“APUSH” is short for Advanced Placement United States History. It’s a class that many American high school students take.

That moment when your paranoia turns out to be a perfectly tuned intuition.

European ruling classes seriously miscalculated with Erdogan. They thought that he depends on them, turns out they depend on him.

Just as seriously they miscalculated with supporting an anti-Russia project in Ukraine and the sanctions.

Today people of the Netherlands are voting in the Dutch election seen as a face-off between Geert Wilders and the current Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

I have heard recently some Dutch journalist on RT saying that the Dutch invented a free trade, which would make them the first liberals. With this statement I have to agree, since slavery and piracy is an unalienable features of the liberal market. In 2013, Russia was buying from Netherlands flowers and cheese and selling to them bulk raw diamonds to the extent of $75 billion dollar, now the trade between two countries it’s close to zero. On the top of this, Russia is developing trade routes including the New Silk Road that are alternative to the one going through the port of Rotterdam. Overall, if Russia and China succeed, the Netherlands will grow into obscurity. Remarkably, the Dutch politicians help in achieving this “had been” status.

Just this week, Geert Wilders with his characteristically strident response to Erdogan has handed the entire Middle east and billions of followers of Islam to Russia.

“Today, I have a message for the Turks,” he said. “Your government is fooling you in to believing that one day you will become a member of the European Union. Well, forget it. You are no Europeans and you will never be. An Islamic state like Turkey does not belong to Europe. All the values Europe stands for: freedom, democracy, human rights are incompatible with Islam.”

Russia has twenty percent of Muslims and about eighty percent of population being Orthodox Christians and Buddhists, who wholeheartedly embrace the Muslim people and culture. It’s the liberals that we cannot stand.


By the way, the current immigration crisis in Europe will be resolved when Russia, Iran and China will stabilize the Middle east and will start rebuilding what was destroyed by the Westerners. People who fled to Europe from the near sure death, will come back home. We are getting closer to this judging by the remark I got from the Kulak regarding the Israel’s threats to destabilize Lebanon and to send millions more refugees into Europe.

Thoughts from retired DIA/US Army Col Lang on ISR threats to bomb Lebanon ‘back into the Middle Ages’

“It’s gonna be a lot more nasty surprises than just Russian Kornets lighting up Merkavas if there’s a next time. The game has changed and Israel is not as dominant as it once was.

“This is the kind of hardass talk an Israeli politician gets trying to forget about the generals and realists from Mossad warning Bibi behind closed doors that Hezbollah learned a few tricks  from the ‘Polite People’ they fought alongside in Syria since 2006 and next time the IDF tries to roll south of the Litani if not into the Syrian Golan there won’t be any Russians there but Persian knockoffs of Russian Smerch MLRS can drop cluster munitions on a convoy of Bennys, Zvis and Davids leading to 10 KIA and 25 WIA from a single volley. And Hezbollah probably has dozens of those in caves or tunnels ready to roll out along with arty to drop using drones the Israelis thought their bug zappers could handle.


I have lost count how many politicians, journalists and other sleazy personalities have publicly put on a different pair of shoes after the Trump’s victory.

That’s what the stench in the air is about.

Meet Steve Pieczenik

Some people call him a fraud. He claims that be a CIA executive, a founder of the political psychiatry, and in this capacity he claims he served five American Presidents, destroyed the USSR and Ukraine, and organized Delta forces.

Steve Pieczenik is a voice for those who promotes  the “soft counter coup” in the US

He says:”The new world order doesn’t exist anymore. It’s gone.” Don’t worry, he tells us. There is absolutely no one there to be in charge of some bygone world order.

LOL… So, we are being told that the world government has collapsed not due to the great efforts of millions of people around the globe to fight the deep state and their “color revolutions,” it’s not the work of the government’s of Russia, China, Iran and many others, it’s not due to sacrifice of blood and treasure of Russians, Syrians, Iranians … no…. According to Mr.  Pieczenik (a cookie in Polish) it’s because the young generation of the Soroses and Rothschilds isn’t just that interested in the world domination.

There is nothing more precious in the current situation than to watch people who served the “deep state” to self-implicate themselves and their co-workers in the crime against humanity, which is what the coup of the USSR Communist party leaders lead by the CIA was.

Steve Pieczenik: The Truth About Regime Change and the collapse of the USSR

Here is a link to the Russian translation of Steve Pieczenik’s video

Ветеран ЦРУ: как мы развалили СССР и можем развалить Россию Путина


I just will add here something from the same opera.

Soviet Jews collapse of the USSR.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert thanked the Soviet Jews for the collapse of the USSR, and for what they have done Israel a rich and prosperous. It’s quite cynical statement the Israeli leader was made at a ceremony dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Soviet Jews’ struggle for the right to emigrate to Israel.

“This is not empty bluster-spread Olmert.-The Soviet regime could not resist the courageous Jews fighting for their basic right-to live in the country of their ancestors. ” In his view, the requirement of emigration to Israel of Soviet Jews was inspired by “a great victory” of Israel in the 1967 Six Day War against the Arab countries, “equipped with the best Soviet weapons.”

“Our country is inspired them: a great victory in the Six Day War, the liberation of Jerusalem and the Wailing Wall, the victory of the Israeli soldiers in the war with hostile armies, equipped with the best Soviet weapons-have led to the rise of national pride among Soviet Jews, whose national identity unsuccessfully tried to delete a totalitarian regime”-quoted speech Olmert portal Cursorinfo.co.il.


Now, the same people are in the process of destroying the USA

What makes me slightly worried is that the same people now claim to fight with the “evil” deep state and changing the regime in the US.

Steve Pieczenik: for all those years the CIA has been out of control. We can no longer maintain covert operations. There is a war between civilians and military

Now, he claims to be “a good guy” who is outing those running the “color revolutions” around the globe.

However, only three years ago, in unforgettable 2014, he wrote the following threats to Russia, and people in Belarussia, Moldova, Georgia, and Central Asian Republics.

He wrote that the CIA was about to run the “color revolutions” in all these republics, and to destroy them as they destroyed Ukraine.

The question, why would they want to destroy a country after country, is left unanswered. I want to answer it, any way. They, the CIA and others, do this because they want to destroy Russia, and they thought that if  every country around Russia is destroyed, Russia would fall.

The simple logic says “no.” If everyone else were destroyed, people in Russia would do everything possible to keep their country safe from this pestilence.

This CIA spook claims that the USSR was destroyed because of its “regime,” and that people in the USSR needed to be “liberated” from its “improprieties.” Ask thousands of Russian men, women and children who lived in Chechnya, in Kazakhstan, in  Uzbekistan, and who were slaughtered in those republics by the international terrorists, what “regime” was better for them. They can’t answer you, because they turned into grass and leaves, they went six feet under, and many were burned alive.  They never had a chance to live, to love, to have children, to create and to be happy, and to worship God,  all thanks to Steve Pieczenik and his colleagues, who had worked for years in order to organize killings of all those innocent men, women and children.

Look like happy and proud of himself this self-admitted “color revolutioner” is. Why don’t we consider people working for the CIA to be tried in the court of law as the war criminals, like the officers of the Nazi Germany?

After destroying the “evil” USSR,  would you think they in the CIA would stop trying to destroy Russia?

No, they wouldn’t.

They have been trying to destroy Russia with the same insane fervency for the past twenty five years.

Do you even realize that Russia has been battling an international terrorism on its territory for the past twenty-five years?

Mr. Pieczenik is called the smartest cookie in the US intelligent community. Let’s see what he predicted back on Monday, February 24, 2014

“Ukraine Victory Defeats Putin!

” The next countries to fall because of the Western “PUT” [Stock Short] on Putin’s Hegemony are: Belarus; Moldava; Georgia; and Central Asian Republics.”

“As I predicted some time ago,  the Ukraine’s civil war would end in a coup.  The President left,  his security forces did not resist and Russia lost its economic/political influence over the Ukraine.” “Vladimir Putin in grave trouble. He is exhausted from both the body punches by the indomitable forces from the west [read CIA]  to his pocket book and security apparatus.” “However today,  after the Ukrainian coup and the Sochi Olympics,  Putin looks fatigued and overstretched.”  “Russian demographics show that the aging population is increasing exponentially; while the youth are not reproducing at a high enough rate to compensate; and they are fleeing the country for better opportunities abroad.”

Actually, 150,000 people have returned to Russia from the European Union in 2016. These is not counting a couple of million that immigrated from Ukraine, thanks to the coup that the CIA orchestrated there, turning the country into the living hell.

“millions of Central Asians arriving into Moscow,  St Petersburg and in other parts of the Russia have caused even more civil strife and increased ethnic tensions,” “Putin  just lost his strategic  leverage over the Ukraine. ” “Riots erupted in Minsk several weeks later thanks to my brave professional colleagues in the US.”

You read this and your hair stand up just by realization how drunk on power these people really are, and that governments of the independent countries have to do everything possible to neutralize people working for the CIA inside those countries.

Russia’s domestic economy is literally in the toilet.” “the country found itself in ECONOMIC STAGNATION where it still remains. “

bne IntelliNews – Russia ends 2016 with strong PMI indicators …

Russia ends 2016 with strong PMI indicators, economic recovery underway

What else Mr. Cookie said about the “color revolution”

” I tell you these things to explain why a revolution in one country,  like the Ukraine has a serious consequence beyond its own borders.”

I stated in previous blogs that the President of the Ukraine would be forced out by a coup,  I also will predict that in time [not too long], Putin will find himself embroiled in domestic turmoil.   Putin will once again recognize the familiar contours of the old Bolshevik Revolution that brought his ancestors into the Soviet Union.”

There will be civilian protests.”

No, we have not seen any civilian protests in Russia, not since the CIA putsch in Ukraine and its occupation by NATO.

Next there will be the repression of the civilians by the Russian security forces.”

No, absolutely no repressions. Actually Russians even now have more personal freedom than the US, with no total surveillance.

The Russian military will be placed on stand by.

The Russia’s armed forces are always on standby, because of the external threat of NATO and the insanity of what is going on in the US. Again, the population is totally stands for its military. People understand that if you don’t feed your own army, you will feed the invaders’ army. If you don’t feed your own security services, you will be feeding other nations’ security services. If you don’t feed clergy of your own Church, you will feed someone else rabbis.

The real question is how much force and intimidation will Putin exert before he is removed from power….by whatever means.   za vashee zda-ro-vye!  To your health,  Putin!

What a scumbag!

What’s really great is how wrong he and others from the CIA are about everything.

I laughed reading zerohedge saying that “Steve can probably crush your larynx with his mind.”

I touched Steve Pieczenik’s mind and it felt like jello.

Now, he is trying to save his own ass by ratting out his comrades: “CIA a “Stupid, self-destructive entity” which has left a “legacy of ashes.”

I just proved with one his blog post and one of his videos that he was one of those “self-destructors.”

He said  that “The implications of Vault7, technology overreach, and the fact that the NSA has a mandate for cyber-command and cyber-warfare. The CIA never did, and it has committed “crimes against the state.

He was the one behind of those crimes against the state. He had admitted them. He bragged about them.

His current economic predictions are as stupid, as they were three years ago about Russia: “NWO does not exist anymore, Soros irrelevant, China technically insolvent.”

Something tells me that no one buys his books.

He is the left, and he is burying the left, “We’ve won – but we need to have humility. Oh, and the left “is already in the cemetery. All we’ve got [to do] is put flowers on their graves and walk away.”

Someone made a comment recently on  thesaker that Mossad is perceived as super-powerful because no other security services actual fought them back.  There are some indications that they have been told that they are not as powerful as they thought they were.

You know, for years I have been watching the Westerners dancing on the grave of our great country and waving their hands in the air and rejoicing and mocking our grief and desperation, and I thought “there is God, and He won’t let you benefit from our grief. There will be a day, when these exact people, who caused this Catastrophe in our country, will turn back and will do the same to you and to your countries. And this will be the Divine Justice, or an Instant Karma, if you are into this sort of things ”

This day has come.  Mr. Polish Cookie says so.


Meanwhile in Ukraine

March 13th, while the Bandera-patriots were blocking roads to and from Donetsk republic, they stayed untouched by the law enforcement, the day they moved to block a road to Russia in Torez, the Alpha police troops swooped on them and in pure and concise Russian language explained them their miscalculation.

The reason for their arrest was cited as “possession of illegal firearms.” Forty three people blocking the road, several of the Sloboda (Freedom), a fascist organization from the Western Ukraine, fighters were arrested, and 8 rifles and several hand grenades were confiscated.

As a side miracle, the “patriots” had forgotten all about “mova” and have started speaking Russian, also.

As someone who uses several languages, I can tell that English is great with legal definitions and nuances.  But, Russian is second to none when there is a need to explain to some morons how grossly they have miscalculated.



Official Donbass region Police video



Avdeevka, the situation with the 9 story building that Ukrainian military used for target practice had received it’s development.

A Kiev authority propaganda channel 1+1 arrived to Avdeevka to interview people there.

Those interviews turned out to be something else


A Ukrainian jurnalist: “Horror returned to Avdeevka, where during the day rebels shelled one of its high-rises. Many people were forced to abandon their apartments.”

Andriy Tsaplienko :  “Avdeevka is not just a town, it’s a frontline. With these kind of  wounds on its stone body, this town has learned to survive.  I think that peace here is winning over the war.

On March 9th, was Taras Shevchenko’s birthday, but it’s hard to find any fans of Kobzar’s poetic creations here. It’s easy to find those who cannot even tolerate the word “Ukraine.”

A man in blue: “I hate you, I hate even the word ‘Ukraine.” I hate this country and I hate it’s flag. “

Andriy Tsaplienko : “Do you love Ukraine?”

A man in a black windbreaker: “Why should I love Ukraine?  Should I love Ukraine for VSU (Ukraine’s armed forces) shelling our towns and cities?”

Andriy Tsaplienko: “So, you think it’s ZSU/VSU that is shelling Avdeevka?”

A man in a black windbreaker: “Of course! Any old lady here can tell you that it’s Ukraine’s Armed forces shell this town.”

Andriy Tsaplienko: “They repeat the Russia’s propaganda word by word. This is the result of the Kiev’s information war. Their (people in Donbass) knowledge of reality is so twisted that they refuse to understand the simple fact that the terrorists are shooting from occupied town Yasinovataya”

The gist of this story is that the locals can actually see the Ukrainian armed forces artillery shooting the buildings in Avdeevka, as it was said on the video of the shelling that I posted the other day.


Featured image: How the Shyrokyne standoff footage (February–July 2015) was faked

About images make by Dmitry Muravsky, a photographer who served as an adviser to the Ukrainian Defense Minister,


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