by Scott Humor

Russia will always side with the forces of peace, with those

who opt for equal partnership, who reject wars as contrary to the very essence of life and the nature of man.

Vladimir Putin at the military parade to mark the 72nd anniversary of victory in the 1941–1945 Great Patriotic War


Hail to the Chief!

President Putin made an announcement during Wednesday’s press conference following a meeting with the Italian Prime Minister.

“If the US administration deems it possible, we are ready to provide the Senate and Congress with the transcript of the conversation between Lavrov and Trump.”

Press statements and answers to journalists’ questions following Russian-Italian talks:

An official translation of President Putin’s answer is still upcoming, but the following is my translation:

“As for the results of the visit of Foreign Minister Lavrov to the United States and his meeting with President Trump, we consider it to be successful. This was a return visit of our Minister of Foreign Affairs after the Secretary of State Tillerson’s visit to Moscow. This is a natural and normal international practice.

At the same time, we see that in the United States is currently developing the form of political schizophrenia – this is the only way I can explain the charges levied on the acting US President alleging that he revealed some kind of secrets to Lavrov.

By the way, today while discussing this issue with Lavrov, I had to issue him a warning, because he had not shared any secrets neither with me, nor with the representatives of Russian security services. This is very bad on his part.

Moreover, if the United States administration will find it possible, we are ready to provide a record of the conversation between Lavrov and President Trump to the Senate and Congress of the United States. Of course, if the U.S. administration wants it.

Initially, when we were watched the process of political struggles developing in the U.S. it made me laugh. What’s happening today, it is not just sad, it’s a carouse of a great concern, because what else can we think of people who generate such nonsense, such nonsense… it is hard to imagine. All this is done to incite anti-Russian sentiments.

I know what surprises me the most. They are destabilizing the political situation in the United States under anti-Russian slogans. They either don’t understand that they are bringing harm to their own country, in this case they are just stupid, or they understand everything, and in this case they are a dangerous and unscrupulous people.

In any case, it is a matter of the United States domestic politics. We are not going to interfere in it. It is also not up to us to evaluate President Trump, it is up to the American people, the American voters. But of course, they can only do so after he has an opportunity to conduct his work freely .”

Like with any full blown hysterical feats orchestrated by the corporate media and some of the U.S. politicians, the matter concerns Israel.

Watching these events unfolding keep in mind the following:

  1. Israel is an “ally” behind the terror threat of using the laptops to take down civilian aircraft.
  2. Israel is furious because it was something they planned for some time.
  3. Israel has the technology to remote control airliners via laptops.
  4. There have been rumors circulating in Russia prior to this meeting that Israel was instrumental to the crashes of Russian airliners, and that they are using the Islamic State as a cover for their operation.
  5. Trump mentioning this terror threat to Lavrov that confirmed that was already known.
  6. Any terror attack on the Russian passenger flights would directly point at Israel.

Here is the brief to the point post, Did Trump “Accidentally” Save The World?. Thanks the Kulak for sharing the link.

Trump is officially most courageous and decent politician the US ever produced.


News in Brief

  1. 1. John Helmer sums it up as, “the US “partner” is being run by the CIA for Islamic State (ISIS) operations against Russia. The “common threat”, to which McMaster referred – that is, an Islamic State plot against both American and Russian air travellers — is a plot that the senior NSC and CIA operatives do not want to reveal to their real adversary. This, according to Miller and his US official sources, is not Islamic State but Russia.”

“… Trump identified a US tie to the Islamic State, which is operational against Russian targets. That the Obama Administration and the CIA have been doing this is no secret; nor is the prospect of Islamic State and CIA plots against Russian and international aviation a secret.”

John Helmer pinpoints the exact locations where the US authorities admitted their cooperation with the Islamic State in targeting Russia, but he stops there without mentioning Israel even once.

“There is nothing in the published text of the story that says the “partner” was “another country”; that is, another country’s government or intelligence service. In Miller’s video clip, he doesn’t mention the word “country” again.”

2. That Israel provided secret intelligence about the planned attacks on the Russia airlines was reported by all of the major corporate media outlets from New York Time, to Haarez.

3. Israel tries to downplay the situation, claiming “no damage was done.”

4. Nasrallah: “The Israelis discovered how much their measures, presence, technology, army, security and intelligence are fragile and weak”

5.  The President Trump impeachment is unlikely. As quoted by ZeroHedge:

    “Trump – impeachment very, very unlikely and regardless it wouldn’t be positive. There is a lot of talk about Trump impeachment and how a President Pence could be a positive. It is way, way too early to begin having the impeachment conversation. Impeachment is much more a political (instead of a legal) process and w/the GOP controlling both chambers and Trump’s popularity in the party being (relatively) healthy the political dynamics don’t signal impeachment. That could change in Jan ’19 assuming Republicans lose either the House or Senate in Nov ’18 but if that happens the whole pro-growth agenda would grind to a halt. The impeachment bar is very, very high (no president ever has been removed from office as a result of impeachment; two had articles of impeachment brought up in the House before being acquitted in the Senate; one resigned before going through the process). The daily scandals obviously don’t help Trump’s political capital but market expectations for legislative action are already very low.”

7. Mike Cernovich: WaPo got played by its sources

The kind of information that Trump is being alleged to leaked to the Russian, he didn’t have.

Whoever leaked the information about Trump talking to Lavrov about the possible terror attacks by the Islamic State that “somehow” found a way to turn laptops into bombs, leaked more details to the Washington post than Trump was briefed on.

WaPo got played by its sources.

The information given to WaPo contains far more intricate details that Trump was ever told. This is why so much is absolutely freaked.

A short version of Mike Cernovich livestream


I remain convinced that the neo-cons are freaking out because it’s a major exposure of Israel plotting the terror attacks against Russian civilians, using the bearded rascals as a cover.


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Onmicidal cult of neo-cons continue their preparation for the world war

Ex Army eyewitness says 4 trains carrying an entire armored brigade were headed to South Florida for the Atlantic (port of Charleston or Savannah) most likely for a deployment to Europe.

President Putin keeps calling on the US to reduce the level of its military preparation for a world war.

In his speech at the Victory Day parade this year, President Putin said that the attack by the European nations on Russia in 1941 was a “monstrous tragedy made possible primarily due to connivance to the criminal ideology of racial superiority,” “this allowed the Nazis to arrogate the right to decide the destiny of other peoples, to unleash the cruelest, bloodiest war…”

“Life itself demands from us that we must increase our defense potential. However, the consolidation of the world community is needed for an effective fight against terrorism, extremism, neo-Nazism and other threats.

We are open to such cooperation. Russia will always side with the forces of peace, with those who opt for equal partnership, who reject wars as contrary to the very essence of life and the nature of man.

The liberal media posted beautiful images of the parade and reported “Vladimir Putin warned the world his Russian army can ‘repel any potential aggression'”.

Not a word was said about Russia’s President’s appeal for peace.

Writing about the NATO preparation for war, I stressed “military” because there are no attempts to prepare the civilian population for an inevitable massive collapse of services and systems, like food, water, fuel, and medicine supply, electricity and phone services.  The list goes on and on. Strictly speaking neither the U.S. government, nor its NATO allies have prepared their populations for a nuclear war. If you don’t believe me, just approach your local representative with an innocent expression on your face and ask how your state or province is prepared to assist the population in case of the direct nuclear strike. All you will get is a dumb look.

The absence of such preparations creates a delusion that since the governments don’t do anything while concentrating more ships and tanks on the Russia’s borders, is because this upcoming war will be contained to the Russia’s territory, and the countries like the U.S. Canada and Australia would never even know that it took place. All they have to do is to wait for a few years, and then go and take all the Russia’s wealth, just like they all collectively thought in 1941.


They too miss the simple truth that their governments don’t plan in saving their populations at all.

This is not the first time when President Putin talks about extremist ideology as being the driving force behind enormous human sacrifices.

The case of the Schneersohn library is relevant here, due to the message that President Putin conveyed at a meeting with representatives of the European Jewish Congress in September 2014:

“The decision to nationalize the Schneersohn library was made by the first Soviet government, members of which were Jews. There was about 80 to 85% of Jews in this government. However, it was them who, directed by false ideological considerations went to conduct repressions and arrests of many Orthodox Christians and followers of Judaism, and representatives of other religions, including Muslims. They combed up all.[meaning, they were repressing and arresting everybody in the country.] These ideological blunders and false ideology, thank God, have collapsed.”


Putin’s liberal critics rush to suggest to you that what he means under “false ideology” and “extremist ideology” are the ideas of Marx, Hitler, Trotsky or al-Wahhab, but he never names this ideology and it’s clear from his speeches that he always talks about the same ideology, and not its different manifestations.

President Putin’s speech at the One Belt, One Road international forum on May 14th, contains the same message that peace is sustainable with the involvement of all the nations.

” I would like to stress that Russia does not simply view the future of the Eurasian partnership as the mere establishment of new ties between states and economies. This partnership must shift the political and economic landscape of the continent and bring peace, stability, prosperity and a new quality of life to Eurasia.

Understandably our citizens need security and confidence in the future and the opportunity to be productive and improve the wealth and well being of their families. It is our common duty and responsibility to ensure they have these opportunities.

In this respect, the greater Eurasia is not an abstract geopolitical arrangement but, without exaggeration, a truly civilization-wide project looking toward the future.”

I have never felt such respect and love to anyone outside of my immediate family, as I feel about Vladimir Vladimirovich, probably because I feel that he has a deep, profound, truly Christian love for people.

During a recent visit to the Russian Geographic Society, Putin commented on a footage of an Arctic sea angel (Clione limacina) devouring an Arctic sea devil, “A sea angel eats a sea devil? This is what I do at work,” he said.

A glimpse into his worldview. Take it for what it’s worth.


I just came across a new Russian word: ‘infernals,’ as in ‘infernal enemies.’

Very soon someone who is trusted and liked by many people will address millions of  people simultaneously and, using carefully chosen words, will deliver the following message: humanity is heading into an abyss being led there by a militant omnicidal cult. This cult’s members are people of different ethnicities, nationalities and races, who live and operate in nearly every country on earth, while being tightly connected to each other.

Driven by their mistaken extremist ideology, they harbor a false believe that they have been called by their deity to exterminate humanity. They do everything in their power to holt any development of human race, and any scientific progress. To do everything in their power to turn into dust cultures,  arts and religions.  Using never ending wars they are erasing from the face of the earth entire nations every day.

By occupying and uniting countries into one supranational entity like the European Union, they manage to push back the progress of the Western European nations by hundreds of years, and in many ways, forever.

This following is a FB post of Vadim Denisov, a popular fantasy novels writer

“I spoke recently with an old pal of mine. He is a Hungarian and lives near Budapesht. We were talking about all kinds of things, and I mentioned the sanctions. the following is his tirade: “What do you know about sanctions? Get them out of your head. They only make you, Russians, stronger. The real sanctions are those that Europe imposes on us. On Hungarians, Greeks, Romanians, the Baltics, and on the Czechs, and Bulgarians.

We were placed in the conditions of inevitable turning into a third world economies. We were forced to kill our industries, science and energy sectors. We will never be able to bring back the manufacturing of the Ikarus buses. The Greeks will never be able to bring back to life their great shipbuilders. We are not even allowed to develop our agricultural sector. Right now many fields are abandoned, with the last year crop on them, the EU market is oversaturated and we cannot sell anything outside of the EU because of the sanctions and counter-sanctions. Germany got new servants! They killed us, and we killed ourselves! It’s a suicide time. That’s where the real sanctions are. While we stay in the Europe Union, somehow we survive, albeit extremely poorly. When the Europe Union falls apart, – and it will fall apart, – we will become a hundred percent third-world countries, without any chances to make up for our losses. This is the horror. This is forever. So, just shut up about the sanctions.”

This was my conversation for a  book I am writing.

That’s why I don’t want to talk about Ukraine, Hungarians and Bulgarians will explain them better than I.”


News in brief

  1. Chinese use the term baizuo, or literally, the ‘white left’.

Being an astute and self-conscious people, the Chinese are perfectly aware of why the West is in decline and the various parties who are responsible for that decline

  1. The Russian Investigative Committee has launched criminal cases against Ukrainian servicemen and officials responsible for indiscriminate use of artillery in the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic that resulted in civilian casualties.
  2. The Kulak: “Given desperation of globalists to ‘link’ alt- right with Russia this smells like paid provocateurs”:

The alt-right shows up in Charlottesville, Va., chanting “Russia is our friend” near statue of Robert E. Lee.

Protesters, including white nationalist Richard Spencer, were carrying torches. Mayor compares it to a KKK rally.

  1. Modern American decay
  2. Why would Russia need foreign sexual perverts and political extremists as heads of educational and religious organizations?

An interesting investigation into the background of a current “scandal” in the wake of a court decision to extradite back to Israel yet another rabbi.

A rabbi, featured here in hot pants.


  1. Meeting on drafting of the State Armament Programme for 2018–2025

Vladimir Putin had a meeting with senior defence ministry officials and defence industry representatives to discuss matters concerning development of the ground forces and paratroopers in the context of drafting of the State Armament Programme for 2018–2025. In English here

  1. Meeting with Defence Ministry senior officials and defence industry representatives

Vladimir Putin chaired a meeting with Defence Ministry senior officials and defence industry representatives. In Russian




  1. The US run secret bio-chemical labs in Armenia threatening the health and even existence of this small nation. Why would Yerevan allow the US Department of Defense to set them up?

The US Department of Defense established and run those secret labs neat cities with million and more population like Odessa and Kharkov in Ukraine, Alma-Ata in Kazakhstan, Tbilisi in Georgia, and also the earthquake prone regions in Armenia near its capital Yerevan, near Gyumri, the second large city in Armenia and near Ijevan, a geographical center of Armenia.

The US government spends officially $150 million to build the biochemical labs in Georgia, and $130 million in building similar centers in Armenia.

Needless to say that at any moment the US military can use these centers to blackmail the governments under the threat of infecting the entire population.

2. The UK Embassy in Yerevan conquered decency and sanity by raising the flag of gays.

In a response, angered Armenians displayed the IRA banners.

Question:  Is this a  signal that the sexual minorities are being made into a sovereign nation?


UPDATE on Syria

US-led coalition confirms airstrike on pro-govt convoy in Syria citing ‘threat to US partner forces’


Preliminary reports of this bombed PMU Shia convoy in Syria is that Royal Jordanian Air Force F-16 pilots speaking English and squawking US IFF on RU radars bombed the pro SAA unit

‘Looks like “you-know-who” got Jordanians to stage an incident to provoke Iran or its Iraqi militias including those like PMU fighting ISIS near American troops in Iraq to attack US personnel in that country, thereby baiting Trump on the eve of his visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia into more war like actions against Iran, and indirectly pressure on Russia / sabotaging progress from Trump-Lavrov talks to destroy Daesh and end the Syria war’ — The Kulak

Anglo-Zion (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan having been like KSA a British creation) strikes again

US Coalition Bombs Pro-Government Forces in Southern Syria

US bombed Syrian forces in Syria because they were getting “too close” to a US-rebel base in Syria

Featured image: Crimea in bloom, photo by Valeriy Indyukov, Ufa.


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