Has the Saker blog been hijacked by the CIA?

You think that it is a crazy question?

So do I.

But not everybody agrees.

Nevermind that I have created an entire community of blogs whose sole aim is to denounce, oppose and resist against Empire in all its forms, some apparently believe that the CIA has somehow hijacked my blog or maybe co-opted/brainwashed/broken/submitted/etc. me.


Because I post articles which reflect a point of view different from mine.  The recent article by Gavin Don is a perfect example.  Or the recent articles by Cathal Haughian.

I have also been accused of being anti-Muslim, nevermind that I posted every single speech by Hassan Nasrallah which I could find, that I declare myself an official Hezbollah fanboy and a Nasrallah groupie, that I regularly posts speeches by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, that I have the honor of considering Sheikh Imran Hussein as a friend, that I coined (or, at least, made it popular) the expression “AngloZionist Empire” and that I am a fierce critique of Israel and its racist policies.

The “evidence” against me?

The articles by Ghassan Kadi.

I have also been accused of being a Stalinist.  And an anti-Stalinist.  Yes, both.  Why?

Because of the series of videos about Stalin by Jimmie Moglia.

As for Catire’s article about Venezuela, earned me a ton of accusations of being a, what else, CIA mouthpiece and a reactionary.  Nevermind that my previous articles about Venezuela and Chavez got me accusations of being a crypto-Communist.

(Wait, it gets better!)

I have also been accused of being a Putin-fanboy.  Now that is, I have to admit, absolutely true.  However, I have ALSO been accused of being a Putin-basher following my posting of this article: Putin’s Biggest Failure.

I was accused of being a Serbian Chetnik and a genocide-denier due to my personal position on the events in Srebrenica.  But after I posted an lengthy rebuttal of an article written by a Serbian friend by a Bosnian-Muslim I was accused of being a Bosnian-Muslim propagandist and an enemy of the Serbian people.

And then, of course, I was called a racist.  Many, many times.  Most recently for my article about Europe entitled Saker Rant about a Stolen Europe.  However, the article entitled Putin and Israel – a complex and multi-layered relationship earned me the accusation of being, I quote, a “Jew lover” (that, at least, is partially true – I *do* love a lot of Jews, many of whom have been wonderful friends and immensely kind to me)

Oh, I almost forgot. I am both a rabid Russian nationalist with revanchist imperialist dreams and, in the same breath, a “Surkov-agent” who backstabs Novorussia and whitewashes Putin.

I could continue, but you get the point.

So, for those who have a hard time deciding whether I am a Communist or a US agent, a Jew in the employ of the Mossad or a rabid anti-Semite, a pseudo-Christian Muslim or an Islamophobe, etc, etc, etc, let me provide a few hopefully helpful reminders:

First: I regularly publish articles and opinion with which I do not agree.  This is the Saker Blog, not the Völkischer Beobachter and I actually welcome well-written and controversial articles.  At the very least, I see them as an opportunity for an intelligent discussion (just name-calling does not qualify, sorry!) and a chance for those disagreeing to present their case.  I have absolutely no intention of changing this policy and if you cannot live with it, then I suggest you go to any of the million of ‘thinking-in-lockstep’ blogs who present a comfy black and white view of the world.  The fact that I posted an article by X does not mean that I agree/endorse/support with X in general or about every single sentence in his/her article.

Second: I am only accountable for what I actually write.  I am not accountable for paraphrases of my words beginning with “in other words…” not am I accountable for sentences taking out of context.  If I say “A” at the top of an article and some wise-ass finds out that “in other words” I seem to have implied “non-A” somewhere further down, then that his his/her problem, not mine.  So solution here is not for me to change what I wrote or how I write, but to take reading or text comprehension classes (sorry, I don’t have the time to provide those). Which brings me to my last point:

Third: I believe that our world is an immensely complex environment and that very few things, are simply black and white.  Furthermore, it rarely is possible to reduce an fact-based and logically constructed opinion into a short sentence or, even less so, a lone-line slogan.  And that means that being critical does not mean being disloyal any more than being un-critical means being a real friend, ally or supporter.

“Permission to speak freely” my dear readers?

Frankly, I am tired, really tired of these silly and sophomoric accusations.  Yes, I know, they come with the territory.  So this is why I wrote this little clarification.  And the the next time some comment accuses me of being this or that or it’s opposite or both at the same time, I will simply post a link to this post.

Not to be rude to anybody, and with all due respect, I have neither the time nor inclination to constantly deal with the barrage of nonsense.

And, finally, just to end of a gay note, may I post the following absolutely baseless but nevertheless “feel good” question:

How do I know that all these critiques are not, in fact, all CIA-hired trolls?  Or maybe Mossad sayanim?  Maybe every single person who dares to criticize me is in reality an evil agent of some kind of nefarious worldwide anti-Saker conspiracy!  Think of it, we don’t even know how many Jews comment here (gasp of utter horror!!!). Or Muslims (aaaahhhhh!!)!  Or Serbian Chetniks (dead silence at the horror of the thought).  It is not surprising that these attacks *SEEM* to come from very different positions?  Maybe this kind of PSEUDO-diversity is the clear proof of one Evil Hand trying to strangle a angelically innocent Saker whose infallible purity and infinite wisdom just enrages the NWO!

Maybe it’s just my comments section which has been hijacked by the CIA!!!


The Saker

PS: as for those who “threaten” me with a drop in readership or donations for my crimethinking, let me tell you this: the number of readers has been steadily increasing over the past 6 months, the blog right now has its highest figures ever, as for donations, they are stable, neither going up nor down.  Besides, this is neither a popularity contest nor something I do for money.  So these pseudo-prophesies of doom and gloom are simply wrong and laughably obvious in the kind of mindset they are an expression of.

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