2015 Year End Wrap-up

I would like to start with a brief apology.

I am sorry that I have not posted a sitrep in quite some time.

My grandfather, who I love very much, has died recently. And I did not really have the time to write, and when I did have the time, I did not really find the necessary peace of mind.

I would also like to thank Scott for stepping into the breach. He used my translations and thoughts from my e-mails to him to make up a very readable article and added a lot of extremely valuable research, better than I could have done.

Thank you very much Scott.

Some comments to the article said it was pointless to translate German mainstream news, because mainstream press was the same everywhere. They said they would be more interested in “alternative” German news.

I get the point, which is why at the end of this post you will find a translations of an article that can be considered “non-mainstream-German-news”. Published on Kopp-Online, one of the main “non-mainstream” German news outlets. [source]

But the pieces I translated were not just random mainstream news.

The piece on Syria is at least a very good example of outlandish, lying mainstream gibberish and the Doepfner piece is very important for the reason commentator “utu” pointed out:

utu on December 04, 2015 • at 6:08 am UTC
Mathias Döpfner is not paid an annual salary of 11 million euro for nothing. His articles are not meant for the general public, I think. Rather they set guidelines for lower rank functionaries of the system who are responsible for the maintenance of the official narrative of the Empire.

News Overview:

Tempers in Germany are not really calm. Germans have been buying items for self-defence on a scale never seen before: [source]  [source]  [source]

Sales of pepper-spray and gas pistols have skyrocketed. Inventories are said to be depleted. Focus reports that producers and merchants say that “the enormous influx of refugees worries people”.

But do not worry the Bavarian Ministry of Justice has found the solution to our problems. The refugees just do not know how to behave, because no one explained to them how our society works. But that can be helped. The ministry recently released an instructional video.

Here is the English version:

The video is available in English, Urdu, Dari, Pashtu and Arabic and for some reason in German:

Just scroll down and select your favored language to be enlightened about how German society works. It starts:

Unity. Compliance. Freedom. That is how the constitutional state of Germany works.

The video also educates newcomers that they have to respect women. I am sure the three minute video will work wonders in that respect.

Sweden also has problems with migrants and right wing reactions. Severe problems: Rape, murder, terror attacks, arsony, etc. Obviously the Swedes need to make a video that explains Swedish society to the newcomers. [source]

New Year fireworks in Brussels and Paris have been cancelled because of terror threats. [source[source]  [source]

And there are warnings and heightened security in many other cities. [source]  [source]

But there are better news. Although Germany has joined the Western coalition in Syria, they seem to have reservations about Turkey’s role in the conflict. And will only share censored intelligence: [source]

Some sources also indicate that the foreign German intelligence agency BND might have cooperated with the Syrian government: [source]

I do not think that Germany will allow herself to be pulled into a war with Russia, unless the war escalates extremely quickly and Germany can do nothing about it. I think that German elites know that they are actually more at war with Turkey than with Russia.

There is still some hope in the struggle between German nationalist and German EU fascists, but admittedly not much, at least in the parliaments. But no one wants war in Germany and unlike a hundred years ago, hardly anyone would be willing to fight it. The current German military engagement will be contested in the BVG and it could only be sold in the aftermath of the Paris attacks and by limiting it mainly to surveillance planes.

Rant part:

It is fairly easy to see that the idea of the EU is completely incompatible with the idea of sovereignty of the European peoples.

The EU and its supporters are just a collection of spineless parasites. They will not last very long. But just like the German Nazis, who also did not last very long, they can do a lot of damage while they are in charge and they will cling to power no matter what.

The EU tries to steal sovereignty from nations by confronting them with problems that supposedly cannot be dealt with on a national scale.

Where sovereign nations are in the way, international problems have to be invented and promoted. Great threats requiring a supranational response.

The Empire will fight sovereignty and freedom wherever it finds it.

Its plan for Europe is the same as its plan for the Balkans or the Middle East: Submit or burn!

I think that the Greek financial crisis, the threat of Islamist terror and the refugee crisis are all part of a coordinated plan to strengthen the EU’s centralisation and concentration of power at the expense of civil liberties and national sovereignty in Europe.

The EU wants its own police force, its own military, its own intelligence agencies and of course complete fiscal control. All of this is in motion or already established.

But there is opposition and it will probably only grow from here on out.

The Greeks elected Tsipras and he sold them out. [source]

But Tsipras probably did not find a lot of support in Brussels and other European capitals. It really looked horrible, and I was very disappointed, but it might turn out that for the Greeks buying time was actually quite clever.

The new Polish government does not seem to be very compliant, Podemos is a factor in Spain, Farage’s UKIP will certainly campaign massively on the EU membership referendum in the UK and Cameron might have reason to believe that he has to go ahead with the referendum as soon as possible.

After all he is trying to sell a dead parrot. People will only believe that it is just resting for so long. And let’s see how Front National does in France. In Germany, who knows? I would guess that Merkel is more interested in being the next UN secretary general than in campaigning for another term as German chancellor. She has been losing popularity for some time now, but there seems to be no real alternative. (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12-10/scariest-chart-angela-merkel)

Just to be clear, I am not a big fan of any of the emerging anti-EU parties. But the fact that they have growing support tells me that more and more people are waking up to the fact that something is fundamentally wrong with the way things are going. That’s a good start.

Internationally the biggest problem, I think, is that the Empire’s masters do not want peace. They need war and so they seek war.

And they need a big one. A war they can use as a cover-up for the looting of the people they pretend to represent.

They need a gigantic lie to hide the truth.

This cycle of the ponzi scheme is coming to an end. It is time to harvest. Especially in Western societies the game is up.

Populations age and shrink, too many young people are unemployed. Nations, corporations and households drown in debt. Education is a luxury only affordable through credit, but the job market does not offer opportunities to earn the money to pay back the loans and support a family and save for retirement.

The situation is somewhat like the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Just that here the emperor is the only one in nice clothes, while every one else is in rags or naked and all of the crowd are in chains. The emperor gives everyone the finger while his men go through the crowd cutting off fingers with rings on them.

My point is that this is much closer to what we see today. And it is much easier to see through “that-other-guy-is-naked” than to see through “being-a-slave” / “I am naked” , because the ego is not in the way.

The child calling out the emperor for being naked might wake people up, but the child calling people out for being slaves gets stoned.
For a long time the elites have been running a game of making promises to be fulfilled in the future in return for wealth here and now. But they never had any intention of making good on these promises.

Make no mistake. These people are in the taking business. Not in the business of giving back.

Just think of all the “savings” on the books of Western financial institutions, banks and insurance companies.

So much money that hard working people have payed into their retirement accounts for decades.

A huge pile of cash.

Billions upon billions of liabilities for financial institutions, that have essentially ransomed the world’s Western citizens not that long ago for trillions of dollars in bailouts, only to pay out billions of dollars in bonuses.

Basically everyone knows that CEOs and politicians are all frauds. But hardly anyone dares let that sink in in principle, let alone in scope.

But this is what they are after: All your wealth! All of it! Present or future. And they want it all now!

If you are young:

They will make you sell your home or your only child’s liver to pay your debt if they can.
They will not stop for anything. They will gladly see you fight your brothers to death over scraps from their table or dig up your mother’s corpse to get their hands on the gold fillings in her teeth.

This is how corrupted they are.

You must face it.

Fight them.

If you are not that young:

Your retirement funds are gone. You have been conned. They took it all you fools!

It is all just numbers on bits of paper or hard-drives in the hands of psychopaths now. You have handed them your hard earned wealth year after year, for decades. And you keep on giving, so that you can keep on pretending.

They will keep on taking as long as you keep on giving. With a smile that you never trusted to begin with.

You should have known better.”

The smokescreen the power elite needs for “The Reset” must be big enough to hide the effects of “The Theft”. It does not have to be a war. But it probably needs to be something very traumatic.


I don’t agree with the “mainstream press,” but I also do not agree with this “alternative stuff”.
Ulfkotte especially is not someone I admire, he really hates Islam, and while he makes many good points, he does not come from a position that is open to dialogue, as far as I can tell, and his hate of a certain interpretation of Islam translates into a hatred for Muslims in general that I cannot approve of.
He has written some incredibly stupid articles. Here is a repost of the most idiotic (btw. re-posted on a blog that is so pathetic and weird that it makes the Alex Jones crowd looked like very sane people):

Basically Ulfkotte said that the next big threat is Muslim migrant workers who defecate on fruit and vegetables that they help harvest to infect German consumers with dangerous illnesses. In the name of Jihad…

Here is the link to the original and the translation:

How Merkel is working on the “Umvolkung” of Germany

Udo Ulfkotte (translated by C)

(translator’s note: the term “Umvolkung” stems from Third Reich politics and vocabulary. It means the process of strengthening the German identity of Germans living outside of the German Empire and the relocation of German citizens to territories newly acquired by the German Empire to support or force the “Germanification” of these territories.

German Wikipedia:
English Wikepedia:

Ulfkotte applies this concept to the influx of Islamic migrants to Germany, which he often refers to as an invasion. He has been warning of this development frequently and consistently long before the “Asylum-Tsunami”, as he calls it, began to roll over Germany. He is the author of many extremely anti-establishment books, and maybe the first author to have three books on the Spiegel top-ten non-fiction list at the same time without any mainstream endorsement whatsoever.

He used to be a writer for FAZ, one of Germany’s most influential newspapers for many years and has come clean about his and others involvement with the BND and CIA in Germany. [source]

He is in many ways the prototype pariah among German non-mainstream journalists.)

“Many people wonder in amazement why chancellor Merkel has opened the borders for millions of Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa. But this is just the vanguard of a development that she pursues on purpose .

Visa free travel, already granted to people from the Balkans, is to be extended to Turkish citizens. EU member governments will not prevent this, because Angela Merkel has promised the Turks that in future they will be able to relocate to Germany en masse without any problems.

Many Turks in Germany cherish the hope that their relatives and friends from Turkey will not have to apply for visas anymore, when they come to visit in 2016.

These hopes had been nourished by a decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg five years ago, when it was decided that Turkish lorry drivers would no longer need visas, if they entered the EU as service providers.

Judicial experts have since declared that this conversely means that recipients of services should also be free to enter without visas – that would include everyone who visits a barber shop or buys something on their trip to Germany.

The treaty of association brokered between Turkey and the European Economic Community in 1963 guarantees free exchange of services. An addendum in 1970 states that both sides will refrain from setting up any obstacles to freedom of establishment or free exchange of services.

While this “stasis clause” was in force Turks did not need visas to enter Germany. Only in 1980 did the Federal Republic of Germany and other EU states end the practise of granting Turks visa-free access to the EU, because the number of asylum seekers from this region, engulfed in tense political conflict, rose significantly. The policy of this refusal is and has been – according to many legal scholars – actually illegal.

In the light of the ECJ’s decision, it is only a matter of time for freedom of establishment for Turkish citizens to be a reality across the EU.

Turkey is pushing for visa free travel to the EU for its citizens. “There is no reason for refusing Turks the right to freely travel without visas.” said Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu in December 2009 in Brussels and referred to visa free travel for citizens of Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Turkish professor Harun Gümrükçü of the university of Akdeniz advises Turkish citizens, whose travels to the EU were hindered because of the requirement for visas, to go to court to claim their rights. He demands: “Refusal to grant Turks visa free access must be made a punishable offence.”

Almost monthly Turkey starts new initiatives to demand visa free travel to the EU. Also the EU enlargement commissioner categorically wants Turkey to join the EU. But to learn of the details of this new EU project, German speaking EU citizen have to turn to Bulgarian news. This project is undertaken in silence like the asylum industry – EU citizens are kept in the dark.

Surveys show that about three quarters of Germans are opposed to Turkey joining the EU. In 2009 the EU commission presented the result of a survey in which 74% of Germans were against Turkey joining the EU.

Only 21% were in favour of granting Turkey membership. In Austria 80% are opposed and only 10% support Turkey’s bid for membership. When the ZDF made a survey regarding the issue 89% were against Turkey joining. The ZDF was so appalled, it deleted the results of the poll from their website.

In Turkey the situation is reversed: 90% of Turks want Turkey to join the EU as fast as possible. So Turkey pushes for membership decisively. This prompted researchers to look into the attitudes of Turks in Turkey towards the citizens of the EU.

So far the results have only been published in Turkey – they are probably too shocking for the Europeans who would like to see Turkey as a member of the EU: The demoscopic Institute Frekans has asked 1108 Turkish citizens about their expectations and attitudes regarding the EU.

The results of the survey are distressing: While Turks definitely want to join the EU as fast as possible to enjoy the full financial benefits of membership, the majority of Turks are categorically opposed to being neighbours with Christians, Jews or atheists.

Not only do they refuse Christians, Jews or atheists as neighbours: They insist that non-Muslims should be banned from positions such as doctors, officials or policemen and many other professions in the EU.

The results of an EU survey in Turkey regarding Turkish history are equally shocking: Only 7% knew that the official percentage of non-Muslim Turks is below one percent.

The rest overestimated this share up to estimates of thirty percent or could not answer at all.

Prior to 1914 more than thirty percent of the population on the territory of today’s Turkey actually were Christians. Today’s Turkey – a fact long lost to most – once was a Christian country. A third of the country’s population remained Christian until WWI. After that the Christians were systematically uprooted or eradicated by Muslim Turks.

Those who reject us and our values do not shy from taking full advantage of our generosity. Just one example: 300.000 Bulgarians with Turkish roots live in modern day Turkey after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since 2009 tens of thousands of Bulgarians have applied for (and received) EU-passports. Enabling trouble – and visa – free entry to the EU

These are typical opening words for a news item in this regard:

“The IT-systems of the regional passport office of Kradschali in southern Bulgaria broke down this Tuesday. Hundreds of Turks with dual-citizenship had arrived in the early hours from neighbouring Turkey, to apply for new Bulgarian EU passports.

Emigrants seek these coveted travel documents for visa free travel to the EU, and with little bureaucratic efforts, to partner states such as the USA.”

This presumption of the Turks has one main end: Absorbing EU funds. This is all about financial advantages, our coveted ignorance notwithstanding. The German chancellor supports this. Her goal is the “Umvolkung” of Germany. She wants to turn Germany into a Mecca for Muslims.”

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