Dear friends,

First, as you have already noticed, we are having some problems with our servers.  This is why the blog was unreachable during most of Tuesday.  The person in charge of our IT security has managed to get the blog back online, but the problem has not been fully resolved and might happen again.

Second, there is a major (CAT3 to CAT4) hurricane headed for the US East Coast.  It is too early to predict the kind of damage this hurricane will cause, but it could be major.  There is a pretty good chance that my family and I might have to evacuate our home.  Also, there are likely to be major power and communications disruption.  This might prevent me from accessing the Internet, including my emails and the blog.

For these reasons, possible disruptions in the work of the blog are likely over the next possible days.  The blog might also be very slow to load.

I also remind you all that I will try to keep you updated the best I can on the old blog’s address:

Please write down this address.

Finally, our technical problems will also affect all the other Saker blogs which are hosted on our servers in Iceland (i.e. all of them except the French Saker blog).

I will try to keep you informed the best I can.

Hugs and cheers to all,

The Saker

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