In Russia we say: if you want to destroy something, become its leader.
In a very alarming turn of events, Skolkovo establishes joint-working group with Israel in the field of agriculture [source] [source] [source]
I have already written about a peculiar Scolkovo “professor” from Israel, Moty Cristial.

In preparation for a power grab in Russia during the elections of 2016 and 2017, Israel is moving an alarming amount of secret service officers, chemists, biochemists, and Genetically Modified Food specialists into Russia under the auspice of “cooperation.” The Government of Russia has already announced that the country’s production of food will be free of GMOs. This agreement between Scolkovo management and the state of Israel is in direct violation of this organic food policy.

Cyril Kay from the article published by liveleak, is actually Kirill Kaem, Кирилл Каем, Vice President, Executive Director, Cluster of Biological and Medical Technology Fund “Skolkovo” or Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. Judging by his resume, Kirill Kaem has been a go-between for large western pharmaceutical companies to move into the Russian market, to be the detriment of the Russian pharmaceutical industry. He has an MBA from Taylor University, and worked to establish the following western companies in Russia: Oriflame, the German-U.S. holding JAFRA International, and Hygiene Kinetics. He is on the Board of Directors of the international medical center Medcluster, organized by the Strategy Group Partners with the participation of Johns Hopkins Medicine International.
Kirill Kaem bio [source] [source]

There are several theories on why specialists in political, social and agricultural engineering are speedily arriving in Russia. Why after several years of pondering over agricultural produce output in Russia, Scolkovo decided that Russia is in desperate need of agrarian specialists from Israel? Either because the climates of Israel and Russia is very similar, or because circumcision makes Israeli specialists more special, or because Israel wants new technologies that Russia is developing without paying for them?

Israelis declared that they are very interested in a new Russian startup company called East Agro Don, that developed new technology to extract inulin from Jerusalem artichokes.

According to Scolkovo official propaganda, it appears that Russia needs Israeli specialists in agriculture because, … wait for it… inulin will be produced from Jerusalem artichokes, and only Israelis know how to grow this important vegetable.

The truth is that Jerusalem artichokes (Helianthus tuberosus), also called sunroots, sunchoke, earth apples or topinambours, is a species of sunflower native to eastern North America, and found from eastern Canada and Maine west to North Dakota, and south to northern Florida and Texas.[2] It is also cultivated widely across the temperate zone for its tuber, which is used as a root vegetable.[3]

The truth is that Jerusalem artichokes have nothing to do with Israel.

The truth is that Inulins (Chicory root fiber) produced by 36,000 of plants, industrially most often extracted from chicory that grows abundantly in Russia.

What we see here is just the tip of the iceberg. That fact that the organizers of this Israeli invasion of the Russia’s agricultural industry came up with such obvious cover-ups for their trickery is very alarming indeed. It looks like outright fraud. And it brings up some questions. The founder of the Scolkovo project is Dmitry Medvedev, since 2010 investing 75 billion rubles of taxpayers’ money. The development was entrusted to Viktor Vekselberg, of Jewish Ukrainian heritage

The list of “founders” who have had their snouts in this bottomless money pit called “Scolkovo” reads like a summon of an anti-Putin gang and includes Ilya Ponomarev, currently in “exile” and fighting against evil Putin, Alexei Kudrin, currently in exile and fighting against evil Putin, MIT, who received $302,5 million, one of the biggest research facilities for the US military complex who is fighting against evil Putin, Roger David Kornberg and many others

What’s going on?

What’s happening is the implementation of the US, the EU and Israel’s “suggestion” to their neo-liberals inside the Russia’s government to implement the so called “Foreign experience of agriculture development”. Past January at the Gaidar Forum 2016 the Place of Russia in the Food Production World Map was decided by the following actors in the war against Russia: Sergey Levin, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Jonathan Gressel, Agriculture Minister-Counselor, U.S. Embassy in Russia, Philip de Jong, Minister Counsellor of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Andrey Sizov Jr, critical of Russia’s government, but very fond of a new Ukrainian government
Managing Director of SovEcon agricultural analysts, and Natalia Shagayda, Head of the Gaidar Institute Department of Agricultural Policy. These people discussed the priorities of the agricultural policy of Russia in the sphere of import substitution, the ability to ensure food security in the country, while the import content is significant, as well as the export potential. If you can find one Russian person on this list, please let me know.

I always say that small bureaucrats, kegs in the neo-liberal NGO’s are invisible and very dangerous people. We have to always pay attention to these people on the background. Let’s take a look at a woman here with an Ukrainian last name, Natalia Shagayda, a 2010-2011 Fulbright Scholar  in the field of Economics, studied at Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C. Woodrow Wilson is one of the largest think tanks that is involved in developing strategy in the war against Russia. Anyone who ever came across this cottage industry of teaching and breeding specialists would know the first rule of this industry: a student can only get scholarships and grants from Western Universities if they write something extremely damaging and hostile about Russia.

In 2010, N. Shagayda projects as a Wilson Center scholar was “Developing a State Policy on Agricultural Land.” (Fulbright Kennan Institute Research Scholar)
You can read it here “The US State Policies Regarding Agricultural Lands: What Can Russia Learn? Natalia Shagaida Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy; Russian Presidential Academy Of National Economy and Public Administration” Russian Economy: Trends and Perspectives – April 2011

She recommends: “Having assessed the US experience, one could surely recommend the transfer to sale of rights to develop plots of farmland in Russia.” “To conclude with, one can say that (1) the problem of withdrawing farmlands from agricultural production is pressing in Russia; (2) there is experience of working out state policies to preserve agricultural lands for farming in the world; (3) it’s rational to transfer from the corrupt procedure of charge-free granting of development rights for farmlands to the procedure of their official sale basing on the pre-set and easy-to-check criteria of decision making: the quality of soil, the vicinity of roads and electric power lines, long-term plans of rural area development.”

Essentially, she claims that Russia’s agriculture is not developed to its potential because people own the land. Currently, in Russia all Russian citizens can get land for free for agricultural purposes. Miss. Shagaida believes that people in Russia shouldn’t get land for free, but should pay market value.

In short, she is deeply involved in re-writing Russian laws to push for transfer of the arable lands into private corporate ownership including foreign owners, which is now against the law.
In 2014 she was a co-author of the research “Prospects of the farming sector and rural development in view of food security. The case of the Russian Federation” [] with Vassily Uzun, Valera Saraikin, Ekaterina Gataulina, Renata Yanbykh, Sébastien Mary, Sergio Gomez y Paloma. The research was commissioned by the European Commission
The list of her other publications is here

Her conclusions and analyses of the agriculture and food consumption in Russia and in Ukraine seem bizarre and faulty. Like her conclusion that the loss of Russia’s market for Ukrainian food producers was minimal, even so we know that it’s been a catastrophe for Ukrainian processed meats and milk product manufacturers.

That’s the gallery of characters, I almost wrote charlatans, that are being involved in the process of bringing the Israelis into Russia’s food production. It’s very alarming.

Just as alarming is the visit of Israel’s minister Uri Ariel to Skolkovo “to help Russia feed itself.”

Uri Ariel, who acts like a leader of this Israeli invasion, used to be a Minister of Housing and Construction. In May 2015 he was appointed Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. In his interview in Scolkovo he openly stated that ideology they are bringing to Russia is based on Torah. “First Source of ideas is the Torah that was given to us by thousands of years ago.”

What would be a culturally appropriate answer to this Torah indoctrination? Remember when Pat Robertson reportedly invited Senator Joe Lieberman to address the Christian Coalition on Rosh Hashana?

Russia is a predominantly Orthodox Christian country. The state ideology of Russia is Orthodox Christianity, and not militant orthodox Judaism as is the state ideology of Israel. I have wrote already about the speech of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin given at a meeting with representatives of the European Jewish Congress in September 2014. In his speech the President of Russia stated that the First Soviet government was 85% Jewish and that the Red Terror orchestrated by this government and its ideology killed millions of Russians.

I think we have to be very critical and establish that historically nothing good for Russian people ever comes from people who are guided by the laws of the Torah.

Torrent of abuse has immediately flooded the social media in relation to this event. Abuse and insults towards the Russian people that come from Jews, Georgians and Ukrainians, insults in being “stupid,” and having the “wrong government,” and being not able to do anything without Jews, and not being able to grow even potatoes. All this is pure disinformation and slander. This is happening after last week’s announcement that Russia took over the US and Canada as a top agricultural producer and importer. In comments here
there are offers to “replace the population of Russia,” concerns that “there is not enough Jews to replace the population of Russia,” and that on Russia’s black soils grow “only clowns of soviet weaponry and also moral and political mutants”.

The hatred that Israelis harbor towards Russians cannot become fertile soil for Russia’s food safety.

As being reported by the Agency of Jewish News, the participants of this scheme are: the Minister of agriculture and rural development of Israel, Urie Ariel, Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Sergey Levin, Ambassador of Israel in Russia Zvi Heifetz, the Chairman of the Israeli-Russian business Council Teymuraz Chichikashvili (Ben-Yehuda), the governors and the Ministers of agriculture of Russian regions, heads of major Russian and Israeli companies in the agricultural sector.

It’s no secret that the members of Skolkovo school’s coordination council — Roman Abramovich, Alexander Abramov, Alexander Voloshin, Anatoly Chubais – are trying to return Russia back to 90s, a “Russia without Putin” as they call it. For that, hunger has to be organized all across Russia, and for this purpose Israeli specialists are needed.

It comes at no surprise that the whole deal of Israel’s takeover of Russia’s agriculture is being orchestrated by Prime Minister Medvedev and his right hand neo-liberal unelected official Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

According to the Constitution of Russia, its president is in charge for military and foreign affairs, and its prime minister for economy and finance.
An even bigger scheme is a declaration to sign a free trade agreement between Moscow and Tel Aviv in the near future according to Russian Deputy Agriculture Minister Sergey Levin

There is not doubt that this “free trade agreement’ will turn out to be very expensive for Russia’s economy.

It’s a well documented fact that Israel is actively involved in war in the Middle East against Russia and its allies. It’s a well documented fact that Israel was supporting ISIS by buying oil stolen by ISIS from Syria. It’s beyond comprehension how Russia fighting with Islamic terrorism will be able to withstand the economic damages that Israel can potentially bring.

Why there is no independent economic analysis of this free trade agreement available for the public?

Why there is no indication that Russian Parliament ratified this “free trade agreement” with Israel, or even considers it.

Why is there nothing coming from the Russian government with the exception of statement of Mr. Levin to Israeli press that would indicate that such bizarre and illegal arrangement can even take place?

According to the publicly available data and information, many of the individuals involved in this scheme, Abramovich, Abramov, Dvorkovich, Russia’s deputy agriculture minister, Sergey Levin, Medvedev and others are Jews. Sergey Levin was personally appointed to be a deputy agriculture minister by Dmitry Medvedev’s order № 959-р on Mая 27th, 2015. By the same Medvedev who called the history of Russia “thousand years of slavery.” What he actually meant to say was that Ottoman Empire, from which Jewish ancestors of Mr. Medvedev escaped to Russia during the genocide of Armenians and Greeks, was centuries of democracy.

Since the majority of participants in this “deal” are Jews it looks like an ethnic mafia wheeling and dealing.

All this is taking place while Israel views Russia’s industrial advancement as an existential threat. [source]

Last year, the US State Department declared that Russia’s food independence is a threat to the US national security. Israel and the US as allies work to undermine Russia’s food security.

Why wouldn’t political and religious leaders of Israel abandon their mindless push to take over power in Russia, and relentless attempts to plunder Russia’s wealth, while the horrors of the 90s are still very fresh in people’s memory? While the horrors of Ukraine and Syria are still in front of our eyes?

The attempt of an anti-government coup is terrorism in Russia. People like Khodorkovky, are organizing “bloody revolutions” in Russia. How would Jews feel, if instead of fighting Russians against Russians, like in Ukraine, Russians would fight terrorism till the last Jew? How would Jews feel, if Russians would take power in Israel and install the Orthodox Christian/Muslim government in Jerusalem before returning occupied territories to Palestine and Syria?

Don’t their leaders have any wisdom? Don’t these people understand how stressful this is for hundred fifty million people, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists, that are being effected by these actions? This Jewish quest to take over Russia might blowback so hard, it will blow Israel right of the world map.

As in any abusive relations, the separation is necessary and will be beneficial for both nations. For the next 2500 years or so, Russians should be able to do their things in their own country, and Jews should be able do their things in their own country. Until all wounds are healed.

PS: Something else to ponder about Scolkovo. Back in 2014, John Helmer wrote:

“This year the Moscow School of Management at Skolkovo is planning to publish what it calls a market atlas of the jobs and professions which will be newly needed by the year 2020, and those needed no longer. One of the new ones is what the Skolkovo atlas calls a cyber-cleaner (кибердворник). This is a specialist in removing from the internet all digital data archives whatever information someone pays to have cleaned or deleted entirely. One of the professions the cyber-cleaners will replace, according to the atlas, is journalism.

That’s just six years away. But for at least a handful of the Skolkovo school’s coordination council — Roman Abramovich, Alexander Abramov, Alexander Voloshin, Anatoly Chubais – none too soon. So ask yourself this question — will they too be cleaned or washed up this year, or by 2020? For the answer, a little old-fashioned journalism may go a long way. Read on.”

In brief:
1. CIA in Scolkovo.
The former CIA chief John M. Deutch is on the Scolkovo Board of Directors
He is a trustee of Center of American Progress, Resources for the Future, the Massachusetts Hospital Physician Organization, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the Skolkovo Institute. He has served on the board of the Urban Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations.

2. Whose money make Scolkovo a center of American Science [source]

3. President Putin during a meeting with the neo-liberal “independent” Media. Talking to the editor-in-chief and the co-owner of Radio Echo of Moscow, Alexei Venediktov.

Venedictov is one of the few 5th column members, and an agent of a foreign state, that he doesn’t even try to hide. He is an open Russophobe and propagandist for dismemberment of Russia into many small countries. In January 2016, Venedictov asked for political asylum in Switzerland.

“Not so long ago, we visited with inspection Olympic sites, and skied there a little bit. Before going to bed, or maybe it was in the morning, I turned on the radio and stumbled upon your radio station, Echo of Moscow. I don’t know these people… First I thought, “What is this? What kind of nonsense are they saying.?”
I didn’t know it was Echo of Moscow, at first. I am telling you honestly my first impression. There was discussion of an anti-missile system in Europe. Listen. I didn’t know where they were getting this kind of nonsense. They were saying that “For us it’s not important the distance between the NATO anti-missile systems and Russia’s borders. ” How is it not important?! How is it not important?! It’s very important. If they are located closer to Russia’s borders, they will shoot over the locations of our ground based missiles. And our missiles will be shot down by their missiles. If they are located further from our borders, they won’t be able to shoot down our missiles. How is it not important?!
It’s a question of principle. It’s very important!
Another thesis that I heard: Americans are offering to work in this direction (meaning anti-missile systems) and Russia is refusing to cooperate. No! It’s us… We are offering, and the US is refusing to cooperate. Not only do they not allow us, the US doesn’t allow their closest European allies and other NATO members. They have agreements about locations. They are getting an agreements about missiles. But they are not allowing anyone to the command of those systems.
I was still in bed, and I was listening to the radio and thinking, “They aren’t reporting any legitimate information. It’s in the service of foreign political interests, interests of one country in relation to another country, in relations to Russia.”
I am telling you as an expert that has been involved in this for many years. There are simple, basic things that are impossible not to know. I don’t believe that the [journalists on Echo of Moscow] don’t know this. And they are doing this using the money of Russia’s taxpayers.
I can’t comprehend this is possible. It would be absolutely impossible in the States. They wouldn’t be allowed it on the air. Not at all.
I remember how channel FOX reported on the situation in South Ossetia. When a girl and her aunt told them what had took place. When the people on FOX realized that they are interviewing people who supported Russia’s actions in South Ossetia, we all saw what happened. They all started hacking, coughing, and maybe more… Do you understand?
To serve the interest of Russia, like this, to the detriment of the interest of the US, on some American channel, it’s just unreal, impossible.
And you are saying “freedom of speech.” Where is this freedom of speech if not here, in Russia?
It’s just not acceptable, I think.
[Putin asks Venediktov] By the way, whom are you going to vote for?
[Venediktov] I have not been voting since ’96.
Putin: You are angry at me, about what I said, I can tell.
[Venediktov] Yes, I am angry.
[Putin] Why? I don’t get angry at you when you pour your diarrhea on me day and night. I just said two words, and you are already angry at me. “…

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