by N. Babich

translated by SP (thanks brother!)


Demonstrations in Skoplje are linked to uncovered evidence that connects Victoria Nuland and her team with the leaders of the protest.

On Monday a group of 50 armed men blocked the Islamic Community building in Skoplje. The attack was a consequence of the conflict between the former Skopje mufti Ibrahim Shabani and Reis of the Islamic Community Suleiman Regep.

The conflict of religious leaders of the Islamic community culminated with the intrusion of Shabani’s armed supporters into the headquarters of this religious community. Shabani, whom Regepi dismissed from position at the recent secret meeting, took over the management of the Islamic religious community by force, and it all started with the conflict around the money. The Islamic community in Macedonia is allegedly without a superior because current management is no longer legitimate. Macedonian media reported that the religious community will be guided by resolved Skopje mufti Ibrahim Shabani, until, it is said, peace and law are restored to the Islamic community.”

As reported by the Macedonian agency Fena, the blockade is continuing, and Haki Agushi, President of the Assembly of the Islamic Community, which supports Regepi, said that “this conflict must be resolved peacefully and without violence“.

In Skoplje, the fervour around the conflict within the Islamic community hasnt yet ceased and on late Tuesday evening in the capital of Macedonia violent clashes have erupted on the protests which gathered at least a thousand people who sought the resignation of the government for the murder in 2011, when the Macedonian police beaten a young man to death during election celebrations.

In the riots at least 19 people were injured 15 police officers, one photographer and three demonstrators. In order to disperse the demonstrators who chanted Murderers! Murderers!” and demanded the resignation of the government, the police used tear gas and water cannons. The demonstrators threw objects and broke the windows on the government building, overturned cars parked nearby and set fire to several trash containers.

Neskhovski affair

Opposition leader of Macedonia’s Social Democrats, Zoran Zaev, accused Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski for an attempt to conceal the death of Martin Neshkovski, who died in celebrating the election victory of Gruevski. Namely, Nehskovski was brutally beaten by a police officer and member of the special unit, Igor Spasov, who worked as as security during the gathering and who was sentenced to 14 years in prison for this murder.

Yesterday, Zaev released audio recordings in which the Prime Minister and other officials discuss how to cover up the murder.From the conversation you will hear another confirmation of concealment of truth, and that the killer of Neshkovski comes from the structures of internal security and Gruevski. Dejan Mitrovski Urko, a former policeman and bodyguard of Gruevski admitted that Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska hid the murder for two days, Zaev told at the press conference and invited all citizens to join the annouced peaceful protest on May 17, which will give back freedom and democracy to Macedonia”. Our struggle is not for power, instead we want to restore freedom, democracy, justice and fairness, and to give the citizens a fair and democratic right to decide who will, in these difficult circumstances, bring the country back to normal, he pointed out.

Government officials have called the opposition accusations absurd” and reiterated that the perpetrator of this murder was sentenced to 14 years in prison. However, the publication of audio recordings was cleverly timed and served as a trigger for a wave of violence on the streets of Skoplje. In fact, after hearing Zaev’s appeal and audio-recording of the alleged cover-up of crimes, revolted citizens jumped the protective fence and burst into the courtyard of a government building. Among them was Alexander Neshkovski, the brother of a young man murdered in 2011.

Protest, which initially gathered several hundred people, was annouced via social networks. Among the demonstrators were members of the Neskovski family and initially everyone sat on the stairs in front of the Macedonian government building, shouting Murderers!“, “Resignations!“, “Come out, Nikola (Gruevski)!“.

The media reported at the beginning of the protest that the situation is very tense and that the citizens are particularly revolted because the police records the protest“. The death of this young man has opened, besides the pain and indignation, questions that have not yet closed to this day which are: why the Ministry of the Interior concealed the murder for days, why the responsibility was reduced to the individual and why no one has claimed the responsibility for the extinguishing of a young life,” said Macedonian opposition leader Zoran Zaev.

Zaev went into battle against Nikola Gruevski’s government with illegally intercepted conversations he had received from foreign agencies and began publishing them in mid-February. These conversations are proof that in the past four years, Prime Minister Gruevski and his associates eavesdropped on more than 20,000 people, including members of the government, the opposition, intellectuals, journalists, and religious leaders.

Media serving the overthrow

Campaign to promote the protests and overthrow of the government of Nikola Gruevski is led by media such as Radio Free Europe, Al Jazeera Balkans and Nova TV, funded by USAID, Netherlands, Open Society and many others from the famous group of donors in charge of soft power” that prepares the overthrows of the unsuitable regimes.

It is true that a police officer beat Neshkovski to death, but it is also true that there isnt a slightest possibility that Zaev is led by the concern for the tragic fate of the murdered young man, and his only goal is to overthrow Gruevski.

Unfortunately, for this goal he found the worst possible sponsors, and besides the religious tensions within the Islamic community, the eternal tension with the Albanian minority, whose extremists openly threaten with a secession of western Macedonia, Zaev, in the name of so-called “freedom, democracy, justice and fairnessplays with the destiny of all Macedonian citizens and the fate of his homeland.

Some foreign analysts published a comprehensive analysis about the connections of Zaev with American billionaire George Soros, and Macedonian Kurir’ (Courier) wrote that the moves of the Macedonian opposition leader are dictated exactly by those that dont wish well for Macedonia. To large extent, his moves are dictated by Soros’s institute which is financing media work as extended arm of the opposition and it loudly and violently support. Lately, for journalists paid by Soros, set themselves in advisory capacity of Zaev. What is worrying is the fact that people employed by Soros in the media were the ones that for long time advocate for escalation of events and spread hate speech. It is obviously, Zoran Zaev is not able to plan nor his next step. He did not know which way to head faced with the disclosure, the facts, evidence, and confessions.” as written on 20th of April in English edition on Macedonian Kurir. (

But let’s suppose that the Kurir is Gruevski’s newsletter and serves for media bickering between government and the opposition. If so, that certainly cant be said for investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, who describes in detail the background of the arrival of new US ambassador to Skoplje Jess Bailey, who for years worked in Turkey, but also has excellent connections in the Balkans, where his arrival was immediately felt.

The role of Victoria Nuland

Madsen in his analysis ‘Nuland attempts Kiev Version 2.0 in Skopje’ ( extensively explains the role of Victoria Nuland, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, in developments in Macedonia and that the project of overthrowing of Gruevski was decided among American neo-cons, which through the CIA, NED, NDI, Soros’ Open Society Foundation and Freedom House completely dominated the Macedonian social democrats from SDSM. Madsen writes that “Zaev and Sekerinska are said by Macedonian insiders to be nothing more than fronts for former Prime Minister and President Branko Crvenkovski who continues to head up the SDSM and accept large amounts of largesse from such CIA NGO laundry to foment a themed revolution against Gruevksi’s right-of-center VMRO-DPMNE government.Macedonian police in raids conducted in Skopje and Veles seized five laptops, three desktop computers, 19 mobile phones, 100 compact discs, 17 hard-drives and nine digital books material that reveals connections of Nuland and her collaborators with conspirators against the government. Madsen writes that, according to the confiscated materials, all of them were connected with the Soros NGOs. In addition, all the bank accounts of a group of people close Zaev were linked with pure cash deposits of CIA.

Zaev actually just speaks of “freedom and democracy”, “human rights and justice” in general, and leads no policy other than destructive one, which has the sole goal of overthrowing the current government. Experiences of Georgia, Ukraine and all other countries that in this way established a new democratic government” are warning to the Macedonians to think well whom they will support, even if it goes against their traditional beliefs. Many in Macedonia will never suppor VMRODPMNE, but they should equally be aware that the Social Democratic Alliance of Macedonia has nothing to do with socialism and democracy, as well as many European parties of that name.

Update by the Saker: here is some footage of the combats in Kumanovo yesterday:

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