By Waldo for the Saker Blog

Once I read a sci-fi in which the highly developed civilization had an energy shield which had been supplied by the energy it was attacked with. So, the harder it was attacked, the stronger the shield has become – no pasaran.

The stronger the Eurocrats and Washington puddles attack Orbán / Fidesz / Hungary – the stronger they will become on every election. Hence recalling that sci-fi.

Why did Fidesz win again by landslide?

First, their economic policies work. Despite of all liberal smearing, the economy thrives especially in comparison with their predecessors / recent opposition records. Despite of being always called right wing, on the economy they are the left-most alternative; the so called “left” are austerity champion neoliberals. Hungary always vote to the left, no matter how you name them.

The so called opposition is not else just a wide variety of incompetent traitors, focusing on the corruption potential and kickback opportunities from their foreign masters could they finally sell out Hungary once again to the westerners. Hungary alone is not so big chunk, Orbán poses rather a general danger as a succesful model for the rest of eastern colonies – even for the western countries.

The role of the Ukrainian conflagration and silent world war in the outcome

The final Fidesz victory was sealed, the opposition had no chance to win. But it was not necessary to gain 2/3 supermajority once again – the fourth consecutive one.

The opposition falsely believed that the election is to be won in Brussels and Washington and tried to comply with their foreign masters wishes. Instead, the election is to be won at the Hungarian people who had no desire to shoot themselfes into the feet by closing the gas, oil pipes, let alone to be dragged into the Ukrainian war.

Orbán to the contrary made it clear that Fidesz has no intention to partake in the war nor to close Russian energy sources. People understood what is at stake, the high participation and the overwhelming Fidesz victory is clear result of the opposing stances on war and energy. The opposition was so utterly clueless, living in their ivory towers that have not even had a slight idea that they are slaughtering their our chances by cozying Zelensky and promising weapons and energy shut down.

Why is Orbán hated so much in the general West? (a fact)

Fidesz is first a patriotic movement where patriotism is driven by sheer interest of the elite – we (the elite) can keep more if we can renegotiate the terms and conditions with the West, our wannabe masters. Before Fidesz, the business looked like having a western puppet government / procurator charged with the local administration on the colony, ensuring that minimum 100% of all values created in the “country” will be siphoned out to abroad. This person was called the leader of the country, PM. This policy lead to the total economic breakdown of the country. Austerity measures, privatization of everything, 6.5% interest to foreigners on their bonds (they are fine with 1-2% now) etc. Former govs – named “socialist” and “liberal” have driven the country to the wall, and it literally crashed. People wanted to get rid of that gang. Former PM Gyurcsány (“socialist party”) hides around 1B USD in Indonesia in energy sector. That’s for the clean hands of the opposition. This info was aired by the US on anonim blogs when they executed their renegate employee who got too close to Putin – the money was obviously from a kickback of natgas and oil contracts from Russia and your loyalty is where your money comes from…

Fidesz realized that they can churn out more than the 30 silvers of Judas, the typical colonial administrations could make (in fact several billions of € annually, plus positions in the international cabal), they offered a more fair 50-50%. So, anyone can make money in Hungary and even repatriate a part of it, but a fair share must remain in the country as investment / tax / bribe – whatever, but owned by countrymen. Obviously this is a less attractive offer, and the Empire wanted to backpedal to the previous business model – hence Orbán and Fidesz must go.

What is Orbán’s strategy and why it works?

Long term, working political vision in the first place; honest, frank communication in the second.

Never before had Hungary any governement (after medieval ages) who ever had any political vision beyond serving their foreign masters – let the Empire be headquartered in Vienna, Berlin, Moscow, Washington or Brussels. For the typical lackeys acting the Hungarian political class a foreign ass to lick well deep enough is a must. No matter the ramifications to the country. They personally will be well off.

Orbán has understood, that changing the game to benefit their fellow countrimen can protect his position in the political power. This is so simple. He does this and it works.

Never had Hungary any gorvernment talking openly about the truth. Saying that center of economy moves to Asia and the collective West is loosing momentum is true, but when real steps follows – cooperation with China, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, etc… It breaches the Washington red lines. Orbán must go. Liberal opposition home and abroad likes to call this falling to Russian / Chinese / Autocrat dezinformation – while they are doing the same thing behind the curtain. Quad licet Iovi, non licet Bovi.

Hungarian people are well informed about real-geopolitik (thanks to Fidesz saying the truth), support Fidesz to continue a more beneficial course for the country.

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