What a weird press conference that was!  Besides assuring the world that

  • Putin has decided to attack over the next few days
  • The West is 100’000% united, and then some!

Biden said nothing even remotely new or even vaguely interesting.

The only “novelty” was that Biden said that he was now sure that Putin has taken the decision to invade the Ukraine.

Did you ever hear the expression “it’s not a lie unless the government declares something”?

Biden has “primed” his propaganda machine, the false flag must now happen very soon, over the next 24-36 hours or so.

It is going to be very interesting to observe what will happen when no invasion takes place.

Like all death cults, the Neocons simply again do what they always do the date when the “horrible apocalypse and cataclysm” they predicted failed to materialize: predict another date.  No problem here – the cult followers will swallow that with no issues whatsoever.

Now it all depends on how big the upcoming planned false flag is.


PS: I leave you with a good video from Andrei Martyanov

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