NATO continues build up of troops in Europe and on Russia’s borders

The US carrier strike groups

NATO General Peter Pavel offered Russia to recall the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. In response, Russia has started a snap drill  in its Southern Military District with units deployed in Chechnya, Dagestan, Karachay-Cherkessia and Crimea. Russia also has scrambled Sukhoi fighter jets in response to the NATO Poseidon and Global Hawk drones flying near Crimean airspace.

Russia jets have started patrolling an entire perimeter of the Black Sea.

February 10th the US fleet “encounters” the Russian jets are explained in details by John Helmer in his “Black Sea buzz – the US NAVY waits four days, then sends SOS to president Trump.”


Russian fighter jets buzz USS Porter in the Black Sea


On March 3, Russia Ministry of Defense has started a snap military drill in the Central region Military District


Press briefing of the Chief of Main Operational Directorate Col. Gen. S. Rudskoy (03.03.2017) English subtitles


NATO and the US continue a buildup of troops on the Russia’s borders
Soldiers assigned to 10th Combat Aviation Brigade Task Force Phoenix, led by 3rd General Support Aviation Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment, based out of Fort Drum, N.Y., demonstrate the rapid deployment capability of the Black Hawk helicopter, Mar. 1, 2017. The 10th CAB is prepared to lead and provide aviation support to regional and global military forces at a moment’s notice which was demonstrated as they received, off-loaded, and readied for use the Black Hawk helicopters that arrived at at Riga International Airport on a United States Air Force C-5 aircraft from New York.


The Amphibious Assault ship USS Bataan (LHD 5) departs Naval Station Norfolk as part of a scheduled deployment. Bataan departs as part of the Bataan Amphibious Ready Group (BAT ARG) deployment in support of Maritime Security Operations and Theater Security Cooperation efforts in Europe and the Middle East. BAT ARG also includes Commander, Amphibious Squadron 8, Bataan, USS Mesa Verde (LPD 19), USS Carter Hall (LSD 50) and 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Seaman Patrick Morrissey/Released)

Mar 1, 2017 RIGA, Latvia – Soldiers assigned to 10th Combat Aviation Brigade Task Force Phoenix, led by 3rd General Support Aviation Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment, based out of Fort Drum, N.Y., demonstrate the rapid deployment capability of the Black Hawk helicopter

American and British troops in Estonia

British Soldiers at Estonian Independence Day Parade (2)

Mar 4, 2017 – Romania –Helicopters from the 2nd Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade landed at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, Romania on Thursday, Mar. 2, 2017. The brigade made its way to MK Air Base from Thessaloniki, Greece.

The brigade is in Romania in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, a mission that focuses on strengthening and enhancing the bonds between U.S. and European forces, and deterring foreign aggression. The Combat Aviation Brigade will be conducting many missions over the length of their deployment.


Russian and NATO top brass hold first talks over past years

The alliance made a decision to unilaterally freeze relations with Russia in April 2014, now they call Russian counterparts to resume talks.

The Middle East

Predictably, after Russia has mostly defeated the Daesh international terror organizations, the US has sneaked behind their backs and with the help of the Kurdish terrorist organization is setting up illegal military bases on the territory of sovereign Syria.

The same maneuver the US used at the end of the World War II.

Russians in Manbij Syria on March 4, 2017

Yankees in Manbij Syria on March 4, 2017

Yankees on the road to Manbij



Russian troops are in Manbij  and the Americans are surrounding it.

Photos of the Russia’s humanitarian convoy in Manbij

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said Turkey will strike the Syrian Kurdish group the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Manbij if the latter does not withdraw.

From the Turkish media: the US made a decision to give Manbij to the PYD. This  will create a source of terrorism on the Turkish border, we can’t allow this to happen.

Turkish army on the road to Manbij, photo gallery

Syria: Manbij Military Council set up new base with ‘international coalition’ help


Soldiers of the newly founded ‘Manbij Military Council’ set up a base in the rural area of Manbij in Aleppo province on Friday, amid armed clashed between several militant factions. The maneuver follows the council vowing to hand over villages to the west of Manbij to the Syrian army, in order to stop Turkish-backed forces from taking them.


From the Kulak: ‘By coincidence, Scott, the same weekend US and Russian troops may have quietly met in Syria (not with cameras rolling) at Manbij. Very clever of Trump to put the neocons on the defensive about Obama wiretapping so they won’t shriek about American-Russian troop contacts in Syria as ‘proof’ Trump really is Putin’s puppet.’

You may find this tidbit encouraging regarding quality of Trump’s sources and evidence:

Note that Clapper tried to have Admiral Rogers fired before he went to Trump Tower the week after the election, nominally to brief the president elect on the encrypted smartphone NSA had for him, but likely to warn him of the failed FISA court request in June and the Obama NSA/DoJ getting the second one approved in October. ‘The Kulak ‘

Interesting evidence of Trump Admin-RU ‘tacit’ cooperation in Syria via deconfliction talks between Dunford-Gerasimov as RU sends troops to Manbij in Syrian SDF Kurds town Turkey covets

Russia’s Special Forces in Syria

Moderini has been met by the members of Serbian Parliament chanting “Russia, Serbia, we don’t need the EU”


Video claimed to be of a crashed Syrian aircraft

Images presumed to be of the crashed Syria army aircraft


Iran successfully test-fires Russia’s S-300 missile system.

Iran Khatam Al-Anbia air defense “Damavand” exercise, S300 PUM2

The British come to replace the American troops and instructors in Ukraine


 Info Wars

  1. From our contributor the Kulak: Easy to miss the propaganda in this piece by Greg Price for the International Business Times March 3, 2017

Russia Tested NATO Aircraft Four Times In Same Day

“Kaliningrad is described as a ‘territory Russia has controlled since WW2’. Er, uh, it is a part of the Russian Federation since WWII, just like Silesia is a part of Poland since the war and Hawaii has been a U.S. state not territory since the 1950s. There aren’t hardly any Germans there even though it used to be German.”

Another epic phrase by Greg Price, Russia is “re-enforcing its military presence near and around Europe.”

Furthermore in regard to these “The commander of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Africa, Gen. Tod Wolters, said there were four different “encounters” on Feb. 10 with three Russian Su-24 jets and a fourth with Ilyushin Il-38, a maritime patrol aircraft also capable of fighting submarines. Each was a separate incident according to Wolters, who spoke at the Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Florida.”

February 10th the US fleet “encounters” the Russian jets are explained in details by John Helmer in his “Black Sea buzz – the US NAVY waits four days, then sends SOS to president Trump.


2.  If Germans/NATO believed their own BS about the Russia threat wouldn’t they be spending much more instead of resenting Trump for asking them to?

The 4th Reich is going to be even more short lived than Hitler’s 3rd, should the Germans think they can coerce Greeks into staying in the EU.


3.  Contribution from the Kulak with the very interesting question. Does SKorea or someone else have a secret VX CW program? And if so was it scale able to create East Ghouta attack blamed on Assad in 2013?

Or a chemical attack somewhere in the Mideast perhaps on Israel to be blamed on Iran?

 4.  Did Obamacare trolls become RU-scare trolls on Twitter? Looks like it….

The Social media is fake and the majority of accounts of twitter are either paid or software generated. That’s why we see the pro Obamacare trolls are regrouped into Russia-hating trolls.

5. Vladimir Putin is a Russian intelligence officer and an Orthodox Christian, but mice keep throwing themselves against the rubber wall.


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