Dear friends,

As many of you know, I only use GNU/Linux for all my computer needs, from my desktop to my Android phone.  In fact, I have not used any Microsoft products since 2000, almost 20 years ago.  But now there is an entire list of software which I (and a few family members) need to run which run only on a Windows platform.  So I have finally decided to get one, just one, Windows computer (either laptop or notebook size) to put all my non-free software onto that one machine (which I will probably multi-boot anyway).  To be honest, I am not too happy with this option, but my hardware is not fast enough to run Windows on a virtual machine and, besides, even if I wanted to install W10 on a virtual machine, I would not know where to acquire the Windows 10 OS (and I sure don’t want to give even a penny to the MS Corporation to begin with).

I don’t care about looks or signs of wear and tear or about esthetics (-: my favorite laptops have always been ThinkPads :-).  I would need a reasonably fast machine with a halfway decent graphics card, but screen size is irrelevant.

So, if any of you has a Windows 10 laptop or notebook to donate or sell, please drop me an email.

Thanks a lot in advance,

The Saker

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