Going to roll back to the ‘non registered’ commentator. Cannot resolve the google rejection of our email in a timely manner. It will most likely take several week before we give it another try .. keep your user ids and passwords as they will be needed when we fire it back up.

Rollback is scheduled for 6pm EST.




Having issues with new ‘registered’ user send message to the mods using ‘support’ account

userid: support

passwd: support

Then send message.

  1. When you attempt to enter a comment you will get the following ‘Only registered users can comment’
  2. Click on the ‘registered’ link


3. Click on ‘Register’ at the bottom left to continue your registration.

4. Fill out desired user name

5. provide a valid email address (will be used to send link for password entry)

6. This screen appears .. then check your email for link to password scree


7. This is the password screen from your email link

8. you can modify the computer generated password to one that is more suitable

9. Now go back to the comment screen

10. select ‘registered’ and enter you user name and password


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