Interesting footage today.  The “Hero of the Ukraine” Nadezhda Savchenko made her first speech before the Ukrainian Rada.  She was introduced by another bona fide Nazi, Andrei Parubii, the new Speaker of the Rada and #2 in the Ukie Banderastan.  I don’t know if that comes across to a non-Ukrainian speaker, but Parubii sounds, how shall I put it, not too bright.  I heard the rumors about him having mental issues, but listening today I wonder if there might not be a factual basis to this.  As for Savchenko, she was herself, no surprises here.  She did tell the members of the Rada that she would not allow them to forget those who died for “our beloved Ukraine” and she looked rather angry.  But then, she always looks angry.  And just as during her speech next to Poroshenko the other day, she acted as if she was hearing voices or having trouble concentrating.  Weird.  Best of all, she then forced (psychologically) all these MR to stand and sing the Ukie anthem along with her.  I almost felt sorry for them, especially seeing the rather tense expressions on their faces.

Frankly, she is every bit as nuts as some had said she was.  I think that just as another “great” “Ukrainian patriot” – Alexandr Muzychko (aka “Sashko Bilyi”) – she will probably be shot pretty soon and then, of course, Putin will be blamed.

The Saker

PS: sorry, I don’t have the time – or inclination – to translate the totally predictable rubbish of Porubyi or Savchenko, I am sure that you can find it online if interested.

PPS: I am now really happy that Savchenko is in Kiev.  Frankly, there is such a beautiful karmic justice to that.  She is a much better “true face” of the Ukronazi Banderastan than, say, Poroshenko, Timoshenko or “Iats”.  She really is the “real thing”, the perfect, concentrated and pure expression of Ukronazi hatred, ugliness and evil.  The thought of the pseudo-nationalistic Ukie oligarchs dealing with this harpy makes me smile in sweet bliss.  I hope for a lot of good footage of that :-)

PPS: Wanna hear something funny?  The Ukronazi slogan “Україна понад усе” (Ukraine above all) is a direct copy of the German  “Deutschland über alles” (Germany above all), as for the text of the Ukronazi national anthem “ще не вмерла Україна” (The Ukraine has not perished yet) it is a direct copy of the Polish “Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła” (Poland has not perished yet).  As for the melody, it was written by, what else, by a Papist priest, Mikhail Verbitskii.  Don’t you love these “nationalists”, LOL!

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