Since it is too early to comment upon the military events of the day, that info comes with delay, I wanted to mention a few things about the politics of it all.

First, from a purely military point of view, the outcome is not in doubt.  Initially, about 120-150 thousand soldiers were facing each other along the LOC and the Russian Ukrainian border.  According to Russian military experts, the Russians only preempted a Ukie attack by about 24 hours.  The original plan was to “push back” without fighting street battles inside the cities, that for obvious humanitarian, political and economic reasons.  The original phase of the special operation was set at 10 days, which means that by the next week-end the Russian high command will reevaluate the progress and failures of this operation and then decide how to proceed.  To give you an idea of the dimensions of this war, Yurii Podoliaka says that at most there are about 200’000 soldiers on each side and the entire line of contact is up to 3000 km long.  Check out his map:

The solid black line is the full line of contact the Ukronazis have to defend, thereby thinning their defenses.

The dotted black lines are two possible moves for the Russian force currently north of Nikolaev and Odessa.

As for the encircled Ukie force, you can see it in blue in the far right of this map, surrounded by Russian forces.

But enough about military developments for right now.  I want to make a few other points.

First of all, check out these two headlines from Counterpunch and South Front:

While I never had illusions about CP or Cockburn, the stuff SouthFront have been writing about the war leave me quite speechless.  I don’t know if they are really buying into the narrative or if they have been put under pressure by somebody.  Maybe they are sincerely clueless civilians who don’t understand maps, I don’t know.

But the fact is that Counterpunch and SouthFront are much more in tune with this:

I feel ashamed for them, but they made their choice.  Let them live with this.

In the meantime, some Germans have taught the evil Snow Niggers a good lesson, see for yourself:

But not all is bad.  Some countries, and not the most powerful of big ones, have found the courage to speak the truth.  Here is a Venezuelan diplomat at the United Nations:


Yes, the Empire is the Empire of Lies, but no matter how powerful that Empire’s may appear to cowards, to those with courage and integrity it is not a threat capable of silencing them.  Here is the list:

I note a few interesting things:

  • China, India and Iran abstained but did not vote “no”
  • Serbia and Hungary voted “yes”

Yes, I get it, while the Empire itself is dead, it has enough momentum and residual power to force that kind of outcomes.  But, as the Russian singer and poet Vladimir Vysotskii once wroteit saddens me that the word “honor” has been forgotten” (“Досадно мне, коль слово “честь” забыто”).

I hope to write up a more military oriented report before the end of the day.


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