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While various clowns that imitate “Svidomo” (Ukr. – “national conscious”) politics sing the anthem of Ukraine in the PACE, and in the same place perform the Nazi salute, the European bureaucrats are steadily bending their line. This line is to isolate the Ukrainian “patriotic” abscess, the creation of which was supported by the same European Union.


How much do the “conscious” need? It is enough to read somewhere that the Western gentlemen praised their bullseye serfs, and the day was a success. Here, my friends, is a recent one. Let’s read what is being written about it in the media:

“Ukraine may be included in the German list of safe countries.” It would seem to be a… “peremoga”? (Ukr. – victory) But it, as usual, turns around and turns into “zrada” (defeat), if you read a little further than the title.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany plans to include 14 countries in this list, including Ukraine. This decision should simplify the expulsion to these countries of migrants whose applications for asylum in Germany have been rejected. It is reported by Deutsche Welle.”

Oh… so what does this turn out to be? That Ukraine is included in the list only in order to lawfully deny asylum to migrants? Yes, exactly like that. Look at what other states Germany intends to recognize as “safe.”

“In July 2018, the list included such countries as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Georgia. Now they plan to add Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Cuba, Colombia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Benin, Guinea-Bissau, Central African Republic and Chad.”

Colombia, where they could not defeat the drug mafia; it turns out to be a safe country. And the Central African Republic, where Russian journalists were sent to death by Khodorkovsky – is safe too. Any other questions about this “victory”?

By the way, there is also another “victory”, also traumatic for “conscious” faces. The West berates that in Belarus there is totalitarianism. And then, suddenly, Germany considers the totalitarian state as safe as the democratic to pork ears, Ukraine. Is this not a subtle mockery of Ukropatriots and Zmagars (Belarussian liberals and neo-Nazis)?

Contrary to the joy of the “conscious”, assigning Ukraine the status of a “safe state” is one more consistent step towards the discharge of the “European integration” project. If you remember, in May, the “conscious”, on the sly, were virtually taken away from visa-free travel, replacing it with “pre-authorization” for those who want to travel to the EU.

“The new rules for visiting the European Union for those who intend to travel under the visa-free regime actually mean the abolition of visa-free.” However, in order not to draw attention to their actions and not to inflate the scandal, Brussels made this cancellation in an inconspicuous bureaucratic way.

After the entry into force of the new rules, anyone traveling from Ukraine to the EU without a visa will have to pass the so-called pre-authorization. They will have to fill out an application on the Internet, on the portal of the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), attach the required documents, pay a fee of 7 euros and wait for the “special permission”.

Yes, they will not immediately launch this system, but they will launch it for sure. Here is the September news on the topic, modestly slipped into Ukro media.

“At its meeting on September 5, the Council of Europe adopted a resolution on the creation of a European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). This is reported by the press service of the council. It is assumed that the ETIAS system will be launched by 2021. The system is intended for carrying out preliminary checks of persons who are going to enter the territory of the European Union, and at the same time for those that have citizenships in countries that do not need visas.”

The actions of Eurobureaucrats leave no doubt that they are systematically preparing to get rid of the toxic Ukrainian asset that has turned into a cast-iron weights on their leg.

Yes, they’re not in a hurry. Apparently, waiting for the completion of the “Nord Stream 2”. But they are not going to refuse to drain the project of the “yellow-blue flagged Reich”.

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