• No sleep from 05:00 02.06. Please excuse spelling mistakes.
  • During a protest near Lviv in west Ukraine by women demanding the return of their conscripted sons and husbands the women were beaten by Tyagnibok’s Svoboda Party operatives. Two women are in hospital.
  • Artillery fire commenced against the town of Severodonetsk 04:20 local time.
  • Slavyansk and Kramatorsk heavy fighting resumed dawn today. 3 enemy BTR’s destroyed before dawn 03 June 2014 Kramatorsk area. Casualties unknown.
  • Lugansk fighting and artillery bombardments started dawn in outskirts. One flats building hit by artillery and on fire. Casualties unknown.
  • 27 children including some milk babies were successfully evacuated from Kromatorsk after dark 01 June. Destination unknown.
  • Intense fighting around Kramotorsk Aerodrome from dawn today. The distinctive sound of a German MG3 was clearly heard. This weapon is known to be in Nats armories in small numbers and some rechambered for Russian 7.62 x 54 round from NATO 7.62 x 51 round. High cyclic rate of fire.
  • Ukraine Army is blocking all traffic in and out of Donetsk City and Slavyansk. No medical supplies are allowed in to either area. The prohibition of evacuating children from both cities is still in effect by Junta. Sick and severely wounded evacuation is prohibited.
  • Reports of very heavy fighting suburbs of Slavyansk 08:10 local time. Reports of tank cannon fire in the area of fighting are unconfirmed. Tank cannon have a distinctive sound different from artillery of the same caliber.
  • 09:29 local time column of tanks and BTR’s have fought their way in to Slavyansk with right sector infantry. Very intense fighting extant in actual city.
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