Dear friends,

Many of you have noticed that the blog was loading very slowly or not at all.  This is probably due to what is called a “distributed denial of service” attack but our IT team is also looking into the possibility of some script gone crazy.  In other words, we are trying to be vigilant, but not paranoid (yet).  The problem seems to be fixed but if it starts again, please do report it.

Second, a member of our community was scheduled to travel to the Donbass region as part of the announced group trip (see here for details).  To my (and his) great disappointment, he cannot make it.  So now we might have a position open (assuming the organizers agree).

So, if you are an ACTIVE MEMBER of the SAKER COMMUNNITY (in any capacity) and you can pay to travel to Moscow, and you want to be part of that trip, please email me ASAP with your information (including what your role is in our community).  All expenses are paid and all I will ask from you is a daily report with images.

I make no promises about accepting you as a candidate, but I encourage you to try!

The Saker

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