If you work for the western state or corporate media – forget it, I won’t talk to you.  If you don’t, keep reading :-)

If you want to interview me in print, audio or video, first please email me at [email protected] with the replies to the following questions:

1) text, audio? (as a general rule, I don’t do video, but I might make an exception)

2) live or pre-recorded and what days/time are good for you?

3) commercial interruptions or not? (I won’t do a show with commercial interruptions)

4) behind paywall or public access? (I won’t do a show behind a permanent paywall – temporary is fine)

5) approximate length of interview?

6) general topic list?

7) license under which the interview will by released? (I won’t grant an interview which is restrictively copyrighted; CopyLeft would be ideal)

For audio I can do phone, Skype, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, and Jitsi.

I would be most comfortable making an interview in English, Russian, French but in exceptional cases I might agree to an interview in German or Spanish.

Thank you.

The Saker