Note: for those who are not familiar with the real political situation in France, please read the following background material:

Thou shalt not be a victim.
Thou shalt not be a perpetrator.
And above all,
Thou shalt not be a bystander.

Yehuda Bauer

Since many months already the political situation in France has been largely overlooked by events in Greece or the Ukraine and even on this blog I have mostly been mentioning France in relation to the debacle with the sale of the French Mistral class ships to Russia.  But that hardly means that the political situation France did not change over the past year or so.  In fact, it did change, dramatically, and for the worse.  Here is a short summary of what has happened since last year:

1. The French economy is in free fall.  Reading the French corporate media, however, you would never find out about it.  One of the very few specialists who regularly reports about this is Pierre Jovanovic, an independent economy/finance reporter (if you speak French, check out his YouTube channel where he makes a monthly and very interesting press review).  There are a few others, but they have no access to the mass media.

2. The French Zionist Lobby has now completely broken cover and is now engaged in a campaign of persecutions against those few who dare openly challenge its influence in France.  All parties have been given an ultimatum: submit or be destroyed.  The level and nastiness of the propaganda on French TV is now worse than anything I have seen in the USA or Soviet Russia.

3. As I had predicted a long time ago, Marine Le Pen has caved in to the pressure of the Zionist Lobby and has turned against her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the National Front who has now been basically booted out of his own party (for his allegedly anti-Jewish views).  The Zionist Lobby appears to be unimpressed and continues to ostracize even this emasculated National Front.

4. Alain Soral and Dieudonne are now  the object of an open and systematic persecution by the French authorities, especially the Prime Minister Manuel Valls.  The kind of persecutions methods used very much remind me of what the Soviet regime did under Leonid Brezhev: constant bureaucratic harassment, police searches, lawsuits, smear campaigns, threats, etc.  I don’t even know how many lawsuits both Dieudonne and Soral are facing right now, but the total sum for which Soral is being sued right now is 264 523 Euros.  Since Soral cannot and will not pay (on principle) it looks like he will have to go to jail, though before that he promised to appeal as high up as the European Court of Human Rights.

5. The political scene in France is dead.  With the sole exception of the tiny Égalité et Réconciliation there is no more resistance against the Zionist regime in power.  Like in the rest of Europe, the Left and the Right have more or less merged into an “extreme center” which caters to the need of the comprador elites in power and which is totally subservient to the USA.

It is important to keep in mind that the French Zionist Lobby is even more powerful and more arrogant, in a uniquely “in our face” kind of attitude, than, say, AIPAC in the USA.  The French CRIF – a Likud controlled outfit – is basically in full control of the three branches of government and the French media.  To even mention that fact is a death sentence for the career of any politician, author or journalist.  Even the National Front has now caved in and made a pretty clear, if futile, attempt at showing a total subservience to this Zionist Lobby (Marine Le Pen’s betrayal of her father).

“Fascist” vs “Defenders and Friends of the Republic”

[Sidebar: Of course, formally, the CRIF has no power whatsoever and it would be incorrect to assume that the CRIF leaders have a direct organizational control of all the numerous agents of the Zionist lobby in the French state or media.  The CRIF is the ultimate symbol of the Zionist control of France, but those who are actually in control of that Lobby are in Israel, not in France]

There are now rumors that some new *real* opposition party or movement might be created by Jean Marie Le Pen.  Soral has already indicated that Égalité et Réconciliation might support such efforts.  Under the current circumstances I personally expect the repression to only get harsher and overt – the goal being not only to crush those who dare oppose the CRIF, but also to terrify everybody else.  And since everybody else is, indeed, scared shitless of being labeled as, or even associated with, anything “anti-Semitic” this terror tactic works very well.  All the other parties and movement make truly heroic efforts not to notice what is being done to Soral and Dieudonne.  It is as disgusting as it is amazing.

To illustrate all of the above, I want to share with you a recent press conference of Soral and Dieudonne which Paul Matthews has translated and Marta Begemot subtitled (my most heartfelt thanks to both of them!).

I love France and I have an immense affection and respect for the French people whom I do not blame for what has been done to them.  The story of how de Gaulle was “regime changed” by the US CIA in 1968 and replaced by what can only be called an occupation regime spearheaded by a cabal of international bankers has happened to many other countries before and after that date.  And I am sure that France will, eventually, come to see the day of her liberation.  But before it gets better, it will get worse, much worse.  Once the crackdown on dissent becomes as vicious and ruthless, as it has now become in France (just think of the “Charlie” false flag), there is no turning back, things will only get worse.  But I am confident that the values of social justice, national tradition, equality and reconciliation will inspire enough young French patriots to eventually overthrow the regime in power and create a new, multi-confessional and multi-ethnic France.

The Saker

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