It will not come as a surprise that the news in Germany have been dominated by the events of New Year’s Eve in particular and the migrant crisis in general.

In Cologne but also in other German and European cities women reportedly have been the victims of coordinated attacks by mobs of foreigners. Reportedly the attacks were mainly sexual assaults or rape and/or robbery.

The police was reportedly unable to control the situation.

I trust that most readers will be somewhat aware of the situation. The Saker posted a piece on the issue and was met with a lot of criticism.

Personally I am really disgusted by the reaction to these events. More so than by the events themselves.

There is no reason to see this as a turning point. This is simply the outcome of unconstitutional policies.

Everyone who did not bury their heads in sand saw this coming ages ago.

Even if the policies of the German government were not completely illegal they would still be amazingly stupid.

Germany is a wealthy nation. But it cannot finance a “western Hollywood lifestyle” even for most of its own citizens. It certainly cannot finance anything remotely like that for dozens of millions of poverty- and misery-struck people from all over the world.

I do not blame anyone for packing their bags and trying to migrate to Germany. If they think that this will help them and their families live a more desirable life, they have every reason to try.

I also think that the German people have an obligation to provide aid and refuge for those, who have nowhere else to go, and to get them out of harm’s way.

Much of Germany’s wealth is based on age old schemes of exploitation of disadvantaged peoples in more or less distant parts of the world. Now a lot of people from these regions migrate to Germany. We have debts to pay and much of the damage we caused cannot be undone.

But we can only help within our means.

If we overextend them we will lose our ability to help at all.

Our politicians are about to exhaust our collective willingness to share what we have but do not need, with those who need what we can spare.

A substantial part of migrants do not flee from life-threatening danger but gravitate towards easy money. As I said earlier, I do not blame them.

They want free passage to Germany when they arrive in Greece or Italy, not because their life is threatened in Greece or Italy, but because they think that Germany will give them more easy money.

Now bit by bit countries all over Europe close their borders and refuse to accept refugees.

The EU cannot even distribute about 150k migrants without some member states going to court about the issue, while Germany has already harboured over a million refugees in 2015.

Having granted hundreds of thousands of refugees free passage to Germany in 2015, Austria now decided to take in no more than 37.500 refugees in 2016.

That is: They will not allow more of them to stay in Austria, but I bet as long as Germany lets everyone in, they will not trouble themselves with protecting their borders. Why risk all the bad press? The Germans invited everyone, now let them break first and then blame it all on them.

There is no end in sight.

Unless Germany says that it will not take any more migrants.

That is all it would take.

And while we are at it, let us face some other realities here and now:

No more extent and pretend. No more vassalage. No more US dictate. No more foreign military bases on German soil. No more NATO war and terror with German active or tacit support. No more being spied on by the NSA and our government only lamely protesting.

No more submission!

The Germans have been mindless pawns in other people’s games for long enough.

I for one would like to see the Germans be independently German and content to be German in Germany.

As in “not trying to take over the rest of the world”.

If Germany enforced German and European law the EU might break.

So be it.

If the EU can only survive as long as Germany soaks up all the refugees it will go down sooner or later anyway. Either when the survival instinct in Germany finally kicks in and we close our borders. Or when Germany collapses under the continued influx of migrants. Which it will do at some point unless this madness is stopped. This does not have to be a linear process. A long buildup of pressure and stress can weaken a structure to the point where it suddenly breaks.

I am sure of it. I have seen it on the internet…:


Right from the start you can see that something is clearly wrong. And seeing it in the context of this text you probably guessed that the tree would break.

My point is: If that tree was home to the German people, you would hear Merkel and her lackeys shouting their lungs out from somewhere in the upper middle:

“Do not worry! We got this! The situation is under control. Trust us! Everything is going to be fine! Look! There is already a lot of snow coming off the branches as we speak. We are getting lighter by the second. Just hang on! We are not falling! We are about to bounce back!”

But then: Snap! Nobody bounces back and gravity does its thing.

We might even feel like taking the analogy a bit further and ask how the tree ended up in this mess in the first place.

It is hard to tell, but it seems the tree is missing a lot of branches on the right, especially towards the top. Who knows why? That might have been fine for some time, but ever since the first snow fell, it probably looked like more and more of a problem. But what would you do if you have been in charge of pruning? Admit that you made a mistake? No way!

It might also be noteworthy that it is no longer snowing. The tree breaks despite shedding weight…

But it is very dangerous to take analogies too far. I should probably be more careful…

I think that the German people should have more of a say regarding the policies of open borders.

As much as they have an obligation to help those in need, they have the right to be and stay distinctly German.

That is not a bad thing. The world is always richer for diversity and being German is nothing to be ashamed of.

The greatest service the German people could do for themselves and the world in general would be to refuse to be vassals of the Empire and instead pursue their own interests.

All it would take, is for Germany to be super German, and stick to the rules.

But just look at the contempt German politicians have for their own people. It is all out in the open.

Schäuble says: “Germany has never been a sovereign nation since 1945.”


Merkel says: “You cannot trust that the promises made during political campaigns actually count after the elections. We have to assume that this will be repeated in various ways…”


Merkel’s reaction to a German flag on stage with her, celebrating her victory:


Germans are conditioned to be very sceptical of being proud of their nationality. But is that not a bit over the top? The winner in national elections removes the national flag from the stage in disgust?

Make of that what you will…

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