Translated by Sasha and captioned by Leo.

Have you noticed that since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic the “Putin Dumped the Kuril Islands” topic quietly died out? Not only this but many similar topics disappeared from the opposition publications as if they never existed. Now the liberals scribble, while the authorities ‘conceal’ it, in support of the Western discourse of supposedly existing in Russia understating the COVID-19 death rate. But you shouldn’t think that ‘allislostism’ has disappeared. Simply, this baton has been taken by emo-Marxists.

I regularly direct your attention to the fact that the Russian imitators of the left opposition hype anything they can. The previous story on the topic was about attempts by a PM from the Commercial Party of RF to fit into the subject of throwing money from a helicopter. [Ed. – Commercial Party is the nickname for the Communist Party during the 2018 presidential elections, when Pavel Grudinin was their candidate.] However after 11 May when Putin voiced the new supporting measures for the Russian citizens, it’s rather hard to hype the aforementioned topic. Nevertheless the emo-Marxists do not lose heart. They simply reanimate the “Putin Dumped…” discourse in different directions.

Appreciate this headline: “Russia Won’t Even Notice How She Will Lose the Kurils Along With Sakhalin During the War Between US and PRC.” One can’t shriek that Putin dumped the Kurils to Japan anymore. You’d be a laughing stock. But – swoosh! – and the topic has got a new dimension. Now they scribble that Japan will take the Kurils by force with the US support in the process of the war between America and China. And these are other headlines on the “Free Press” website:

“Kremlin Cannot Hide Its Disgrace.” “Damascus Threatens to Wipe Putin’s Name from History.” “The Ruble Will Face American Roller Coaster – First 65 rubles for a dollar, then – 140.” “Putin Got to Be Led by Navalny.” Had I not shown you which site these headlines come from, would you guess it? Not necessarily. Because they don’t differ from the click bait that fills up the liberal media sites. The publicist Aleksandr Rogers ran a test recently, having put together a mix of headlines from the ‘Free Press’ and the ‘Svidomy Observer’. Here are examples:

“The Economist: The authorities will support the business wives of ministers and daughters of senators”, “Koch named the first region that Russia might lose.” “The Ghost of Freezing Hovers Over Citizen’s Bank Deposits.” “Significant photos of Peskov next to Putin before getting infected with COVID-19 appeared on the Net.” “Kremlin Faces Choice: Either a Political Uprising by Angry Russians or Revoking the Pension Reform.” “Where Does Putin Hide from Coronavirus.” “The RF Regional Budget Loses Might Reach Maximum Levels Since the Beginning of This Century.” “Kremlin Loses the Battle With US and Becomes Junior Partner of the Chinese Regime.”

The even headlines are from the ‘Free Press’, the uneven ones are from the Ukro-Nazi ‘Observer’. The difference? There is none. That is the editorial policy of the people that head the Russian supposedly left media doesn’t differ in any way from the analogous editorial policy of the ‘Svidomy’ russophobes. Who then heads the ‘Free Press’ that threatens us with the loss of the Kurils, infection of Putin and the political uprising of angry Russians?

Yes, it is that very [Zakhar] Prilepin of whom I’ve been saying all this time that he doesn’t differ from the liberals. For instance, this is the ‘Editor’s Choice’ section on the same web page. Zyuganov’s marasmus. The pseudo-shaman Garbyshev’s alcoholism. The Kremlin’s shame. Coronavirus is compared to the ‘Kursk’ submarine disaster. And I have already quoted about Damascus. What is lacking? That’s right, the news about UFOs, the celebrities’ private life, and a restaurant guide from Bykov-Zilbertrud, who, as we know, is very close to Prilepin.

However, even without the addition of these topics, the site of emo-Marxists reeks of tabloid press. But this tabloid’s direction is to create an impression with the reader that he lives in hopelessness, that around him is not one of the most developed countries in the world, but some sort of hell. And now compare it, for instance, to what the Russian nationalist [Konstantin] Krylov used to write about Russia before he recently died of a stroke.

“Russia is a monstrously dull, dirty, acid burnt country, exactly alike everywhere at that. Some semblance of real life exists in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And even that is merely a whiff. All Russian cities are equally dull, dirty, ruined, built up with plaster-cardboard abomination, mud and concrete walls are everywhere (all in the same style), tire shops, youth in track pants, shitty food, shitty vodka, gray sky, and other ‘barns-cowsheds-mama-we-are-in-hell.’ And it is hell indeed. If someone is proudthat he ‘traveled around Russia’, it is the same as ‘did time in the joint’. Only beyond the Russian borders something good can exist and only that is worth sharing.”

“If you go left you’ll come to the right,” as ‘comrade’ Stalin used to say in such instances. When emo-Marxists depict Russia as hell, they quickly join the Nazis. Which means that the lefties who like so much to show themselves as fans of Iosif Vissarionovich, during his time, would definitely meet the fate of their predecessors – the Trotskyites. And Professor Preobrazhensky’s famous phrase now should sound like this: “Do not read the lefties’ sites before lunch.” Today it is not hard to follow this advice, because we, unlike Dr. Bormental, have a choice. Luckily, Prilepin’s ‘all-is-lost’ picture is not the sole source of information about what’s happening in Russia. I don’t even need to say: “Watch us.” You do it anyway. And we keep working for you.



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