Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in Baalbeck on May 1, 2018, in preparation for the May 6 legislative elections in Lebanon.

Translation: unz.com/sayedhasan

[…] Yes, the Resistance needs political protection, because there is an international conspiracy against it, which is currently growing, and a regional conspiracy against it. And we now find people willing to pay not 1 or 2 billion dollars – I am speaking of the heir to the Saudi throne (Mohammad b. Salman) – but hundreds of billions of dollars in their hostility to the Resistance Axis (Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Yemen-Iraq) to encourage the US to launch a war in the region, to encourage Israel to launch a war in the region, and it is the same inside (Lebanon). Yes, the Resistance and the weapons of the Resistance need political protection. And this protection, it is your voices (in the parliamentary elections of May 6) who will provide it. It’s your voices that will give them protection.

(We need) it more than ever, my brothers and sisters. In Syria, proxies were defeated and failed, and the instruments collapsed. We are facing a new stage. The war can end with the (defeat of the) proxies, but it can also become (a direct war) with the sponsors (who created and armed ISIS, Al-Nosra…). Today, it is unclear how Israel will behave in Syria, where it will lead Syria, Lebanon and the region. And it is the same for the United States. The United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia will not stand still at the failure of their project in Syria or at the failure of their project in Iraq, or at the failure of their project in Lebanon. That is why we are still today in the heart of the battle.
Lebanon, its people, its sovereignty, its oil, gas, safety, honor, dignity, freedom are still at the heart of the battle. And we still need the tripartite golden equation: Army – People – Resistance. And to protect it, your voices are needed.

The second list in Baalbek-Hermel is one of those who say every day that your weapons are illegal, who say every day they want to remove the weapons of the Resistance, and who say every day they belong to the opposite Axis (Washington-Riyadh). It is true that we advocate living together, cooperation and overcoming conflicts but such is the political identity of certain opposing lists. […]

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