The Israelis use their tactic of taking over the occupied territories in Ukraine. Whatever crimes they conduct in Palestine, they do the same in  Ukraine: war on the local population, ethnic cleansing, takeover of the state power, lands, territories, banks, businesses and buildings.

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Ukraine Uman August 25th, 2016

Demolition of an illegally build Israeli settlement



The city authorities attempt to demolish an illegally built building that was constructed right on the road.  The building was built by the Ultra Orthodox Jews that immigrated to Ukraine from Israel after the Maidan in Kiev.

On the video the large Jewish mob is attacking the city workers and the police. They are being repelled by the group of Ukrainian nationalists. They all have shaved heads. One of them, in red t-shirt, says at [2:09] “we need a Kalashnikov for you, <expletive depicting men with strong preference for anal sex>.”  The Ultra-orthodox demands the nationalist to leave. The nationalist in red t-shirt responds that if they leave, they “will come back with a machine gun and would start killing those Jews, every one of them.” “This is our home, our home,” he says. at [2:30] “I will come to Israel and will do to you what you do to us here,” he continues at [2:54] One of the Ultras tells him that they paid money. The Ukro responds that national security is above money and  that they are “fighting on the East for their territories” and that they are not going to give their lands to the Jews. The Ultra says, “eat me.” The Ukro said, “you have to control your immigrates. You’re out of control here. I have been an immigrant in London for ten years. I know what an immigration is. No immigrant ever acts like Israeli immigrants are acting here. You moved to our country, you have to respect our laws and respect us.” At [4:22] a Jew in grey shirt says that they have a paper stating that they can build here. The guy in red t-shirt says that it’s a provocation and that they have to control their own migrants.  The Jews in grey shirt speaks Russian with an American accent and says that the city authorities would demolish building if it was illegal. Since they don’t demolish it, it’s legal. The Ukro in the red t-shirt asks why the Ultras attack the local Police. the American Jew says that they don’t attack the local Police.

At 5:21 the Ultras shouts something and advance towards the police at this moment the cops spray them with something like teargas.

At 6:22 someone says to the Ultras, “It won’t be like you want. You all will leave  soon. You all will go home soon.

The comedy of the citation is that the Israelis don’t speak any Russian or Ukrainian, and the local Police doesn’t speak any Hebrew or English.

At [11:12] an Israeli Ultra in a black t-shirt, an apparent owner of this illegally built restaurant, screams in Russian with heavy Israeli accent, “Look, this is a representative that puts a shame on Ukraine. You are a shame to your country. You don’t have jobs. You are all starving. You don’t have money in your treasury. You don’t let us to work. Give people jobs.  People need jobs. Go to <an expletive for a male reproductive organ>.”

Someone says to the Ultra in a black t-shirt, “You came to our country and you are cursing us out.” The Ultra screams that the guy a politician and an anti-Semite. At 12:92:  “He is an anti-Semite! He is an anti-Semite!” he is told that they have to follow the law. “I give jobs to people, what do you do?” the Ultra screams to a guy with grey hair. “Don’t spit at me, and don’t break the law,” the guy responds. The Ultra is screaming and pointing at the sky threatening with Yahweh.

At 13:09 a local representative states that he will file an official request to the Police in order to deport this person from Ukraine back to Israel.

“Yahweh is not on vacation. Yahweh won’t forgive you,” the Ultra keeps threatening. “Yanukovish left that’s why the war in going on here with Putin. I am for Putin. Putin is a president. In Russia there is law, there is the Police. You don’t have the law. You take bribes. You are corrupt. I lived in Moscow for one year. Try to take a bribe in Moscow, <expletive depicting a promiscuous female>! Try even a take a one kopeek in bribe in Russia… they have the law!” Someone asks the Ultra, “If you liked it in Russia so much, why did you move here, then?” It’s not very clear, but I think he says that he wasn’t allowed to stay in Russia. Hahaha… Someone asks “Do you want it to be Russia here?” He responds that he doesn’t want it to be Russia, but that he wants a rule of law.

[Interesting, how skillfully this Israeli places the blame for the war that NATO and Israel are conducting against the Russian population of Ukraine, on…. Russia and Putin. He is claiming that he is “pro-Putin,” even after he was kicked out from Russia and not allowed to return for giving a bribe. Yeah, right… ]

Video II.  Demontage II (genitive Demontage, plural Demontagen, dismantling)


At [1:50] a Ukrainian woman claims that it’s her parcel of land and demand to stop filming the ongoing demolition of the building.

It’s very clear that she got paid by the Hasidims to represent that she is an owner now. She says that the Ultras were forced to pay the bribe for to build the restaurant, but after talking their money the local authorities went on to demolish the building any way.  She also says that there is no papers, no decision to demolish the building, and that it’s illegal.

The man responds to her that she is just a provocateur.

At [3:48] several people in military uniform walk by, one wearing an Azov death squad t-shirt.

At 4:44 the woman tells to a Police office to stop the demolition. He says that they have to continue. At 6:43 she says to a city representative, “Tell people how you take money from people.”

At 8:34 the demolition team asks where to take the metal construction. they are told to take it to the territory of a synagogue.

At 8: 55 a local activists shows an official looking paper and says “Remember this separatist that called Putin for help? Their business is closed. They are gone. ” A woman wearing the “STOP corruption” t-shirt says that according to the paper the decision about the demolition was expected, but not issued yet. Then she says that the decision was made just yesterday. She says, “Why don’t the authorities establish some kind of order?”  It’s very curious how easily this female fighter with corruption moved between an official legal language to expletives.

Interesting that the group of political activists wearing the “stop corruption” t-shirts are rallying for the Israeli Hassids and against the city authorities.

Uman is Israel

For this piece of paper, the City authorities sold Uman to Israel


A man gives a tour of kosher Uman with all its typical for the Jews Ultras amenities: filth, drugs, lack of plumbing, illegal buildings, a sex service mini-van, an illegal restaurant. He points out how the Ultra Orthodox Israelis use the streets, literally. He says that the Israelis can buy anything in Uman for a hundred dollars.


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Forgive me my poor editing. After listening and trying to understand all of them screaming in three languages Russian, Ukrainian and Hebrew, I forgot English.

Something tells me that that’s what hell looks like.

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