Global media mobilize for unparalleled Outer Space news

By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog

The latest information hype are Aliens. I see more and more articles. The print papers holler on triumphantly: We have been contacted! Such news is contagious. That‘s why Elon Musk, the CEO of the Tesla company and SpaceX, wants to fly to Mars by 2030. He allegedly wants to meet the Aliens halfway. It‘s great for publicity.

The sense of journalistic urgency is not unfounded. Already in 2017, a galactic charcoal-shaped object was detected by NASA, the space agency. I mean, what else could it be but a spaceship in camouflage or the garbage truck from a martian civilization? News images show an elongated cone, certainly something only a technologically advanced race could excogitate. No deco, no lights. It moved unpowered in constant velocity, as if only Newton‘s law of motion applied.

Constructing an Alien Crisis

I gave no further thought to whether it was a true story or not. It certainly is money-making click-bait. And when the mainstream press repeats it, then we shall believe it, because millions of people will act as if. And then we work together towards the greatest goal of all, to tax-sponsor the first human galaxy. Has there ever been a greater market for democracy?

The headlines are already syndicated by Reuters and The Daily Guardian: Signs of alien life detected. And NBC News clarified that the scientist who vouched for it all was an Israeli. The former Israeli space chief said it: Aliens do exist. And when Reuters and The Guardian approve such a story, the Central Intelligence Agency CIA cannot be far behind. This story is bigger than Coronavirus, the election steal and the climate change apocalypse.

Already demoralized by the plague, the lockdown, the war on hate, gender and racism, Alien invasion is the perfect aggravation for the fearful masses. It also makes perfect sense. If our global rulers prepare Terra Exit, that would explain authoritarian policies such as the New Normal, the Great Reset, the run for solar energy and the taxation on CO2-emission (our breath).

Let us recall that the US regime had used alien information warfare in the ‘space race’ against the Soviet Union. Those were the wild 1954 news about catching UFOs [unidentified flying objects] all the way to the moon landing in 1969. Who does not recall the entire Western media complex reporting about Alien technology at a secret underground base, Area51, in the deserts of Nevada? Or the fuss about the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and its ‘Alien ambassadors‘? The public is ideologically mobilized and will tolerate military spending.

Your author grew up in the US-occupied zone of West Germany in the 80s and 90s, and we civilians were be-shitted with Alien news – from Hollywood movies, Star Wars toys and Star Trek media – to they point that I was so brainwashed that if you had asked me as a kid who liberated the Universe, I would have said: Of course, the Americans did!

Great Powers aim for the Universe

It is highly likely that Washington will fabricate similar history in its ‘new space race’ against the People‘s Republic of China. At least this is what The Atlantic magazine seems to insinuate when it warns about “China’s Race to Find Aliens First.”

Elon Musk, worth a trillion dollars, certainly has the means for boundless exaggeration: Anticipating the Interstellar Galactic Federation, he calls for hyper-loops (capsule traffic in vacuum), artificial food production and the age of batteries. In fact, A LOT OF the seemingly illogical and costly propositions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution tend to make sense if the underlying motive was, in the words of Mr. Musk, “making humans a multiplanetary force.”

Did not Stephen Hawking, the late British physicist, also inspire us to leave earth? He, too, believed we are almost done here. So many former down-to-earth scientists had it with being normal and non-notable: F*ck it, I go on telly, I write an op-ed for Wall Street Journal, I talk E.T. and Superman and become famous.

The potential audience for futurists is huge. Half of the world believes in Aliens, explains New York Magazine. The Pentagon itself [that‘s a government agency, my friends] on a regular basis trickles down Alien reports to tens of thousands of second-, third- and fourth-tier news-outlets. I recall older documentaries with space guru Michio Kaku who explains, in quite detail, the 3 types of civilizations. We humans are currently harnessing the energy of just our home planet, so we are type 1.

A type 2 civilization would be stellar. Those people have exhausted their home planet and are now colonizing other planets by using the power of their solar star. The final type 3 civilization would have to expand to a million solar systems and travel effortlessly between them.

With the universe clearly being the greater phenomenon, all our infinitely small-minded ownership issues on earth seem puerile. Nations, cultures, race, gender and languages could become irrelevant.

Believers of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

I should stop here, or else I shall fall for this colossal propaganda myself. It is alluring to seek purpose and meaning in the unknown. That‘s because for most of us, the known seems to have lost its purpose and meaning.

We are waiting. A waiting race. For graduation. For promotion. For the kid to grow up. For retirement. For the death bed. And while we’re at it, some of us do a bit of thinking. As a base philosophy, that is good enough for me.

Now give me a reason to socialize with the over-the-top media progressives:

“Potential sign of alien life detected on inhospitable Venus,” celebrates Reuters.

“Former head of Israel‘s space security program says aliens have built a secret underground base on Mars,” explains Slate magazine in an article entitled ‘There is no secret underground base on Mars‘.

According to Yahoo News!, the key witness, general Haim Eshed, who is currently on a book tour of course with his new book The Universe Beyond The Horizon, the Aliens “want to remain secret.“

It was just an “Alien Drive-By,“ notes The New York Times under the correct rubric ‘Non-fiction‘. Not really ‘All the news that’s fit to print’, bar it became paid-for-news of course. Note: the funding of the state law press is never disclosed.

The Haaretz ‘Time in Israel’ reckons the Aliens are in regular contact with the US government. They kind of sense from space who is boss.

The literature on extraterrestrial life is impressive. It has been belittled for too long. The Economist magazine featured another Israeli physicist, this time Abraham Loeb of Harvard University. The professor concurs: The space ship was just barely 25 light-years away from Vega, that other galaxy. So yes, we are definitely in company. Professor Loeb is also on a book tour of course with his new book Extraterrestrial.

There are still some deniers questioning the credibility of the Israeli generals, professors and even the quality press. There could not possibly have been Alien contact with the White House, so Jimmy Kimmel, a presenter at ABC broadcast, because if there was, president Donald Trump would have chitchatted the Aliens all over Twitter.

But careful. We recall that one of Donald Trump‘s last orders as president of the United States was the establishment of the first US Space Marine Chapter, aptly called ’the Guardians’. Forbes magazine reported.

Not taking our military seriously could be perilous. Those resistant forces who claim that North America and Alpha Centauri are two separate star systems 4.3 light-years apart will soon learn that they are really the same country, and that disturbing the peace was akin to sedition,… space terrorism even.

Oh, and this just came in: FOX News reports “the Pentagon has confirmed the authenticity of three pyramid-shaped UFOs hovering over the warship USS Russell in July of 2019 off the San Diego coast.” What is happening?

Despite all this brouhaha, the latest Alien hype hasn‘t gotten as viral as its US planners envisioned. The rabble in Europe and Asia are probably too busy fighting Covid-19 and US sanctions. It is mainly internet logicians and truthers who think through the implications of the story – and worry about its premise:

Whoever finds the other first is probably the more technologically advanced force in space. Therefore, scouting Aliens could pose a threat to humanity. Especially if they are, to quote NBC News, “destroyers of worlds.” So let‘s say their cone-shaped spy ship ignored us, the flying pyramids were Russian jets, and all those Israeli reports were clever book marketing – still, earth would be better off having ended civil wars, mental disorders and abhorrent inequalities BEFORE our inmates escape into the universe.

Galactic Federation will Start on Earth

The Chinese by the way are extra-committed to discovering and owning new things this time. They will certainly try and avoid the mistakes of 14th Century general Zheng He, who discovered Africa and North America, said “Nah, nothing to see here,” sailed home and self-destroyed his fleet. That said, in meeting Aliens the Chinese, in my opinion, have the superior concepts of All Under Heaven, Non-Interference and the Cosmic Tao on their side. They also have a cool pictograph writing system which doesn‘t require speech.

Behold the new “500-meter-diameter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST),” China’s mega-science project and the world’s largest single-dish radio observatory for “the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI).” Global Times reports.

Beijing has been to the moon and Mars and is planning power plants and settlements, claims Politicoa leftist outlet. The government is determined to name and explore neighboring galaxies and preemptively claim resources and territories for the Global South before Western capitalists can do so. Socialism in space is coming.

In between Washington and Beijing lies ancient Brussels that is yet undecided about the Interstellar Galactic Order. The Europeans have no BIG Tech and anyway tend to rationalize that it is all some Israeli hoax or bigotry to drive them schizoid. They clearly underestimate the power of belief.

Circling back to the beginning of this article, all our attention is now on our leaders‘ delivery of the impossible task: keeping us invested. While we‘re all gonna perish in time, some of us think we don‘t have to end it on a boring note.

The author, a German publicist and cultural critic, also published The East-West Dichotomy.

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