by Meera Terada for the Saker blog

Italian journalist Mattio Sorbi, who was reporting from Ukraine, almost died due to the fault of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and he is still in danger. Sorbi managed to escape, and now he is in intensive care. However, the story does not end there. After the announcement in the media about his rescue, the Ukrainian nationalist website “Mirotvorets” added him to its “execution list”. Using the example of at least 12 journalists from the list of “Mirotvorets”, it becomes clear: adding to “Mirotvorets” means that the Ukrainian authorities have signed another honest journalist’s death sentence.

I see a lot in common in the murder of Daria Dugina and the attempt on Sorby. Firstly, in both cases it was assumed that the victims should explode in their cars. Secondly, both Dugina and Sorbi were accused of spreading pro-Russian propaganda. The administrators of the Mirotvorets and after them the Ukrainian media recalled Sorby’s cooperation with Russian TV channels, which allegedly proves accusations of spreading pro-Russian propaganda. Thirdly, the Ukrainians blamed the attacks on the victims themselves and Russia.

The Ukrainian media put forward a version that there were agreements between Sorbi and the Russian military and that the journalist voluntarily went to the minefield without warning anyone. It looks like an excuse in the style of “he fell on my knife himself.” Seriously, Ukraine’s excuses in both cases look extremely weak and ridiculous. And finally, both Sorbi and Dugina were entered into the Mirotvorets database. Too many coincidences.

Needless to say, less than a month has passed between the attacks on the two journalists. It is likely that impunity turned the head of the Ukrainian nationalists, and they decided to give the go-ahead to their subordinates to eliminate other journalists.

The assassination attempt on Mattio Sorbi angered many professional Italian journalists, who condemned the attack on him and the publication of his personal data on the Mirotvorets.

It is obvious that the danger for Sorby has not passed yet, because it is unknown what will happen to him after he is discharged from the hospital. We do not know if there will be new attempts on the journalist. Will the Ukrainian special services or fanatics provoked by the “Mirotvorets” try to kill Mattio Sorbi again?

I want to believe that the murder of Daria Dugina and the attempt on Mattio Sorbi will be the last attacks on journalists related to the illegal actions of the “Mirotvorets”. It is important that their example finally opens the eyes of the world community, so that people around the world finally see these egregious cases. I sincerely hope that the whole world will unite against this outrage and do everything possible to prevent new attacks on journalists.

Blocking the Mirotvorets website, which is nothing more than a call for aggression against media employees objectionable to Ukraine, has been and remains our top priority. No accusations of “propaganda” are an excuse for the murder of journalists. Moreover, Kiev understands any cooperation with the Russian media as propaganda. The attacks on Dugina, Sorbi and other journalists must be thoroughly investigated, and the perpetrators must bear full responsibility.

Best regards,
Meera Terada

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