by Peter Koenig

The Saker – other than a falcon with superb eyesight capturing everything that moves – is also an extraordinary analyst of Russian military and Current Affairs. The thousand-pager opens with an Outstanding Foreword by Pepe Escobar, who in a few paragraphs characterizes The Saker’s writings eloquently from a bird’s view, submarine’s perspective and a Big Picture outlook from the desert. Well done; getting the best out of The Saker.

Integrity of writing, justice, honesty and realism – are all trademarks of the Saker. He may be Russian with brilliant ideas and inventions, but he never loses his North. His love for objectivity, for realism and for critique when he deems it as a must – is refreshing. Emotions from the belly, inspiring one’s heart and mind – but always with a string of realism.

“The Essential Saker” weaves through 12 chapters, from western instigated wars and conflicts, to Russian strategies and the western phobia with homophobia, interlinking such human flaws and capacities as pride, greed, arrogance – and wisdom. But the narrative also covers facts, illuminating Russia’s relation with Islam, with the West, analyzing history from the artificially created Cold War to the end of ‘equality’ between the US hegemon and the new Russia with Vladimir Putin – to the rise of the Anglo-Zionist Empire, pointing rightly and aptly to the tail that wags the dog – and all its implications for history still to come and be written.

The Saker looks also at Washington’s lies, slanders, hypocrisy and falsehoods – and the empire’s tool ‘par excellence’ that seems to never fail them – the false flags. Paris – Charlie Hebdo, the Boston bombers, come to mind – all to intimidate and repress people; let alone 9/11 – to terrorize the world no end.

The Saker is an extra-ordinary Russia analyst, distinguishing very pointedly between the ‘Democracy Russia’ and the new Russia under Putin; the former being befriended by the empire, because weak and down-trodden, easy to be exploited and manipulated to serve Washington’s purposes; the new Russia, however, with a statesman as an equal or superior to the emperor, is hated, needs to be slandered, denigrated and made the world enemy number One. So – aggressing Putin’s Russia is the order of the day.

‘The Essential Saker’ is not just a guide through recent history with a view from and at Russia – it’s an eye-opener for whoever wants to understand our complex everyday history –and that from a point of view of full integrity and truth.

Peter Koenig

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