Two extracts from August 26 and September 20, 2018.

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on August 26, 2018, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Liberation of Lebanon against terrorist groups.

Transcript:[…] I want to tell you, on this first anniversary of the (Second) Liberation (of Lebanon against terrorist groups in August 2017), that in these battles against the Al-Nusra Front on the one hand, and ISIS in the Jurd (Ersal) on the other hand, the number of our fighters was higher than what was required in numbers on both fronts. And I asked the military officials, “Why do you bring so many forces?” I was concerned above all by the preservation of the blood (life and health) of our brothers, and I also cared about the fact that each of them would open fire, and it would have a price in terms of ammunition and money, but my main concern was to preserve the blood of our brothers. They said that they could not prevent the youth (Hezbollah fighters) from coming (voluntarily and massively in Syria). Especially because it was summer and there was no school or university courses, which is why the majority of fighters were (Hezbollah) students in universities and high school, because our practice is not to allow young people under 18 to fight, and there was therefore a significant number of young people among our martyrs.

And today also, these same young people, the same generation (is fighting in Syria and elsewhere). Some may think that the generation of 1982 or 1985 was different (more heroic than today), as well as that which fought in 2000 or 2006, but not in any case! Today’s generation has all the momentum, enthusiasm, presence, consciousness and alertness (found in the earlier ones). And it proved it during all the past years.

But on the other side, when you look at Israel, for example, we see in studies of which the Israeli media are currently speaking that the real crisis of the enemy, of the Israeli army, is in the human element (the soldiers themselves). The leaders and staff of the Israeli army have great difficulty to attract young (Israeli soldiers) to the combat units and troops and to the special brigades (elite forces), because the young Israelis prefer to serve in other units than combat. They do not have any motivation, the spirit of sacrifice disappears and there is no cause in which they believe and for which they are ready to be killed. This is a real problem, which many studies are devoted to, but I do not have time to discuss them in detail.

And there is also another problem that was revealed a few days ago with precise figures, namely the increase of mental disorders among soldiers of the enemy, who are monitored by psychologists in the army. “During the year 2017 –I quote the Israeli media–, nearly 44,000 soldiers asked support from psychologists officers.” It is a figure quite significant for the Israeli army. Against 39 000 soldiers for 2003. Last year, 44,000 soldiers went to see who? Psychologists doctors. Psychologists doctors. And that’s why…

When they speak of the reasons (of their depression), they say they do not want to die, to sacrifice, to get tired, to get up at dawn, their morale is low or nonexistent, they want a more comfortable and better paid position, etc. That’s what they say themselves. And that is why the strategists of the enemy entity always say that this army is not ready to enter into a new war. Despite the fact that since 2006 to this day, they got new aircraft (F-35), new missiles and developed many of their assets and capabilities. We know this and monitor it (closely). But since 2006 and to date, they have not managed to change the spirit of defeat that swept over their officers, their soldiers, and their people. They have failed to remedy the state of doubt and suspicion (prevalent) between soldiers and officers, and they were unable to find historical leaders able to mobilize again.

As for us, today, our strength lies in our young generations of these true and sincere fighters, willing to sacrifice, loyal, ready to shed their blood, who believe in dignity, in glory and in honor, and for whom the dignity of their people, the glory of their country, the honor and life of their loved ones deserve from them all the sacrifices and all these gifts. And this is what has allowed the Second Liberation (of Lebanon in August 2017), as well as the First Liberation (in 2000). […]

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on September 20, 2018, on the tenth day of the Islamic month of Muharram, commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

[…] Sixth, regarding Israel, we must always stay on alert, my brothers and sisters. The Israelis are angry, the Israelis are worried. They are angry because their project in the region collapsed. The Israelis had high hopes on what was happening in Syria and Iraq. In the past, they had high hopes on what was happening in Lebanon. But all their illusions were scattered to the four winds. The Israelis know that the Resistance Axis will come back (to face them) stronger than ever. The Israelis know that new countries (Iraq, Yemen) are now part of the Resistance Axis, and that (whole) peoples who were outside the sphere of the struggle against the Israeli enemy are now within this sphere, in a strong, active and integrated manner. Israel is angry, Israel is worried, and that is why we must all stay on alert. I am not speaking of assumptions (of aggression) here and there, but I know that no one should allow himself to be reassured concerning this enemy, or even with the analyzes (about it), even if, as I have always confirmed to you, he fears any confrontation in the region, especially against Lebanon. And he knows well that any battle, any war he would launch could have a huge impact on the region. He knows he now has weaknesses that have become exposed (to everyone), and he knows very well our strengths.

Some days ago, (the Israeli Minister of War) Lieberman said on the occasion (of the commemoration) of the 1973 war: “We must understand that in the Middle East, two truly strategic changes have occurred: the first is that our enemies –meaning us (Hezbollah) and our allies– now have high-precision missiles and the second thing –of course, he still has no solution to these missiles, and logically, this will delay and repel the prospect of an Israeli war– and the second thing is that the home front (of the Zionist entity) has become the central front in any future war. If, during the 1973 war, the (Israeli) soldiers could fight on the front, while in Tel Aviv, people were (peacefully) sitting in coffee shops, reading newspapers, –during the 1973 war, the fighting took place on the front, at the borders, but the people who lived in Tel Aviv were quietly sitting in coffe shops, reading newspapers– but now everything has changed.” What he said about the current situation is a treat (to our ears). “Now everything has changed.” Yes, today everything has changed. We must also be conscious of this reality, just like the enemy is aware of it. The enemy knows (well) that major changes have occurred in this region, which he did not expect and that he had not anticipated.

As for the high-precision missiles and his attempts in Syria to cut the way for this power and this ability, today, I want to say something he already knows, but I want to say it publicly, for his people to be informed and take heed, and for our people to be informed and gain confidence. I say to Israel: Whatever you do to prevent the (weapons transfers), it’s already too late. Everything has already been done and completed, and the Resistance (in Lebanon) already has all the high precision missiles and such, all the capabilities and armaments it needs, so much that if Israel imposes a war in Lebanon, they will face a destiny and a reality they never anticipated.

“At your command, O Nasrallah!”]This is the reality of the situation.  And likewise, many things that have changed within their army. When I spoke at Hermel (on August 26), in commemoration of the Second Liberation (of Lebanon from terrorists), I talked about the situation with regard to the morale, spirit and psychological state of the Israeli army (disastrous according to recent studies in Israel). There is almost no one inside the entity that has not answered me. The President of the entity, the Head of government, the War minister, other ministers, MPs, journalists, etc., all have answered me, some by name me and others without naming me, but it was clear that they were referring to me. Because I put light on a painful truth for them, for their people and for their future. And they know that now, technology alone is not enough to win in a battle, and that the decisive factor in a battle is the human element (soldiers). This is what experience has shown, whether in 2000, in 2006 or in recent years (Syria, Iraq, Yemen).Look how ridiculous these Israelis are: how did they answer me? With what facts did they answer me? They responded, and here you can see their weakness, by threatening Lebanon, but what did they say? Long ago, before 1982, they threatened to invade Beirut. But today, does anyone hear them speak about an invasion of Beirut? Did you hear such a thing? From 2000 to today, my brothers, (say) from 2006 to the present, did Israel ever claim that they were going to invade Lebanon and reach Beirut? It’s over! Why? Because an invasion of Lebanon up to Beirut requires ground forces (worthy of the name). This is not aviation, missiles and warships that can achieve such a thing. This army (able) to invade Lebanon and reach Beirut no longer exists! There is nothing like that in Israel, but in Lebanon, the situation is very different. Today, in Lebanon, something very different is found (real fighters, battle-hardened and in high spirits). And that’s why all the (Israeli) response consisted of threats to destroy and raze Lebanon to the ground. That is to say, they drew their strength (only) from their firepower, and dare not boast of the human element.This Israel claiming to be powerful, how did he answer me? They have only insulted me, nothing more. This is a sign of weakness. Or they made fun of me, saying… And it should be noted that almost all of them said that, it is noteworthy. They said so and so made statements and threatened us from his shelter. Okay, from his shelter. First, the fact that I am in a shelter or elsewhere… Of course, I am not in a shelter (bunker). But the fact that I am present in a certain (secret) place, and that God the Almighty and Exalted has extended the age and life of yours truly, though you are striving day and night to kill me, is a proof of your failure and inability (to locate me and kill me). And the important thing is not that I am speaking from a shelter or not, but the important is what lies beyond our speeches, and you know (well) what Hezbollah has prepared in terms of forces, equipment, capabilities, rockets / missiles and a considerable number of fighters, fighters filled with faith, determination and experience, and the book Fear (Trump at the White House, by Bob Woodward), currently distributed in the United States, evokes some of these aspects. You know very well that (the strength of) Hezbollah goes far beyond the question of whether so and so (his hidden) in a shelter or not. The fact that you all rushed to this description is to me proof of the preposterous Israeli logic, the weakness of the Israeli media and the ridicule of Israeli arguments.Yes my brothers and sisters, today, we have reached this real, very important and very sensitive stage, and we are really in a position of strength, in a victorious position, in the position of deterrence. And we took all our morale, determination, will, strength and enthusiasm from the events (of the day of Ashura), 1380 years ago (martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his family). Today, from the position of jihad, sacrifices and victories, we reaffirm our belonging to the path of the triumph of (Hussein’s) blood over the sword (of Umayyad oppressors). We reaffirm our belonging to Aba Abdillah al-Husayn, peace be upon him, and assure that whatever the dangers ahead may be –and I assure you that the greatest, the toughest, the most significant and the most dangerous threats are those that we have overcome, and future threats will be much less than those we’ve been through over the past years and decades. But whatever the dangers ahead, we will face them with the same determination.O my brothers and sisters, in recent years also, we have been subjected to (true) trials, trials that are related to Zaynab (sister of Imam Hussein), peace be on her (the first intervention of Hezbollah in Syria was to protect the mausoleum of Zainab in Damascus suburb) and to her commitment (to protect the surviving members of her family and preserve authentic Islam). And from day one, we shouted: “We are all your ‘Abbas (half brother of Imam Hussein, killed trying to bring water to the besieged camp), O Zaynab!” “We are all your ‘Abbas, O Zaynab!” And during all these years, by the blood of our martyrs, our wounded and by the sacrifices of our mujahedeen (fighters), we have demonstrated that in truth, we were your ‘Abbas, O Zaynab. Yes, we were your ‘Abbas, O Zaynab.

Today, for Hussein, for Zaynab, for Islam, for the oppressed, for the holy places, for those in exile, and against all the tyrants of the earth, we reaffirm our position and our commitment. When we turn today to Aba Abdillah al-Husayn, peace be upon him, Hussein, who, after the martyrdom of his family and all his companions, renewed his call, he was the only one standing in Karbala, alone in a foreign land, facing the mangled bodies of his family members and his companions, and he made his appeal whose echo resounds today, and will resound until the Day of Judgment: “Is there someone who will come to my rescue?” “Is there a living creature who will come to the rescue of the pure family of the Messenger of God?”

[Audience: “At your command, O Hussein!”]Yes, we answer him today: “O our master”, as every 10th day (of Muharram, called ‘Ashura), and all our days are ‘Ashura, and like all (the lands of) Karbala, and all our battlefields are Karbala, we told him with blood, we told him with martyrdom, we told him with tears of mothers, daughters and wives, we told him with the patience of the prisoners and the groans of the wounded, we told him: “At your command, O Hussein!”

[Audience: “At your command, O Hussein!”]
Today also, we say: O Aba Abdillah, this land (on which we fight), these battlefields, these sacrifices have brought us nothing but honor and victory, we will not leave them, we will not abandon them, even if the whole world conspires against us! We swear by God, O Aba Abdillah, if we knew we were going to be killed, burned and (our ash) scattered to the four winds, then resurrected, killed, burned, (our ash) scattered to the four winds, (and we had to suffer it a thousand times), we would not abandon you, O Hussein!

[Audience: “We will not abandon you, O Hussein!”]
Peace be upon you, O my Lord and Master Abu Abdullah, and upon those souls who came to your camp to put themselves at your disposal. So far I am alive and days and nights follow each other, I invoke Allah to send blessings on you forever. May God not make it the last time for me to visit you. Together my brothers, on this day, we turn to Karbala where there are millions (pilgrims), we turn to Karbala and say: Peace be upon al-Husayn, upon ′Ali ibn al-Husayn, upon the children of al-Husayn, and upon the companions of al-Husayn.May God grant you a great reward (for your mourning for Imam Hussein), my He commit us to the path of Hussein, and place us among those who are sincere in their allegiance to the descendant of Hussein, the Master of Time (Imam Mahdi), among those who prepare him the Earth (so that he’d govern it with Jesus Christ and make justice prevail), among those who are waiting, ready to obey his orders, taking part in his struggles, his battlefields to overthrow all tyrants, and so that the name of Islam, justice, humanity and dignity is proclaimed in all the headlines and from all the tribunes.Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.
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