Dear friends,

I have to say that the reactions elicited by my posting my question yesterday far exceeded anything I had imagined. Sure, I expected exactly that, I very deliberately did even predict the nature/tone of many of these comments knowing that the hardcore COVID-dissidents either would not see it, or that they simply could not help themselves and would react exactly as I predicted.  Still, the vociferous petulance of many of the comments truly exceeded even my wildest expectations and really made my day!

Next, 500 plus replies is huge, second, about 98% of them were clearly infuriated by my post.  That, by itself, is quite fascinating and while this is hardly a scientific survey, it shows the “prevailing winds” in the “alternative” or non-MSM media (at least in Zone A).  It also shows the level of intolerance the political discourse in Zone A has sunk to.

Also, I need to reassure (or disappoint, depending on your view point) everybody – the blog has not been taken over by Big Pharma, I have not been kidnapped, I am still me.  Yes, for some of you this seems impossible, if not unthinkable, but yes, I actually do hold the kind of crimethinking opinions I have expressed in that post.  Blame me for it all :-)

Next, I have to say that both the tone and the (overwhelmingly) infantile “argumentation” of the reactions have made my point better than I ever could have: the level of ideological fanaticism and intolerance of almost all of these infuriated comments would have many any totalitarian party youth organization very proud.

One thing was clearly misunderstood by a vast majority of commentators: when I mentioned Putin, I did not mention him alone.  I mentioned him and contrasted him with Xi, Khamenei, Maduro, Arce (and Morales!) and Diaz-Canel.  The point was not to refer to an appeal to authority, but an appeal to DIVERSITY (the real thing, not the woke/home/BLM/antifa/Covid-dissident version of diversity, of course).

So, especially for the alternatively gifted, let me clarify this with a visual aid:

National leader political philosophy spiritual/cultural roots personal background
Putin sovereignism Orthodox Christianity PGU KGB SSSR
Xi Marxism Confucianism CCP
Khamenei Islamic socialism Shia Islam clergyman
Maduro modern socialism Marxism/Christianity unions
Arce/Morales indigenous Marxism native spirituality unions
Diaz-Canel Marxism Marxism CuCP

Okay, these are quick, tentative, categorizations.  They are all very debatable and please don’t hold me accountable for using them (make your own table with your own choice of labels if you want).  I just use them to make a point: Putin, Xi, Khamenei, Maduro, Arce (and Morales!) and Diaz-Canel are all very different people, ruling over very different societies and very different backgrounds.  I would also add that most of these leaders have proven their courage and their determination to resist the AngloZionist Empire with everything they, and their countries, have.  You can dislike these leaders, you can even distrust them, but you cannot say that they are all identical or that they are cowards.

Calling them members of a single conspiracy without providing any unifying explanation is simply logically unsustainable (whether you understand that or not makes no difference).

Thus, my question, which almost nobody bothered to reply to yesterday, still stands: if all these very different leaders hold the exact same position, how do we go about explaining that?

There is something else which struck me while reading the comments yesterday: COVID-denialism is almost exclusively a Zone A thing.  Oh sure, there are COVID-deniers/dissidents in Zone B too (Putin has complained about what he sees as a very lax attitude of many Russians towards this pandemic), after all, the western/imperial MSM does very much penetrate these societies, but this is a minority and a much less vociferous one.

By the way, minorities are typically vociferous in an inverse relationship to their influence on society: the smaller the minority, the louder it has to scream to be noticed.  You can tell almost anybody that the world is round, and that won’t elicit much of a reaction, but tell that to a flat-earther and you will immediately get in ear-full.  Ditto if you ask a woke-person what the evidence is for racial equality (whatever that means).

Still, since yesterday’s open thread with a suspension of moderation elicited so many replies that I will also suspend moderation today.  However, this will be the last time, so make good use of it: ad hominems, insults, “divorce letters”, threats to stop donating, declaration about me being kidnapped, etc. – they are all welcome today too, so use it while you can.  Come Monday and this blog will return to the evil “censorship” and “gate-keeping” it is so famous for :-)

Last, but sure not least: the unmoderated open thread yesterday showed better than any argument that we absolutely and desperately need moderators.  To each his own, of course, but the low intellectual level, the pompous arrogance, the sheer crass ignorance of some (many!) comments yesterday show beyond doubt what a unmoderated comments section invariably turns into.  Frankly, if one day I cannot find moderators, I will do what PCR did and simply close down the comments section.  I do believe that our comments section is one of the best on the Internet and that is *solely* thanks to the moderators!  Guys – I thank you all for your superb and crucial help!!

Okay, that’s it on my end for now.  I might drop by later if something interesting happens.

And now, let the stoning resume :-)

Hugs and cheers

The Saker

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