The political conflict over the refugee issue intensifies.

There is a growing schism in German society and even within political parties.

Local politicians who by the nature of their positions are closer to the concerns of the citizenry are beginning to defect from the dictate of the party leaders.

SPD: The mayor of Magdeburg has left the SPD over a dispute with his higher-ups regarding his stance on the refugee issue:[source]

CDU: Merkel faced a lot of criticism at the CDU “Future-Conference” near Leipzig.

Some comments by “grassroots” CDU members as reported by SPIEGEL:

  • “Close the borders”
  • Michael Weickert, CDU member of parliament in Leipzig: “Many here say, the Merkel-CDU is no longer our CDU.”
  • “If we do not stop this process, Germany will slip into a national catastrophe.”
  • Manfred Kolbe, member of the Bundestag until 2013: “More and more people tell me: This is no longer my chancellor.” [source]

The most popular candidate for mayor in Sunday’s election in Cologne has been the victim of an allegedly politically motivated terror attack on Saturday morning.[source]

She was stabbed in the neck and severely injured by a man reportedly saying:

I am the Messiah. I’m doing it for you all.”

The attacker allegedly described his actions as some form of self-defense to combat the destruction of Germany by the political elites through an uncontrolled influx of migrants.

Reker won the election on Sunday but it is unclear when she will recover to take over her duties. I think it is worth noting that the participation in the vote was under 50% despite the media hype surrounding the attack.

Democracy is basically dead in Germany. No one believes in it anymore as a force to change things for the better.

More and more people realize that they are not represented and just quit.

Often when I try to talk to people about some political topic that interests me they tell me outright:

“I am sorry, I do not have an opinion. I quit reading the news or thinking about political issues. It depresses me too much and it doesn’t change anything anyway.”

During the last campaign for the last vote for the Bundestag I made it a habit to ask people who they would vote for.

People would usually say “Merkel” or name one of the parties. But among those that named a party and not Merkel, it was hardly ever CDU. The CDU campaign was all about Merkel. And it worked.

When I asked people why they would vote for Merkel, they usually said they liked her politics. But when asked for just one specific policy or law as an example of her work, they usually could not think of anything at all.

The parties still go through the routine of formulating programs and campaigning on them, and many voters still go through the routine of reading news papers, attending political meetings and making crosses on ballots. But even those voters are sometimes sure that they support some specific candidate, but cannot really say for sure why…

How is Democracy supposed to work like that?

Many Germans are totally disgusted by the German political, so called, “elite”. And it is not hard to see why. They are treated by their “representatives” like school children by an arrogant teacher. Video.  (Thanks to Scott for the link)

Here we have a German politician telling his electorate, that they can always leave their country, if they have a problem with the government’s decisions. How very democratic.

The electorate is not too happy as you can hear.

In this context I think it needs to be stressed again that the actions of the German government with regard to the migration crisis are not even in line with German constitutional law unless many bordering nations leave the EU and were declared as “non-safe 3rd party states”.

See GG Art 16:

Article 16a [Right of asylum]

(1) Persons persecuted on political grounds shall have the right of asylum.

(2) Paragraph (1) of this Article may not be invoked by a person who enters the federal territory from a member state of the European Communities or from another third state in which application of the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is assured. The states outside the European Communities to which the criteria of the first sentence of this paragraph apply shall be specified by a law requiring the consent of the Bundesrat. In the cases specified in the first sentence of this paragraph, measures to terminate an applicant’s stay may be implemented without regard to any legal challenge that may have been instituted against them.[source]

Merkel has received an open letter, initially sent by 34 CDU members, who mainly hold office in the local or municipal political system. They harshly criticize Merkel.

Some notable excerpts:

  • Our EU-partners Greece, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria guide the refugees to Germany in violation of European law.
  • The current policy of “open borders” does not conform with European or German law, nor is it in line with the CDU’s political program.
  • A large part of our party’s members and voters does not feel represented by the policies of the CDU lead federal government.[source]

The letter has since been signed by a total of 126 CDU politicians. Most of it is disgusting politician gibberish, but it does certainly signal some pressure on the “political-bottom-feeders” to change their tune as it becomes uncomfortable to feed their voters lies that conflict too much with what they perceive. And it does state some inconvenient truths.

The CDU-CSU conflict is also heating up.

There is talk about Bavaria suing the federal government over the issue of uncontrolled mass migration at the BVG (German constitutional court). [source] [source]

Threatening the German government with a high-profile lawsuit in front of the highest court of the nation is a very unconventional move for a German party that is itself part of the government.

A Russian Imam has been arrested in Berlin for recruiting members and supporters for Daesh. He is also accused of having provided night vision systems and scopes to Islamic terrorist groups.[source]

Next to the migrant crisis two big international scandals have surfaced recently that dominated the headlines in Germany.

The VW scandal. [source] [source]

And the corruption around the decision to give the FIFA world cup to Germany in 2006.[source]

That is really shocking!

Who would have thought Germans might be corruptible?

Not a lot of Germans it seems…

I think the problem some Germans face already and many more will face soon, is that the keeping up the doublethink becomes harder.

The world they live in, perceive and can reason about, and the fake world constructed in their minds, through exposure to lifelong propaganda, peer-pressure, misinformation and, beneath the surface, self-loathing and fear, mismatch more and more as current events unfold.

Consciousness is a gift but can also be a burden.

Especially if you realize that you are waking up to a terribly frightening situation, in which you are an insignificant pawn in a game of ruthless psychopaths, shoved around by agents of these psychopaths.

The agents pretend to care only for you and tell you that they take their authority directly from you, the sovereign, while they turn your pockets over once more, to see if there might be something left. None of their actions back up their claims, but there is no one to turn to, no one who could keep these people in check.

Your government allows wars of aggression to be supported from your people’s territory by foreign occupiers.

Your government steers your people head on into a conflict with the only internationally and regionally important actor that might itself have an honest interest in your independence.

Your government is OK with its people being spied on by the foreign occupiers, it actually helps with that.

Your government is itself spied on by the occupiers, but they could not do anything about it, even if they wanted to, because they are just corrupt puppets. So they have the media announce that they protest the spying and then…  do…. nothing.

So one can wake up to that reality or keep on dreaming the dream.

Conveniently you do not even have to dream up something for yourself. The dream is available nonstop 24/7 on all mayor channels, in all the newspapers, you just have to submit and enjoy the soma.

I think the German people is being held hostage and suffers from a severe case of collective Stockholm-Syndrome and an almost broken backbone.

Probably not unlike many other peoples.

There will be time to talk about this later. And Stockholm is so beautiful this time of the year.

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