sense to me. Besides secrecy, another “prime rule of executing a military coup” must be “cut off the head”. The first objective is not to capture the king, but to incapacitate him. And whatever else it might do, killing him will incapacitate him, it’s a no-brainer fallback. The more important the king is in his power structure, the more he needs to die, from the conspirators point of view. In some situations capturing might be better than killing, but if you are not willing to kill Erdogan, if you cannot slap cuffs on him, you should not challenge him at all.

The Turkish government was taken by surprise by the attempted coup. But they could almost instantly rally huge numbers of sometimes very violent “defenders of democracy” to deal with the insolent soldiers who cowardly tried to hide behind the lie that “they thought it was just a drill”. But despite the chaotic aftermath of the attempted coup, Erdogan’s regime has been able to identify upwards of 16,000 people to be purged as we speak.

Does that make sense to you?

Some charges might stick, some might not. But what does it matter? When all the upright judges are on trail in front of all the corrupt ones, it will not help anyone that they had no part in the “coup”. It will not matter that the “coup” makes no sense. You will be on trail for the “coup”. And you will go to jail or you might even be put to death.

This is Turkey’s 9/11 or “Reichtagsfeuer”

It is now: “Either you are with us! Or you are with the terrorists!” Disagreeing will put people at risk of disappearing. For reasons of national security.

Bush and Cheney had the PATRIOT Act to push through, Erdogan has a list of names to work through. In both cases it is amazing how quickly governments can come up with plans in response to a catastrophe…

With regard to Russia, I would instinctively assume that they should prefer chaos plus a NATO military dictatorship over an “Erdogan on steroids” dictatorship in Turkey. I think being “Erdogan’s friend” will mean nothing in the long run.

He wants to be head of state and government in one person. He has proven that he has his own army to rival and put in check the army that tried to overthrow him. He has just unified his parliamentary opposition around him and while they still cheered for democracy, he purged the Turkish state of almost all the people that might still have had the decency to try and stop him.

As someone from Germany. Let me tell you: This might end very badly…

You might find this translation of an interview with a spokesperson for the “German Green Youth” informative.

In the context of the European football championship: Is it OK to fly a German flag?


Green Youth on “football patriotism”: “The Team could also be supported with the flag of the DFB (German football association)”

Black, red and gold at the European championships? The Green Youth disapproves and demands: “Down with the flags.” Deaths threats ensue. An interview with Green Youth spokesperson Jamilia Schäfer.

Schland everywhere. (translator’s note: “Schland”: Slang for the modern German football battle-cry. / What it sounds like when German fans are too drunk to properly chant “Deut-schland”.)

At public viewing events, in bars, in living rooms, on cars, in stadiums. In time for the European Championships all over Germany memorabilia in the national colours appear. Black-Red-Gold is in. Only the Green Youth disagrees.

Multiple state associations of the Green Youth triggered a “shit storm” over the weekend with facebook posts. “Football fans – Down with the flags.” Says the Green Youth in Rheinland-Pfalz:

germany green

“Those who identify as patriots, ostracise others.” Reactions of politicians from CDU, SPD and the Green Youth’s mother the Green Party range from amused to appalled. Minister of the Chancellory Peter Altmeier twittered the flag was “a symbol of an open-minded, likeable Germany”. And that is one of the “milder” comments on social media.

(translator’s note: Altmeier should have probably consulted his boss before sending this tweet, because she seems to strongly disagree:

She did not want her winning celebration sullied by the German flag on stage with her. And just look at this spineless, pitiful caricature of a man she takes the flag from.  One of Germany’s highest politicians to this day. He just keeps on applauding. That is what it takes today to be a top level politician in Germany. You must be willing to allow the pride of the German nation to be trampled on and yourself to be humiliated live, on national television, and keep applauding…)

In this interview with Spiegel Online (SO) Jamila Schäfer (JS), speaker for the Green Youth , defends the association’s course. She says feelings of national unity are dangerous in principle. “The football team could also be supported with the flag of the German Football Association (DFB)”

SO: Mrs. Schäfer, the Green Youth in Rheinland-Pfalz demands: “Football fans – Down with the flags.” Your association warns of “party patriotism”. You’re not much fun at parties, are you?

JS: Yes, I am. We do not want to spoil football for anyone. But we criticise how big tournaments further positive identification with one’s nation. Honestly, it surprised us that some people feel offended by that or believe that we want to spoil things for them. That is not what we are about.

SO: But you disapprove of the German flags. Are “Germany, Germany” chants in the stadiums also off limits?

JS: Supporting the team is not the problem itself. But big events like this help promote nationalism across the whole society. The question is: Do we need that? Why not support the team with the DFB flag instead of the national colours?

SO: Would you like to ban Black-Red-Gold?

JS: No, people are free to do as they choose. But we are worried by the massive use of these symbols. Enthusiasm for Germany often does not end with the team, but extends to the fatherland itself. We think that emotions of national unity are fundamentally dangerous.

SO: So, everyone waving the German flag is a nationalist?

JS: No, but it is obvious that many are willing to defend their patriotism forcefully. This is reflected in the numerous death threats and calls for violence against us, which we receive. Personally I received threats to be hanged or be beat to death.

SO: You are talking about unspeakable extremes. Hundreds of thousands celebrate Black, Red and Gold peacefully.

JS: Sure, a lot of the “hate comments” come from real Nazis. But identification with “your group” automatically ostracises others. Whenever it is about origin, ancestry or the fatherland, things often end in violent hate. This needs to be stressed even more in times of AfD and Pegida.

SO: Johannes Rau  said “A patriot loves his country. A nationalist looks down on other countries” Why don’t you make that distinction?

JS: It is impossible to tell one from the other. The two aspects are often mixed up. We question if nations are anything to be proud of in general.

SO: What about (football) clubs? Football fans often identify with their city or region. This likewise fuels rivalries. Do you want to forbid fans of Bayern München or Borussia Dortmund to identify with their cities?

JS: That is different. The teams of the European Championships (EC) are assembled along national lines. The perfect breeding ground for nationalism.

SO: A formidable shit-storm has been unleashed against the Green Youth online. Even people in your “mother party” shake their heads  confronted with your positions. Did that surprise you?

JS: This is not the first time we criticised this “hurray patriotism”. We are used to the strong reactions. But this time is outstanding. I am shocked at the quota of actionable comments. This goes to show that there are no inhibitions left in this debate.

Thank you for your time,


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