On the last day of March my true love came to me and asked for the Russian (Polish) speaking extras to act as the “villagers” being invaded by the US military.

What notably absent here is the demand for some Ukrainian or Belorussian speaking actors, even though they might get the migrant workers from Ukraine mostly.

RT posted more details on this NATO’s open casting call, NATO acting up: Alliance looking for people to portray ‘Russians’ during war drills

The original advertisement in German is here

Employment Agency is looking for: “Russian-role player for NATO Exercises” Job description: Afghan village – to-play- In Russian?

The Agency is seeking Russian-speaking “extras for role-playing games in training of U.S. Army operations”. They are supposed to represent “the civilian population in the crisis areas”.

Job offer as “Statist for NATO Exercises”, the employment Agency Berlin, 22.03.2017. Screenshot: epochtimes

“NATO Operations are looking for extras for role-playing games for Training of the U.S. Army. The extras will be acting as the civilian population in the crisis areas. As a result, to create a realistic exercise scenario for the soldiers and therefore an ideal preparation for their abroad accomplished missions.“

Location of military training area in Hohenfels (between Nürnberg and Regensburg), stayed in the barracks, houses, and tents, on the ground. Leaving the barracks “during the entire duration of the Event is not possible (with the exception of: medical emergency)”.

“The participants will play a small stage roles, such as, for example, a cattle breeder, store owner, or the mayor of a village in Afghanistan to mediate with the present U. S. armed forces and negotiated. On the practice premises, up to 10 villages are constructed, each composed of 10 to 30 houses.“

These houses are equipped with heating, electricity and, often, water. Smartphones and mobile PC’s is prohibited. In case of emergency, use the local radio network.

The day starts at 5 am. Breakfast is served in the canteen by a field kitchen, and/or field ration starting at 6 am and end around 7 PM. The Board provides for three meals a day, there is a strict alcohol and drug prohibition (which is also checked by the military police).

Here are a few details:

permanent job, 88,40 to 120,00 Euro/day

The inserts will last 2 weeks, incl. Weekend and the end-to-end participation is urgently needed. Accommodation and catering is done on site.

the use of data To be communicated to the participants approximately 4 weeks prior to, and departure by Bus for free

“The stakes are found throughout (incl. The weekend) on the military training area Hohenfels (between Nürnberg and Regensburg).“

It is good English and German skills are required, “in addition, good language skills in Russian, Polish or Czech are a great advantage”.

“Foreign applicants must bring a valid residence permit and work permit. All participants must bring to the use of a valid identity card or passport, a copy of which in the case of Optronic [recruitment companies].“

Anyone who wants to apply, here is the advertisement of the employment Agency. The application is done Online via www.us-statisten.de/registration.html about the company Optronic HR GmbH, Maria-Merian-Str. 8, 85521 Ottobrunn, contact@us-statisten.de. The dazugehörge cipher is 10000-1152039603-S.

In the Whois Record for Us-Statisten.de domain, the company names itself as ” Civilians on the Battlefield (COB) – Optronic”

According to WIFCON, the federal contracting source for procurement laws, regulations, board of contract appeals and court decisions,  the US military solicitation for Civilians on the Battlefield (COB), requires that the contractor provide role-playing actors that interact with United States armed forces.  As the agency explains, the COB role players are  “critical.”

Previously, the US Department of the Army for Civilians on the Battlefield (COB) in Hohenfels, Germany,  awarded the similar contract to Optronics in 2009, a “contract that was terminated on the same day after Optronics advised that it could not fulfill the requirements of the contract.” Such contracts are being managed by the Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps)

The US military contractors are required to self-certify that their firms could provide “vetted COBs in place for the start of the contract,” where fully vetted COBs meant that the COBs had undergone a German Polizi and Military Intelligence investigation within the last 180 days and it was still valid.”

As the Bid Protest weekly indicates for the 2008-2009 contract, “… fully vetted COBs were necessary to this solicitation, … due to the security and safety factors inherent in civilians having access to military operations… Furthermore, the short timeline in which to provide vetted COBs was also not an unreasonable requirement because the existing contract was nearing expiration and the troops were preparing for imminent deployment.”

Currently, Optronic GMBH & Co KG Opto-Elektronische Geräte Aalen Baden-Württemberg (DBA Optronic) is currently under contract #W912PB14D3016  NAICS  classification 561320 Temporary Help Services, titled ROLE PLAYERS FOR FIELD EXERCISES IN TRAINING AREA for the Department of the Army.

The company has been fulfilling this contract starting with the 5/15/14, contract ends at 5/15/17 (3 years).

 Army             W912PB14D3016-0018 Delivery Order         Optronic GMBH & Co KG Opto-Elektron…    561320         U013 None 8/30/16        8/30/16        10/12/16       /G3/ROLE PLAYERS (COB’S)FOR ALLIED SPIRIT V AT HTA

Army W912PB14D3016-0017 Delivery Order         Optronic GMBH & Co KG Opto-Elektron…    561320         U013 None 8/10/16        8/10/16        9/12/16       


Army W912PB14D3016-0016 Delivery Order         Optronic GMBH & Co KG Opto-Elektron…    561320         U013 None 8/5/16           8/5/16           8/23/16       


Army W912PB14D3016-0015 Delivery Order         Optronic GMBH & Co KG Opto-Elektron…    561320         U013 None 4/29/16        4/29/16        6/23/16       


On March 8th, the Optronic  re-posted the following message from the Joint Multinational Readiness Center, in Germany

Allied Spirit VI BeginsExercise #AlliedSpirit prepares forces in Europe to operate together and trains nations to…

Posted by JMRC on Wednesday, March 8, 2017


March 8 at 9:08am ·

Allied Spirit VI Begins

Exercise #AlliedSpirit prepares forces in Europe to operate together and trains nations to coordinate responses in a realistic environment. The current exercise begins today here in Hohenfels and runs through the rest of this march.

Approximately 2,770 soldiers form 12 nations will work on interoperability and secure communications, all with a brigade headquarters from Latvia leading the fight. Check back throughout the month for updates about this spirited exercise!

U.S. Army Europe 7th Army Training Command

Ther last repost was on March 26 at 7:37am ·

Allied Spirit VI – X7

Here at #AlliedSpirit VI, the defense of Hohenfels is holding strong! Allied soldiers from 12 different nations are building their fighting positions, conducting aerial surveillance and conducting reconnaissance. As a special bonus, Bull Troop from 2d Cavalry Regiment has joined the fight on the side of the OPFOR, and are bringing their firepower to the attack.

7th Army Training Command U.S. Army Europe Armáda České republiky (Czech Army) Bundeswehr Latvijas armija

Check out the Soldiers below doing what they do best.

Members of Bull Troop, 1st Squadron, 2nd Cavalry engage a multinational force while taking part in aquick deployment "…

Posted by JMRC on Sunday, March 26, 2017

Members of Bull Troop, 1st Squadron, 2nd Cavalry engage a multinational force while taking part in a quick deployment “Freedom Shock” exercise in support of Allied Spirit VI at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center, Hohenfels Training Area, Germany, March 25, 2017. Bull Troop, 1st Squadron, 2nd Cavalry is a Regimental Ready Task force capable of deploying anywhere in Europe within 96 hours. Allied Spirit VI is a 7th Army Training Command, U.S. Army Europe – directed multinational exercise. (Photo by Army Sgt. William Frye)



No military in the history of the world has been more widely deployed as the United States.

Currently, the United States has military personnel deployed in about 150 Countries… This covers 75% of The World’s Nations.

In 2009 there were 516,273 U.S. military service members in approximately 150 foreign countries.

According to Tim Kane, author of the Global U.S. Troop Deployment study and a former fellow at The Heritage Foundation, following World War II, Germany was considered the main battleground for a potential World War III.

From 1950-2000 The United States has had over 118,800,000 active duty personnel serve for at least 1 year in the military

  • During that same time frame over 22% (27,300,000 men & women) served or were deployed overseas.
  • Since 1950, 56 Countries have hosted at least 1,000 American troops at one point.
  • The largest amount of active duty personnel stationed overseas was during the Vietnam War in 1968 when over 1,082,777 troops were deployed on foreign soil.
  • The lowest amount of active duty personnel deployed occurred in 1999 when 206,003 troops were stationed on foreign soil.

Since January 2017 with the arrival of the U.S. Army’s 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division Currently the US conducting the largest deployment of U.S. troops since Cold War in Germany, Poland, as well as Romania, Bulgaria, Germany and across the Baltics. Along with the United States, other NATO members will increase their military deployments in eastern Europe. Britain has deployed fighter jets to patrol the Black Sea and a division of French and Danish troops are being deployed to Estonia. Germany will deploy its forces to the regions near the Russian borders around Ukraine and Belarus.


A few comments for the RT article that are worth re-posting:

“I live in US and I was getting called up by some company that saw my old resume online which mentions i speak Russian, to participate in “roleplay” for US marines on a military base as a Russian. Basically get a fake AK-47 and do what they ask in order to help them train for their war drills. They were mostly interested in Chechens though, so I guess that’s their area of interest…

Before you know it, it’d be that Russian troops, real or fake, have started an offensive against NATO who will be launching a counter-offensive against evil Russian aggressors. Who would know any better?

No,they will video the “drill” and then later use it as evidence of “Russia’s aggression”. They dont need ethnic Russians nor people speaking Russian for drills/simulation

They’re looking for traitors to help them train to attack Russia, or dupes for false flags, either way, don’t do it.

Did you know that in the ENTIRE UK military they only have TWO people who speak Russian? Probably the same story in United Snowflakia. That is a very good indicator of HATO preparedness.

It shows that Russian people are not mercenaries.

 NATO is offering jobs to Russian-speaking actors ready to play civilians in the alliance’s military drills, according to a job advertisement on the official website for the city of Berlin.

And the videos of the drills will pop up later as evidence of “Russia’s aggression”.

Try a new trick – we already know this one

Like ISIS , where you PAY people to pretend they are the enemy.

They are not yet training for the invasion of Russia. They are preparing the ethnic cleansing of the Russian speaking population from the Baltics.

Pre-selection for a false flag.”


My previous article on the NATO staging an alternative reality of the “Russian invasion” of the Baltic republic and filming it:

Part II “Russian Invasion” of the Baltics  is already being televised

Michael McFaul: We declared war on Russia. What’s next? Updated by Scott

Featured images. It looks to me like an image from a NATO filming of fake “Russian invasion.” A german Boxer combat vehicle with the sign “To Berlin”  reminiscent of the one used during the Great Patriotic war by the Soviet Army.


Compare this to a similar  open casting call posted in one of the Ukrainian newspapers on October 28, 2014

“Not a Boring Job, Kiev (temporally)

Attention! casting call in Kiev

Casting for a video production of the episode wanted young guys of 20 to 25 years old, experience is not required, to act as the fighters of Donetsk people republic DPR

The shooting is scheduled for October 29-30.

Apply with LC with the note “DPR” (name, age, highst, shoe size, 2-3 photos phone number) by Elena Avdienko-Sahno

Posted Oct 28, 2014

Comments: Dima Basakin: “Nicolay, it has a look of being a draft to the SBU…”

Dmitry Shadespansky: “Dima, I made some enquires, they are legit.”



A simple search yields that  Elena Avdienko-Sahno works for the Modeling Agency “SONCE.”

The owner of the Sonce Agency is Sergey Chudowski, who lists as his education a university degree in Clinical Psychiatry.

In 2009 he staged a very curious human experienced that showed him as a Game Player.

He took a group of female journalists and trained them in his master-class into “psychologically turning themselves into fashion models, literally “enter the life form of a model,” as a part of their professional dispatch to “change their profession” remembering that the journalist is “akin to an actor.”

This just one example of NATO using clinically trained psychiatrists to make people to believe that they are something someone else, to turn themselves into different people and to act accordingly.


After unauthorized demonstrations organized by non-systemic “opposition” in Russia on March 26th with many underage children involved, there are multiple testimonies of witnesses saying that the organizers gave children tea laced with powerful mind-altering substances.

Here is a story of a college student who came to the Navalny’s organization headquarter and was offered tea.  He was arrested by trying to slash the police cruiser tires. He had a violent allergic reaction to drugs he was given, throwing up repeatedly, after that he was taken to the hospital where he went into anaphylactic shock.  They saved his life. The last thing he remembers was drinking tea before losing his memory. He doesn’t remember where he went and what he had done.

There are also multiple credible witnesses, including the journalists of the Komsomolskaya Pravda  newspaper,  Alexander Kots  and Dmitry Steshin, who were on Maidan in Kiev, that  similar tea laced with drugs were also used by the Maidan protesters, which made it possible for them to stay outside in December-January-February for weeks. Afterwards, many were diagnosed with drug addiction, and organ damage.



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