by Ruslan Ostashko

Translated by Scott Humor and subtitled by Leo.

Irritated by stormy activities of the Euro-Ukrainians, Germany showed it publicly twice in one month. At the beginning of April ‘Ukraine-is-Europe’ supporters complained that the German delegation crashed them in PACE, now it’s the UN’s turn.



Remember how recently ‘Ukro-deputy’ Bereza, or Blyakher according to his real name, squealed that Germans were very arrogant towards the “fighters against Putin”?

Link to Ostashko video titled “How Ukrainians clashed with Germans in PACE over Russia” 

It looks like, after the meeting of the UN Security Council over simplifying the issuance of Russian passports to Donbass residents, German mockery of the ‘European Ukrainians’ has become a norm.

Do you remember a joke about the patient who came to see a psychiatrist?

“What are you complaining about?”

“Doctor, everyone ignores me.…”


The Germans brought this anecdote to life, and the role of the patient played you know who.

“Following the meeting, Germany as a presiding country ignored Ukraine’s request to adopt a document condemning Putin’s decree on passports. According to the correspondent of ‘Country [dot] UA it was not even put to a vote. ‘There are no more speakers,’ said the representative of Germany and offered to disperse.”

This is just beautiful. “We demand to condemn Russia!” “There are no more speakers, we disperse.” Just imagine, how the ‘Euro-Ukrainians’ zadolbali [Russian slang for getting on someone’s nerve] real Europeans with their demands that the representative of Germany simply ignored them.

By the way, according to Wikipedia, German Ambassador to the UN is Christoph Heusgen. He was not born in the GDR, as you might think. He is a 100% “Vesi”, that is, a West German, in addition educated in the United States.

“Born on March 17, 1955 in Düsseldorf-Heerdt. He studied Economics in St. Gallen, Statesboro, USA and Paris, and received his doctorate in Economics from the University of St. Gallen in 1980.”

Where do you think he was recruited by Putin, in Statesboro, Paris or Brussels? It is necessary to help the ‘European Ukrainians’ to develop a version of why this German diplomat ignores demands coming from the ‘agrarian superpower,’ which, also, has the strongest army in Europe.

All jokes aside, the reason for German cooling towards the ‘Euro-Ukrainians’ is obvious – only a few months left till the opening of the “Nord Stream 2”. After that, Berlin will allow itself a gesture that Angela Merkel made at the last meeting with Poroshenko as President.

Petro Poroshenko and Angela Merkel – Berlin, April 12, 2019


Yes, she pointed out to him that a diplomatic protocol dictates to shake hands with flags in the background, but ‘Putin’s trolls’ immediately saw this as a symbol.

Without gas transit, Ukraine’s significance will quickly go down to zilch, or to an exact spot where now the Baltics sit, and other subservient countries, like Bulgaria and Romania. They exist virtually, and many are even in the EU, but Berlin and Brussels deeply don’t care about their squawking.

Ukraine’s significance, which svidomiye [Ukro-nationalists] boasted since 1991, was based on the Soviet legacy. Their seat in the United Nations they inherited from the ‘damned Soviet occupiers’, their industries – also, the gas transit – same, an enormous arsenal of weapons, which took years to sell to Georgians and Africans – also were left by the Soviet Union.

Over the years of independence, Ukrainians created nothing at all. Exceptions are very few, like a new airport built by Yanukovych in Donetsk, and destroyed by those svidomiye.

Why should Germany listen to the oinks of some worthless villagers, who are not capable of either constructive dialog, or creative activity? Yes, Germans have suffered, suffered for a long time, because ‘Ukro-patriots’ threatened to block the gas pipeline.

With the moment of truth approaching when that same pipe will not be needed, Germans will have less and less patience. I think, time is coming when ‘Euro-Ukrainians’ won’t be just not tolerated, but even beaten.

And they will be beaten not by ‘damned Muscovites,’ but by civilized European Misters, Herrs and Monsieurs. Well, and even by the Polish gentlemen.

A lackey must know his place. Especially, the lackey who didn’t want to live peacefully and fraternally with their close neighbors.

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